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Book No. 27

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Roumanian Fairy Tales and Legends

Mawr E. B.

Roumanian Fairy Tales and Legends, E. B. Mawr, 1881


THE literature of Roumania is so little known in England, that I have ventured to translate, and bring before the public, some of the popular Basme (tales) and legends of the country.

I have kept to the original text as strictly as possible, but some of the idioms are untranslatable.

Of the Poets, I have given no specimen, though there are many of recognised talent.

A volume of Roumanian poems has just been put into the German tongue, by the August Lady who permits me to dedicate this small effort to her, and who is the patron of every good work.

By its bravery, and its stedfast perseverance in its onward path, ROUMANIA has raised itself into a KINGDOM; and I have thought it well to insert in this little book "The Martyrdom of Brancovan," and the Spartan courage of the "Mother of Stefan the Great," to shew of what blood the true sons and daughters of Roumania are made.

E. B. M.


April, 1881.

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