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D. Magic

Group No.

D1440 – D1499

Group name

Magic object gives power over animals


1440. D1440. Magic object gives power over animals.
D1440.1. D1440.1. Magic horn has power over animals. (Cf. D1222.) Italian Novella: Rotunda; Cheremis: Sebeok-Nyerges.
D1441. D1441. Magic object calls animals together.
D1441.1. D1441.1. Magic musical instrument calls animals together. (Cf. D1210.) Finnish: Kalevala rune 41; India: Thompson-Balys.
D1441.1.1. D1441.1.1. Magic flute calls animals together. (Cf. D1223.1.) *Fb “flöjte”; India: *Thompson-Balys.
D1441.1.2. D1441.1.2. Magic pipe calls animals together. (Cf. D1224.) *Types 515*, 570; *Fb “rotte”; India: *Thompson-Balys.
D1441.1.3. D1441.1.3. Magic fiddle calls animals together. (Cf. D1233.) Type 650***.
D1441.1.3.1. D1441.1.3.1. Magic lute calls animals together. (Cf. D1232.) India: *Thompson-Balys; Buddhist myth: Malalasekera II 859.
D1441.1.3.2. D1441.1.3.2. Magic harp calls animals together. (Cf. D1231.) India: Thompson-Balys.
D1441.1.4. D1441.1.4. Magic song calls animals together. (Cf. D1275) Africa (Ba Ronga): Einstein 266.
D1441.2. D1441.2. Charm calls down swarm of bees. (Cf. D1273.) Kittredge Witchcraft 32, 388 n. 92.
D1442. D1442. Magic object tames or restrains animal.
D1442.1. D1442.1. Magic bridle restrains all horses. (Cf. D1209.1.) Type 594*. – Greek: Fox 40 (Bellerophon and Pegasus).
D1442.1.1. D1442.1.1. Mad horse becomes tame when girl’s voice reaches his ears. India: Thompson-Balys.
D1442.2. D1442.2. Straw on horse‘s back restrains him. (Cf. D1276.) *Fb “hest” I 598b.
D1442.3. D1442.3. Saint’s bachall subdues wild animals. (Cf. D1277, V220.) Irish: Plummer clxxv, Cross.
D1442.4. D1442.4. Magic staff thrown causes wild animals to stand still. (Cf. D1254.) Jewish: bin Gorion Born Judas@2 III 19, *Neuman.
D1442.4.1. D1442.4.1. Magic rod tames lions. (Cf. D1254.2.) Jewish: Neuman.
D1442.5. D1442.5. Saint‘s song silences hound. (Cf. D1275.) Irish myth: Cross.
D1442.6. D1442.6. Magic spell tames animals. (Cf. D1273.) Buddhist myth: Malalasekera I 120, 379, II 389, 917.
D1442.6.1. D1442.6.1. Spell tames horse. India: Thompson-Balys.
D1442.6.2. D1442.6.2. Magic spell causes birds to roost. Irish myth: Cross. (D1442.6.)
D1442.7. D1442.7. Magic breath subdues animals. (Cf. D1005.) Irish myth: Cross.
D1442.8. D1442.8. “Witch bone” enables possessor to control animals in any way he wishes. England: Baughman.
D1442.9. D1442.9. Magic meat pacifies animal guardians. (Cf. D1032.) India: Thompson-Balys.
D1442.10. D1442.10. Magic whip makes docile animal-guardians of wonderful birds. (Cf. D1208.) India: Thompson-Balys.
D1442.11. D1442.11. Diamond charms serpents into harmlessness. (Cf. D1071.) India: Thompson-Balys.
D1442.12. D1442.12. Magic garment tames animals. (Cf. D1052.) Jewish: Neuman.
D1442.13. D1442.13. Magic musical instrument tames animals. (Cf. D1210.) Buddhist myth: Malalasekera I 192, 1055.
D1443. D1443. Magic object expels animals.
D1443.1. D1443.1. Charm expels flies from city. (Cf. D1273.) India: Thompson-Balys.
D1444. D1444. Magic object catches animal.
D1444.1. D1444.1. Magic object catches fish. Hawaii: Beckwith Myth 19.
D1444.1.1. D1444.1.1. Saint’s bachall catches fish. (Cf. D1277, V220.) Irish: Plummer clxxv, Cross.
D1444.1.2. D1444.1.2. Magic wooden fish attracts live fish to fisherman‘s net. (Cf. D1268.) Italian Novella: Rotunda.
D1444.1.3. D1444.1.3. Magic branch catches fish. (Cf. D954.) Hawaii: Beckwith Myth 276.
D1444.1.4. D1444.1.4. Magic charm allows person to hook mythical eel. (Cf. D1273.) Cook Islands: Bechwith Myth 104.
D1444.2. D1444.2. Charm to catch hare and monkey. (Cf. D1273.) Africa (Angola): Chatelain 183 No. 22.
D1444.3. D1444.3. Magic fishhook catches cats. (Cf. D1257.) Breton: Sébillot Incidents s.v. “hameçon”.
D1444.4. D1444.4. Magic song to catch animals. (Cf. D1275.) Finnish: Kalevala rune 14; India: Thompson-Balys.
D1445. D1445. Magic object kills animal.
D1445.1. D1445.1. Revelation of magic secret permits animal to be killed. (Cf. D1273.2.) Finnish: Kalevala rune 20.
D1445.2. D1445.2. Magic spear kills animals. (Cf. D1084.) Africa (Benga): Nassau 184 No. 24 version 2.
D1445.3. D1445.3. Saint’s chant kills animal. (Cf. D1275, V220.) Irish myth: *Cross.
D1445.4. D1445.4. Magic poem (satire) kills animals. (Cf. D1275.4.) Irish myth: *Cross.
D1445.5. D1445.5. Magic garment kills animals. (Cf. D1052.) Jewish: Neuman.
