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Story No. 1138

Lay Of BóndandI (Kolyma Version)

Book Name:

Tales of Yukaghir, Lamut, and Russianized Natives of Eastern Siberia

Tradition: Siberia

"BóndandI, get up, get up!

Go and kill an elk

For our bedding,

For child's coverlet.

A boat comes from upstream

With such nice girls,

With such long-nosed ones!

I saw the girls

And hid in the cabin.

The girls came there,

They tugged at me,

They pressed me down."


'We girls we have come

To cook fat soup for you,

To pick berries for you.'

He repulsed the girls,

And hid in the cabin.

The girls wept aloud,

The girls whimpered low,

They were much frightened,

And cursed their luck,

'BóndandI drove us off,

BóndandI drove us away.'"


"Бонданды, встанъ встанъ,

Поди звѣря-то убей,

Намъ на постельку,

Дитѣ на одѣялку.

Сверху карбасъ плыветъ.

Таки дьвки хорошія,

Таки большеносыя.

Я дѣвокъ увидалъ,

Въ далаганчикъ ускочилъ.

Пришли дѣвки,

Стали миня дергатъ,

Стали миня тисткатъ."


"'Мы, дѣбки, пришли

Тебѣ кашу варить

И по дгоды ходить.'

Онъ Дьвокъ прогонилъ,

Въ далаганчикъ ускочилъ,

Стали дьвки плакать

Стали дѣвки хинькать,

Стали тутъ страститьця:

'Бонданды выгонилъ

Бонданды прогонилъ.' "


Told by Helen Dauroff, a Russian creole woman, in the village of Pokhotsk, winter of 1900.

Inserted here for more ready comparison


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