D1445.6. D1445.6. Magic object burns animals.
D1445.6.1. D1445.6.1. Magic clouds burn animals. (Cf. D901.) Jewish: Neuman.
D1445.6.2. D1445.6.2. Magic heavenly fire burns animals. (Cf. D1271.) Jewish: Neuman.
D1446. D1446. Magic object prevents animal from straying.
D1446.1. D1446.1. Saint‘s bell keeps cattle from straying. (Cf. D1213.) Irish: Plummer clxxvi, Cross.
D1446.2. D1446.2. Saint’s gospel-book keeps cattle from straying. (Cf. D1266.) Irish: Plummer clxxviii, Cross.
D1446.3. D1446.3. Shepherd‘s consecrated staff keeps cow from straying. (Cf. D1254.) Swiss: Jegerlehner Oberwallis 302 No. 6.
D1446.4. D1446.4. Saint’s staff serves as a shepherd. (Cf. D1254.) *Loomis White Magic 100.
D1446.5. D1446.5. Magic circle keeps herd within it. (Cf. D1272.) Chinese: Eberhard FFC CXX 237.
D1447. D1447. Magic object protects against wild animals.
D1447.1. D1447.1. Charm protects against wild animals. (Cf. D1273.) *Kittredge Witchcraft 32, 388 n. 84. – Irish: Plummer clxxix, Cross.
D1447.2. D1447.2. Magic garment protects against wild animals. (Cf. D1052.) Jewish: Neuman.
D1447.2.1. D1447.2.1. Saint‘s cowl protects fox from hounds. (Cf. D1067.3.1.) Irish myth: Cross.
D1447.3. D1447.3. White ash stick held before snakes causes them to flee. U.S.: *Baughman.
D1449. D1449. Magic object gives miscellaneous powers over animals.
D1449.1. D1449.1. Charm makes cows give plenty of milk. (Cf. D1273.) *Kittredge Witchcraft 164, 483 n. 12.
D1449.2. D1449.2. Magic hunting collar insures death of game. (Cf. D1068.1.) Irish myth: Cross.
D1449.3. D1449.3. Swine summoned out of magic harp. (Cf. D1231.) Irish myth: Cross.
D1449.4. D1449.4. Charm prevents fish being caught. (Cf. D1273.) Irish myth: Cross.
D1449.4.1. D1449.4.1. Poet’s incantations drive away fish. (Cf. D1275.4.) Irish myth: Cross.
D1449.5. D1449.5. Magic sand causes crocodile to go ashore. (Cf. D935.1.) India: Thompson-Balys.
D1450. D1450. Magic object furnishes treasure. Handwb. d. Abergl. II “Geldzauber”; Chinese: Eberhard FFC CXX 106, 108.
D1451. D1451. Inexhaustible purse furnishes money. (Cf. D1192.) *Aarne MSFO XXV 116; *Types 564, 566, 580*; *BP I 470ff.; *Fb “pung” II 897b; *Chauvin VI 136 No. 286; *Loomis White Magic 87. – Breton: Sébillot Incidents s.v. “bourse”; English: (Romance) Sir Launfal (Ritson ed.) lines 320ff.; India: Thompson-Balys; Philippine: Fansler MAFLS XII 16, 177.
D1451.1. D1451.1. Inexhaustible pocket furnishes money. (Cf. D1064.) Chauvin VI 104 No. 270 n. 2. – India: *Thompson-Balys; German: Grimm No. 101.
D1451.2. D1451.2. Inexhaustible bag (sack) furnishes money. (Cf. D1193.) *Fb “pose” II 864a.
D1452. D1452. Magic vessel (box) furnishes money. (Cf. D1171.) India: Thompson-Balys.
D1452.1. D1452.1. Magic kettle furnishes money. (Cf. D1171.3.) *Fb “gryde” I 494b.
D1452.2. D1452.2. Magic pot furnishes money. (Cf. D1171.1.) Chinese: Eberhard FFC CXX 151; Ibo (Nigeria): Thomas 119.
D1452.3. D1452.3. Lid of casket furnishes money. (Cf. D1174.) India: Thompson-Balys.
D1452.4. D1452.4. Magic conch shell furnishes money. (Cf. D1029.6, D1470.1.41.) India: Thompson-Balys.
D1452.5. D1452.5. Coin put in huge bell fills it with rupees. (Cf. D1288.) India: Thompson-Balys.
D1454. D1454. Parts of human body furnish treasure.
D1454.1. D1454.1. Hair furnishes treasure. (Cf. D991.)
D1454.1.1. D1454.1.1. Gold and silver combed from hair. Fb “hår” I 771b, “guld” I 512a.
D1454.1.1.1. D1454.1.1.1. The devil runs hands through his hair; coins fall to the floor. U.S.: *Baughman.
D1454.1.2. D1454.1.2. Jewels from hair. *Type 403; Köhler-Bolte I 126; *Penzer VIII 59 n. 3; *BP I 100 n. 1; Italian Novella: Rotunda; India: Thompson-Balys.
D1454.2. D1454.2. Treasure falls from mouth. (Cf. D992.2, D1454.3.) *Type 403; *BP I 100 n. 1; Fb “spytte” III 515a. – Icelandic: Snorra Edda Skaldsk. XXXII and XXXVIII; French Canadian: Barbeau JAFL XXIX 10; India: *Thompson-Balys.
D1454.2.1. D1454.2.1. Flowers fall from lips. *BP I 100 n. 1; Köhler-Bolte I 126. – Malone PMLA XLIII 405; India: *Thompson-Balys.
D1454.3. D1454.3. Treasure from spittle. (Cf. D1454.2, D1001.) *Penzer VIII 59 n. 3. – Irish: Plummer clxxviii, Cross; India: Thompson-Balys; N. A. Indian: *Thompson Tales 329 n. 190.
D1454.4. D1454.4. Treasure from tears. (Cf. D1004.)
D1454.4.1. D1454.4.1. Tears of gold. Icelandic: Boberg; India: Thompson-Balys.
D1454.4.2. D1454.4.2. Jewels from tears. Malone PMLA XLIII 405. – Finnish: Kalevala rune 41; Irish myth: *Cross; India: *Thompson-Balys; Jewish: Neuman; N. A. Indian: *Thompson Tales 329 n. 190b.
D1454.4.3. D1454.4.3. Flowers from tears. Hartland Science 238.
D1454.5. D1454.5. Treasure from excrements. (Cf. D1002.) India: Thompson-Balys; Hindu: Keith 145; N. A. Indian: *Thompson Tales 329 n. 190a; Africa (Yoruba): Ellis 256 No. 4.
D1454.6. D1454.6. Treasure from scab. (Cf. D1009.1.) N. A. Indian (Tsimshian): Boas BBAE XXVII 190.
D1454.7. D1454.7. Treasure from footprints. (Cf. D1294.) India: Thompson-Balys.
D1454.8. D1454.8. Treasure issues from girl‘s head. India: *Thompson-Balys.
D1454.9. D1454.9. Treasure from nose (with sneezing). India: Thompson-Balys.
D1455. D1455. Magic clothing furnishes treasure.
D1455.1. D1455.1. Magic mantle provides treasure. (Cf. D1053.) *Type 566; *BP I 470; Aarne MSFO XXV 116. – India: Thompson-Balys.
D1456. D1456. Magic ornament provides treasure.
D1456.1. D1456.1. Magic beads produce treasure. (Cf. D1071.1.) Breton: Sébillot Incidents s.v. “chapelet”.
D1456.2. D1456.2. Magic ring provides money. (Cf. D1076.) *Fb “ring” III 60b; India: *Thompson-Balys; Icelandic: Boberg.
D1456.2.1. D1456.2.1. Magic ring multiplies wealth. Icelandic: MacCulloch Eddic 66 (Draupnir); Snorra Edda Skaldsk. XXXIX (Andvari’s), *Boberg.
D1456.3. D1456.3. Magic jewel provides wealth. (Cf. D1071.) Pauli (ed. Bolte) No. 328; India: Thompson-Balys.
D1457. D1457. Magic building provides treasure.
D1457.1. D1457.1. Magic castle (palace) provides treasure. (Cf. D1131, F771.) Hartland Science 174; Spanish: Boggs FFC XC 56 No. 408*A.
D1461. D1461. Magic tree furnishes treasure. (Cf. D950.) *Type 511; *BP III 60ff.; *Penzer VIII 69 n. 1. – Spanish: Boggs FFC XC 56 No. 412; Indonesian: Dixon 238 n. 51, DeVries Volksverhalen Nos. 116, 174.
D1461.0.1. D1461.0.1. Tree with golden fruit. *Hdwb. d. Märchens s.v. “Baum mit goldenen Früchten”.
D1461.0.2. D1461.0.2. Tree with silver branches. (Cf. D950, F811.1.2.) Irish myth: Cross.
D1461.1. D1461.1. Magic fruit furnishes treasure. (Cf. D981.) Indonesian: DeVries‘s list No. 195.
D1463. D1463. Magic plant furnishes treasure. Africa (Bulu): Krug 120.
D1463.1. D1463.1. Magic mandrake furnishes treasure. (Cf. D965.1.) **Starck Der Alraun; *Taylor JAFL XXXI 561f.
D1463.2. D1463.2. Magic calabash furnishes treasure. (Cf. D965.2.) Africa (Yoruba): Ellis 246.
D1463.2.1. D1463.2.1. Magic pumpkin furnishes treasure. Chinese: Eberhard FFC CXX 35, 37.
D1463.3. D1463.3. Magic seed produces golden gourd seed. Chinese: Graham, Eberhard FFC CXX 36f.
D1463.4. D1463.4. Magic tobacco plant hides treasure. (Cf. D965.17.) Chinese: Graham.
D1463.5. D1463.5. Treasure-giving magic flower (gold and silver). (Cf. D975.) India: Thompson-Balys.
D1463.6. D1463.6. Magic grass furnishes treasure. (Cf. D965.) Jewish: Neuman.
D1465. D1465. Magic food furnishes treasure.
D1465.1. D1465.1. Magic bread furnishes treasure. (Cf. D1031.1.)
D1465.1.1. D1465.1.1. Consecrated bread brings wealth. (Cf. D1031.1.1.) *Kittredge Witchcraft 150, 469 n. 111. – India: Thompson-Balys.
D1466. D1466. Magic stone furnishes wealth. (Cf. D931.) Penzer III 161 n. 1, 162 n. – India: Thompson-Balys: Chinese: Werner 383; Eskimo (Greenland): Holm 47.
D1466.1. D1466.1. Magic stone turns everything to gold. (Cf. D1470.1.1., D931.) India: *Thompson-Balys.
D1467. D1467. Magic water furnishes treasure. Everything it touches turns to gold. (Cf. D1242.1.) Pauli (ed. Bolte) No. 328.
D1467.1. D1467.1. Magic fountain produces gold. (Cf. D925.) French Canadian: Barbeau JAFL XXIX 10.
D1467.2. D1467.2. Rubies found in whirlpool in sea. India: Thompson-Balys.
D1469. D1469. Miscellaneous objects furnish treasure.
D1469.1. D1469.1. Magic flower pot bears plants with gold letters and leaves. (Cf. D965.) Chinese: Werner 299.
D1469.2. D1469.2. Magic doll furnishes treasure. Excreta of gold. (Cf. D1268.) Italian Novella: Rotunda.
D1469.3. D1469.3. Shower of gems from magic anvil. Irish myth: *Cross.
D1469.4. D1469.4. Magic hail on lake causes treasure to spring from it. Cf. D902.3.) Irish myth: Cross.
D1469.5. D1469.5. Worshipped sex organ of horse provides money, etc. (Cf. D1029.4.) Icelandic: *Boberg.
D1469.6. D1469.6. Magic book furnishes wealth. (Cf. D1266.) India: Thompson-Balys.
D1469.7. D1469.7. Wealth from drawing cow‘s feet over money box. (Cf. D1029.3.) India: Thompson-Balys.
D1469.8. D1469.8. Treasure from magic stick. (Cf. D956, D1254.) Chinese: Graham.
D1469.9. D1469.9. Silver leaps into wine pitcher. (Cf. D1171.4.) Chinese: Graham.
D1469.10. D1469.10. Magic ashes produce jewelry. (Cf. D931.1.2.) India: Thompson-Balys.
D1469.10.1. D1469.10.1. Ashes from burned snake-woman’s body will turn anything into gold. India: Thompson-Balys.
D1469.11. D1469.11. Magic sheepskin, shaken inside and outside shed, showers gold and silver. (Cf. D1225.8.) India: Thompson-Balys.
D1469.12. D1469.12. Magic quilt: gold coins shake out of it. (Cf. D1167.) India: Thompson-Balys.
D1469.13. D1469.13. Treasure falls from stone lion‘s mouth. (Cf. D1268.) India: Thompson-Balys.
D1469.13.1. D1469.13.1. Statue of eagle gives wealth. Jewish: Neuman.
D1469.14. D1469.14. Magic tortoise shell produces pearls. (Cf. D1029.6.) Chinese: Eberhard FFC CXX 222.
D1469.15. D1469.15. Magic ship furnishes treasure. (Cf. D1123.) German: Grimm No. 125.
D1469.16. D1469.16. Clouds fetch previous stones. (Cf. D901.) Jewish: Neuman.
D1469.17. D1469.17. Charm makes treasure rain from sky. (Cf. D1273.) Buddhist myth: Malalasekera II 920.
D1470. D1470. Magic object as provider.
D1470.1. D1470.1. Magic wishing-object. Object causes wishes to be fulfilled. – *Types 560, 561, 562, 563, 564, 565, 566, 567, 569; **Aarne MSFO XXV; *Cox Cinderella 484 n. 19; *Chauvin VI 136 No. 286.
D1472.2. D1472.2. Magic object causes food and drink to be furnished.
D1470.1.1. D1470.1.1. Magic wishing-stone. (Cf. D931.) Fb “ønske” III 1178b. – Irish myth: Cross; Italian: Basile IV No. 1; India: Thompson-Balys.
D1470.1.2. D1470.1.2. Magic wishing-tree. (Cf. D950.) *Cox Cinderella 477; Fb “træ” III 866a; India: *Thompson-Balys, Penzer I 144; BP I 165ff.
D1470.1.3. D1470.1.3. Magic wishing-laurel. (Cf. D965.9.) Cox Cinderella 484 n. 19.
D1470.1.4. D1470.1.4. Magic wishing-calabash. (Cf. D965.2.) Africa (Yoruba): Ellis 246.
D1470.1.5. D1470.1.5. Magic wishing-apple. (Cf. D981.1.) Fb “ønske” III 1178b.
D1470.1.6. D1470.1.6. Magic wishing-nut. (Cf. D985.) Spanish: Boggs FFC XC 53 No. 400B*.
D1470.1.7. D1470.1.7. Magic ass’s head fulfills wishes. (Cf. D1011.0.2.) Spanish: Boggs FFC XC 57 No. 425.
D1470.1.8. D1470.1.8. Magic wishing-eggs. (Cf. D1019.) Jamaica: *Beckwith MAFLS XVII 269 No. 81.
D1470.1.9. D1470.1.9. Magic wishing-cloth. (Cf. D1051.) German: Grimm No. 54; Icelandic: Boberg; Philippine: Fansler MAFLS XII 230; S. A. Indian (Yuracare): Métraux BBAE CXLIII (3) 503.
D1470.1.10. D1470.1.10. Magic wishing-smock. (Cf. D1052.) Fb “ønske” III 1178b.
D1470.1.11. D1470.1.11. Magic wishing-cloak (mantle). (Cf. D1053.) Cox Cinderella 485.
D1470.1.12. D1470.1.12. Magic wishing-belt. (Cf. D1057.) Fb “ønske” III 1178b.
D1470.1.13. D1470.1.13. Magic wishing-hat. (Cf. D1067.1.) Type 581*; Cox Cinderella 485; Irish myth: Cross.
D1470.1.14. D1470.1.14. Magic wishing-cap. (Cf. D1067.2.) Fb “ønske” III 1178b, “kappe” II 89a; India: Thompson-Balys.
D1470.1.15. D1470.1.15. Magic wishing-ring. (Cf. D1076.) *Type 560, 665; *Aarne MSFO XXV 43; *Fb “ønske” III 1178b, “ring” III 60b; Cox Cinderella 484f. n. 19. – Irish myth: Cross; India: *Thompson-Balys; Africa (Thonga): Junod 231.
D1470.1.16. D1470.1.16. Magic wishing-lamp. (Cf. D1162.1.) *Type 561; *Aarne MSFO XXV 3 – 82; BP II 544ff. – Missouri-French: Carrière.
D1470.1.17. D1470.1.17. Magic wishing-lantern. (Cf. D1162.) Cox Cinderella 484 n. 19.
D1470.1.18. D1470.1.18. Magic wishing-cup. (Cf. D1171.6.) Fb “ønske” III 1178b.; India: Thompson-Balys; Buddhist myth: Malalasekera II 361.
D1470.1.19. D1470.1.19. Magic wishing-pot. (Cf. D1171.1.) Fb “potte” II 867a.
D1470.1.20. D1470.1.20. Magic wishing-box. (Cf. D1174.) Cox Cinderella 484 n. 19; Thompson CColl II 398 (Micmac, Maliseet). – Africa (Ekoi): Talbot 18, (Angola): Chatelain 29.
D1470.1.21. D1470.1.21. Magic wishing-saddle. (Cf. D1209.2.) Fb “ønske” III 1178b.
D1470.1.22. D1470.1.22. Magic wishing-drum. (Cf. D1211.) Indo-Chinese: Scott Indo-Chinese 283. – Africa (Benga): Nassau 113 No. 11.
D1470.1.23. D1470.1.23. Magic wishing-pipe. (Cf. D1224.) Fb “ønske” III 1178b; Cox Cinderella 484 n. 19.
D1470.1.24. D1470.1.24. Magic wishing-wand. (Cf. D1254.1.) *Cox Cinderella 484f. n. 19; Missouri French: Carrière.
D1470.1.25. D1470.1.25. Magic wishing-rod. (Cf. D1254.2.) *MacCulloch Childhood 206. – India: Thompson-Balys; Africa (Zulu): Callaway 307.
D1470.1.26. D1470.1.26. Magic wishing-book. (Cf. D1266.) Fb “Cyprianus” I 167a.
D1470.1.27. D1470.1.27. Magic wishing-bag. (Cf. D1193, D1274.1.) India: *Thompson-Balys; N. A. Indian (Ojibwa, Potawatomi): Skinner JAFL XXVII 98.
D1470.1.28. D1470.1.28. Magic coin fulfills wishes. (Cf. D1288.) N. A. Indian (Skaulitz): Hill-Tout JAI XXXIV 374.
D1470.1.29. D1470.1.29. Magic wishing-ball. (Cf. D1256.) Cox Cinderella 484 n. 19.
D1470.1.30. D1470.1.30. Magic wishing-bell. (Cf. D1213.) Cox Cinderella 484 n. 19.
D1470.1.31. D1470.1.31. Magic wishing-whip. (Cf. D1208.) Cox Cinderella 484 n. 19.
D1470.1.32. D1470.1.32. Magic wishing-horn. (Cf. D1222.) Cox Cinderella 484 n. 19.
D1470.1.33. D1470.1.33. Magic wishing-trumpet. (Cf. D1221.) Cox Cinderella 485.
D1470.1.34. D1470.1.34. Magic wishing-bow. (Cf. D1091.) Cox Cinderella 485.
D1470.1.35. D1470.1.35. Magic wishing-well. (Cf. D926.) Kittredge Witchcraft 34, 394 n. 114; Irish myth: Cross.
D1470.1.36. D1470.1.36. Magic wishing hair. (Cf. D991.) India: *Thompson-Balys.
D1470.1.37. D1470.1.37. Magic wishing ivory tusk. When struck on ground (only once) provides treasure. Africa (Bulu): Krug JAFL XXV 113 No. 9.
D1470.1.38. D1470.1.38. Magic wishing mirror. (Cf. D1163.) Africa (Quelimane): Torrend Zs. f. afrikan. u. ozean. Spr. I 247ff.
D1470.1.39. D1470.1.39. Magic wishing bracelet. (Cf. D1074.) Western Sudan: Tauxier Le Noir du Yatenga (Paris, 1917) 473 No. 74.
D1470.1.40. D1470.1.40. Magic wishing-powder. (Cf. D1251.) India: *Thompson-Balys.
D1470.1.41. D1470.1.41. Magic wishing conch shell. (Cf. D1029.6, D1452.4.) India: Thompson-Balys.
D1470.1.42. D1470.1.42. Magic wishing-jewel. (Cf. D1071.) India: Thompson-Balys; Buddhist myth: Malalasekera I 289, II 422, 1355, 1369.
D1470.1.43. D1470.1.43. Magic wishing-boat. (Cf. D1121.) India: Thompson-Balys.
D1470.1.44. D1470.1.44. Magic wishing-quilt. (Cf. D1167.) India: Thompson-Balys.
D1470.1.45. D1470.1.45. Magic lake: whoever dies in it will have his desires fulfilled in future birth. (Cf. D921.) India: Thompson-Balys.
D1470.1.46. D1470.1.46. Magic wishing-hammer. (Cf. D1209.4.) Japanese: Ikeda.
D1470.1.47. D1470.1.47. Magic iron measure for wishing. Korean: Zong in-Sob 27.
D1470.1.48. D1470.1.48. Magic rubber card for wishing. (Cf. D1267) Africa (Luba): DeClerq Zs. f. Kolonialsprachen IV 202.
D1470.1.49. D1470.1.49. Moon provides by magic. Eskimo (Greenland): Holm 47.
D1470.2. D1470.2. Provisions received from magic object.
D1470.2.1. D1470.2.1. Provisions received from magic tree. (Cf. D950.) Irish myth: *Cross; German: Grimm No. 123 (food and beds in tree); India: Thompson-Balys; Africa (Zulu): Callaway 217 (cattle emerge from tree when it is cut).
D1470.2.1.1. D1470.2.1.1. Leaves turn into fish to feed family. (Cf. D955.) Chinese: Graham.
D1470.2.2. D1470.2.2. Supplies received from magic box. (Cf. D1174.) India: Thompson-Balys; Africa (Ekoi): Talbot 185.
D1470.2.3. D1470.2.3. Horn of plenty (cornucopia.) (Cf. D1011.1, B115, D1475.1.) Cox Cinderella 473; Greek: Grote I 137; Icelandic: Boberg; India: Thompson-Balys; *Cosquin Contes indiens 517. See also references to B115 and D1475.1.
D1470.2.4. D1470.2.4. Supplies from toe of old woman. (Cf. D995.1.) Africa (Basuto): Jacottet 56 No. 9.
D1470.2.5. D1470.2.5. Supplies from magic table. (Cf. D1153.) Icelandic: *Boberg.
D1470.2.6. D1470.2.6. Supplies from bull‘s belly. India: Thompson-Balys.
D1470.2.7. D1470.2.7. Supplies from bull’s dung. (Cf. D1026.2.) India: Thompson-Balys.
D1470.2.8. D1470.2.8. Supplies from magic ashes. (Cf. D931.1.2.) India: Thompson-Balys.
D1470.2.9. D1470.2.9. Supplies from magic skin worn by man. (Cf. D1024.) S. A. Indian (Toba): Métraux MAFLS XL 93.
D1472. D1472. Food and drink from magic object. India: *Thompson-Balys; N. A. Indian: *Thompson Tales 335 n. 210; Jamaica: *Beckwith MAFLS XVII 248 No. 25.
D1472.1. D1472.1. Food or drink received directly from magic object. Cox Cinderella 473; Chinese: Eberhard FFC CXX 106ff.
D1472.1.1. D1472.1.1. Fountain miraculously supports life. (Cf. D925.) Irish: Plummer cl, *Cross.
D1472.1.2. D1472.1.2. Stone provides food. (Cf. D931.) Jewish: Neuman; India: Thompson-Balys.
D1472.1.2.1. D1472.1.2.1. Man strikes stone: wine flows. (Cf. D1472.1.23, D1567.6.) Swiss: Jegerlehner Oberwallis 309 No. 9.
D1472.1.2.2. D1472.1.2.2. Rock produces wine. Herder sees resemblance of stone to wine cask. He strikes it and wine flows. (Cf. D931, D1472.1.2.) Swiss: Jegerlehner Oberwallis 327 No. 21.
D1472.1.2.3. D1472.1.2.3. Magic pebble provides food. (Cf. D930.) Jewish: Neuman.
D1472.1.2.4. D1472.1.2.4. Magic rock supplies water. (Cf. D930.) Jewish: Neuman.
D1472.1.3. D1472.1.3. Magic tree supplies food. German: Grimm No. 82; Jewish: Neuman; Buddhist myth: Malalasekera II 555; Hawaii: Beckwith Myth 287.
D1472.1.3.1. D1472.1.3.1. Magic lime tree distills sustenance for saint. (Cf. D950.7.) Irish: Plummer cliii, Cross.
D1472.1.3.2. D1472.1.3.2. Food-providing leaf. (Cf. D955.) Hawaii: Beckwith Myth 491.
D1472.1.4. D1472.1.4. Vegetable supporting life without other food. (Cf. D1034.) Icelandic: Boberg.
D1472.1.5. D1472.1.5. Magic palace supplies food and drink. (Cf. D1132.) Irish: Beal XXI 311; Spanish: Boggs FFC XC 56 No. 408*A.
D1472.1.6. D1472.1.6. Magic kitchen supplies food and drink. (Cf. D1141.1.) Hindu: Tawney II 226.
D1472.1.7. D1472.1.7. Magic table supplies food and drink. (Cf. D1153.) *Types 563, 564, 569; BP I 349ff., 464ff.; **Aarne JSFO XXVII 1 – 96; *Chauvin V 259, 272 No. 154. – Swiss: Jegerlehner Oberwallis 297 No. 28; Icelandic: Boberg.
D1472.1.8. D1472.1.8. Magic table-cloth supplies food and drink. (Cf. D1153.1.) *Type 569; Irish myth: Cross; Icelandic: *Boberg; Breton: Sébillot Incidents s.v. “serviette”; Missouri French: Carrière; Italian: Basile I No. 1.
D1472.1.9. D1472.1.9. Magic pot supplies food and drink. (Cf. D1171.1.) *Types 565; BP II 438; *Fb “potte” II 867a. – India: *Thompson-Balys; Chinese: Eberhard FFC CXX 106; Africa (Gold Coast): Barker and Sinclair 40f. No. 4.
D1472.1.10. D1472.1.10. Magic coffee-pot supplies drink. (Cf. D1171.1.1.) Fb “tønde” III 934b.
D1472.1.11. D1472.1.11. Magic cauldron supplies food. (Cf. D1171.2.) Brown MPh XIV 585; Irish myth: *Cross.
D1472.1.11.1. D1472.1.11.1. Magic kettle (cauldron) turns stones to excellent food. Irish myth: Cross.
D1472.1.12. D1472.1.12. Magic kettle supplies food. (Cf. D1171.3.) *Fb “gryde” I 494; India: *Thompson-Balys; Chinese: Graham.
D1472.1.12.1. D1472.1.12.1. Food-providing frying pan. (Cf. D1171.1.) India: Thompson-Balys.
D1472.1.13. D1472.1.13. Magic pitcher supplies drink. (Cf. D1171.4.) Penzer V 3 n. 1; India: Thompson-Balys.
D1472.1.14. D1472.1.14. Magic cup supplies drink. (Cf. D1171.6.) Fb “tønde” III 934b. – Irish myth: *Cross; Welsh: MacCulloch Celtic 202f. (gives any taste drinker desires); India: Thompson-Balys; Chinese: Graham.
D1472.1.14.1. D1472.1.14.1. Magic food-providing cup. (Cf. D1171.6.) India: Thompson-Balys.
D1472.1.15. D1472.1.15. Magic tankard supplies drink. (Cf. D1171.6.1.) Chinese: Werner 382.
D1472.1.16. D1472.1.16. Magic glass supplies drink. (Cf. D1171.6.2.) Fb “tønde” III 934b.
D1472.1.17. D1472.1.17. Magic bottle supplies drink. (Cf. D1171.8.) *Fb “flaske” I 309; Hartland Science 142; Icelandic: Boberg.
D1472.1.18. D1472.1.18. Magic barrel supplies drink. (Cf. D1171.9.) Fb “tønde” III 934b. – Swiss: Jegerlehner Oberwallis 297 No. 6; U.S.: Baughman.
D1472.1.19. D1472.1.19. Magic food-basket (vessel) supplies food. (Cf. D1171.11.) Irish myth: *Cross; Welsh: MacCulloch Celtic 192.
D1472.1.20. D1472.1.20. Magic plate supplies food. (Cf. D1172.1.) Fb “tønde” III 934b; India: *Thompson-Balys
D1472.1.21. D1472.1.21. Magic chest supplies food. (Cf. D1174.) Scotch: Macdougall and Calder 160; India: Thompson-Balys.
D1472.1.22. D1472.1.22. Magic bag (sack) supplies food. (Cf. D1193.) *Types 563, 564; *Aarne JSFO XXVII 1 – 96 passim; BP I 349ff.; *Chauvin V 259, 272 No. 154; *Kittredge Witchcraft 165, 483 nn. 14 – 16. – India: *Thompson-Balys; Chinese: Eberhard FFC CXX 106; Eskimo (Greenland): Rasmussen I 368, III 247, Rink 401.
D1472.1.22.1. D1472.1.22.1. Man compels food to enter magic sack. Spanish: Boggs FFC XC Type 330.
D1472.1.22.2. D1472.1.22.2. Saint‘s inexhaustible sack of wheat. Irish myth: Cross.
D1472.1.23. D1472.1.23. Magic basket supplies food. (Cf. D1171.11.) Tonga: Gifford 113.
D1472.1.24. D1472.1.24. Part of animal’s body supplies food or drink.
D1472.1.24.1. D1472.1.24.1. Magic drinking horn supplies drink. (Cf. D1171.6.3.) Irish myth: Cross.
D1472.1.24.2. D1472.1.24.2. Jawbone of ass supplies water. (Cf. D1013.) Jewish: Neuman.
D1472.1.24.3. D1472.1.24.3. Food and drink from elk‘s ears. (Cf. D1011.2.) Klikitat: Jacobs CU XIX 3.
D1472.1.24.4. D1472.1.24.4. Body of tortoise provides food. (Cf. D1010.) Chinese: Eberhard FFC CXX 106.
D1472.1.25. D1472.1.25. Magic urn supplies drink. (Cf. D1171.15.) Irish myth: Cross.
D1472.1.26. D1472.1.26. Magic egg supplies food. (Cf. D1024.) Chinese: Eberhard FFC CXX 105.
D1472.1.27. D1472.1.27. Magic well supplies food. (Cf. D926.) Irish myth: Cross; Chinese: Eberhard FFC CXX 106.
D1472.1.28. D1472.1.28. Magic stump supplies drink. (Cf. D950.) England, U.S.: Baughman.
D1472.1.29. D1472.1.29. Magic sheepskin supplies food. (Cf. D1025.8.) India: Thompson-Balys.
D1472.1.30. D1472.1.30. Magic ashes produce food. (Cf. D931.1.2.) India: Thompson-Balys.
D1472.1.31. D1472.1.31. Magic food-providing sticks. (Cf. D1094.) India: Thompson-Balys.
D1472.1.32. D1472.1.32. Magic fiddle provides food. (Cf. D1233.) India: Thompson-Balys.
D1472.1.33. D1472.1.33. Magic bowl furnishes food. (Cf. D1172.2.) India: *Thompson-Balys; Buddhist myth: Malalasekera I 1025, 1055.
D1472.1.34. D1472.1.34. Part of human body furnishes food.
D1472.1.34.1. D1472.1.34.1. Magic finger provides food. (Cf. D996.1.) Jewish: Neuman.
D1472.1.34.2. D1472.1.34.2. Stream flows from man’s head. (Cf. D992.) Jewish: Neuman.
D1472.1.35. D1472.1.35. Water flows from axe. (Cf. D1206.) Philippine (Tinguian): Cole 91.
D1472.1.36. D1472.1.36. Magic apple satisfies hunger. (Cf. D981.1.) Irish myth: *Cross.
D1472.2. D1472.2. Magic object causes food and drink to be furnished. (Cf. D1470.1.) Chinese: Graham.
D1472.2.1. D1472.2.1. Magic wishing-girdle supplies food. (Cf. D1057.1.) English: Wells 85 (The Sowdone of Babylone).
D1472.2.2. D1472.2.2. Magic wishing-drum supplies food. (Cf. D1211.) Africa (Gold Coast): Barker and Sinclair 90 No. 16; (Ekoi): Talbot 47.
D1472.2.3. D1472.2.3. Magic wishing-pipe supplies game. (Cf. D1224.) Central Algonquin: Skinner JAFL XXVII 98.
D1472.2.4. D1472.2.4. Charm prepares feast. (Cf. D1273.) India: Thompson-Balys; Jewish: Neuman; Marquesas: Handy 114; Africa (Fjort): Dennett 60 No. 9.
D1472.2.5. D1472.2.5. Magic song produces food. (Cf. D1275.) Chinese: Graham. – N. A. Indian: *Boas RBAE XXXI 696, 712, 943 (Kwakiutl, Nootka, Comox, Tsimshian, Nass, Haida, Bella Coola, Chilcotin, Quinault, Lkuñgen, Squamish).
D1472.2.6. D1472.2.6. Magic pumpkin yields year‘s supply of rice. (Cf. D981.11.) India: Thompson-Balys.
D1472.2.7. D1472.2.7. Magic calabash causes food to be furnished. (Cf. D965.2.) Korean: Zong in-Sob 228; Africa (Lamba): Doke MAFLS XX 32 No. 15, (Yoruba): Frobenius Atlantis X 310ff. No. 53, (Bassari): ibid. XI 100ff. No. 13, (Tim): ibid. XI 233 No. 46.
D1472.2.8. D1472.2.8. Magic musical pipe causes food to fall from sky. (Cf. D1031.1.1, D1224.) India: Thompson-Balys.
D1472.2.9. D1472.2.9. Magic mallet produces provisions. (Cf. D1209.4.) Korean: Zong in-Sob 144.
D1472.2.10. D1472.2.10. Magic rod provides water. (Cf. D1254.2.) Chinese: Eberhard FFC CXX 109.
D1472.2.11. D1472.2.11. Magic knife stuck in tree causes wine to flow. (Cf. D1173.) Swiss: Jegerlehner Oberwallis 293 No. 1.
D1473. D1473. Magic object furnishes clothes. (Cf. D1470.)
D1473.1. D1473.1. Magic wand furnishes clothes. (Cf. D1254.1.) *Type 510; Africa (Kaffir): Theal 145.
D1473.2. D1473.2. Rubbing charm provides garments. (Cf. D1273.) Africa (Loango): Pechuël-Loesche 109.
D1475. D1475. Magic object furnishes soldiers.
D1475.1. D1475.1. Magic soldier-producing horn. (Cf. D1222, D1470.2.3.) *Aarne MSFO XXV 117; *Types 566, 569; *BP I 470ff.
D1475.2. D1475.2. Magic soldier-producing trumpet. (Cf. D1221.) *Aarne MSFO XXV 117.
D1475.3. D1475.3. Magic soldier-producing pipe. (Cf. D1224.) *Aarne MSFO XXV 117.
D1475.4. D1475.4. Magic soldier-producing hat. (Cf. D1067.1.) *Fb “hat” I 563b. – Breton: Sébillot Incidents s.v. “chapeau”.
D1475.5. D1475.5. Magic hair produces soldiers. (Cf. D991.) India: Thompson-Balys; Africa (Tosa): Equilbecq III 291ff.
D1475.6. D1475.6. Magic soldier-producing calabash. (Cf. D965.2, D1470.1.4.) Africa (Wolof): Equilbecq III 19ff.
D1475.7. D1475.7. Magic soldier-producing egg. (Cf. D1470.1.8.) Africa (Hausa): Equilbecq III 291ff.
D1476. D1476. Magic object furnishes slaves (subjects). (Cf. D1025.8.) India: Thompson-Balys.
D1476.1. D1476.1. Magic calabash furnishes slaves. (Cf. D965.2.) Africa (Yoruba): Frobenius Atlantis X 232f. No. 16.
D1476.2. D1476.2. Magic egg furnishes slaves (subjects for chief or king, etc.). (Cf. D1470.1.8.) Africa (Mossi): Frobenius Atlantis VIII 274ff. No. 120, (Hausa): Equilbecq III 291ff.
D1476.3. D1476.3. Magic basket (box) furnishes slaves. (Cf. D1171.11.) Africa (Hausa): Tremearne Hausa Superstitions (London, 1913) 424ff. No. 93.
D1477. D1477. Magic object furnishes livestock (oxen, horses, etc.).
D1477.1. D1477.1. Magic calabash furnishes livestock. (Cf. D965.2.) Africa (Wolof): Equilbecq III 19ff.
D1477.2. D1477.2. Magic ring furnishes livestock. (Cf. D1076.) Africa (Bambara): Travélé 205ff. No. 66.
D1477.3. D1477.3. Magic egg furnishes livestock. (Cf. D1470.1.8.) Africa (Mossi): Frobenius Atlantis VIII 274ff. No. 120, (Hausa): Equilbecq III 291ff.
D1477.4. D1477.4. Magic basket (box) furnishes livestock. (Cf. D1171.11.) Africa (Hausa): Tremearne Hausa Superstitions (London, 1913) 424ff. No.93.
D1478. D1478. Magic object provides light. (Cf. D1162.) Irish myth: Cross.
D1478.1. D1478.1. Saint’s hand illumines darkness. (Cf. D996.) Irish myth: Cross.
D1478.2. D1478.2. magic light illuminates bottom of lake. Irish myth: Cross.
D1481. D1481. Magic object furnishes warmth. Chinese: Graham.
D1481.1. D1481.1. Magic chicken wing keeps one warm in cold weather. (Cf. D1022.) Chinese: Graham.
D1481.2. D1481.2. Magic object provides fire. Chinese: Eberhard FFC CXX 108.
D1482. D1482. Magic object produces oil.
D1482.1. D1482.1. Oil comes out of sacred white stone. (Cf. D931.) India: Thompson-Balys.
D1482.2. D1482.2. Magic pumpkin holds streams of oil. (Cf. D981.11.) India: Thompson-Balys.
D1483. D1483. Magic object produces building.
D1483.1. D1483.1. Palace arises from bull‘s legs buried in soil. (Cf. D1012.1, D1132.1.) India: Thompson-Balys.
D1483.2. D1483.2. Magic bag builds palaces of gold and gems. (Cf. D1193.) India: Thompson-Balys.
D1483.3. D1483.3. Magic stick: when planted in ground, palace rises. (Cf. D956.) India: Thompson-Balys.
D1484. D1484. Magic object makes road.
D1484.1. D1484.1. Magic shuttle makes road. (Cf. D1185.) *Type 585; BP III 355.
D1484.2. D1484.2. Reading from magic book causes road to appear. (Cf. D1266.) Chinese: Graham.
D1485. D1485. Magic object makes carpet.
D1485.1. D1485.1. Magic shuttle makes carpet. (Cf. D1185.) *Type 585; BP III 355.
D1486. D1486. Magic object makes rivers and lakes.
D1486.1. D1486.1. Magic stone makes rivers and lakes. (Cf. D931.) Africa (Ekoi): Talbot 366.
D1487. D1487. Magic object makes plants grow.
D1487.1. D1487.1. Magic ring makes seaweeds grow. (Cf. D1076.) Breton: Sébillot Incidents s.v. “bague”.
D1487.2. D1487.2. Consecrated bread makes vegetables grow. (Cf. D1031.1.) Kittredge Witchcraft 149, 469 n. 109.
D1487.3. D1487.3. Magic spell makes tree grow. (Cf. D1273.) Irish myth: *Cross.
D1488. D1488. Magic object provides wood. Chinese: Eberhard FFC CXX 108.

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