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D. Magic

Group No.

D900 – D999

Group name

Kinds of magic objects I


D900. D900. Magic weather phenomena.
D900.0.1. D900.0.1. Prognostications from weather phenomena. Irish myth: *Cross.
D901. D901. Magic cloud. *Chauvin V 230; Fb “sky”; Jewish: *Neuman.
D902. D902. Magic rain. (Cf. D910.) *Basset RTP XXXIII 167f. – Irish: Cross; Plummer clxxx; Chinese: Werner 205.
D902.1. D902.1. Magic mist. *Fb “tåge” III 945a; *Cox Cinderella 477; Irish: *Cross; Icelandic: *Boberg; English: Wimberly 321; Breton: Sébillot Incidents s.v. “brume”; N. A. Indian: *Thompson Tales 339 n. 221b.
D902.1.1. D902.1.1. Druidic mist. Irish myth: *Cross.
D902.2. D902.2. Magic dew. *Fb “Sankt Hansdag” III 161a.
D902.3. D902.3. Magic hail. Irish myth: Cross.
D903. D903. Magic snow. Koryak: Jochelson JE VI 170.
D904. D904. Magic ice. Eskimo (Bering Strait): Nelson RBAE XVIII 516.
D905. D905. Magic storm. *Fb “storm” III 595b, 596a, “skål” III 352b, “vand” III 1001b; *Penzer IV 213; Morgan MPh. VI 331; Nitze MPh. VII 145. – Babylonian: Spence 77; Irish myth: *Cross; MacCulloch Celtic 44; Welsh: ibid. 191; Icelandic: *Boberg, Middle English: Wells 65 (Ywain and Gawain); Jewish: *Neuman; India: Thompson-Balys; Buddhist myth: Malalasekera II 1269; Korean: Zong in-Sob 170f.
D906. D906. Magic wind. *Fb “wind”, “vindknude”; Frazer Golden Bough I 119ff.; Icelandic: *Boberg; Lappish: Holmberg Lappalaisten uskonto 75; Estonian: Eisen Estnische Mythologie 100; Spanish Exempla: Keller; Jewish: Neuman; Chinese: Graham; Africa (Ekoi): Talbot 344.
D908. D908. Magic darkness. *Fb “tåge” III 945a; Irish myth: *Cross; Icelandic: *Boberg; Greek: Homer Iliad III 382, V 23, Odyssey XXIII 372; Jewish: *Neuman; Japanese: Ikeda.
D910. D910. Magic body of Water. *A. Hertel Verzauberte Oertlichkeiten (Hannover 1908). – Irish myth: *Cross; Jewish: Neuman.
D911. D911. Magic sea. Irish myth: *Cross; Breton: Sébillot Incidents s.v. “tonneau”; Jewish: Neuman; Africa (Zulu): Callaway 82.
D911.1. D911.1. Magic wave. Irish myth: Cross.
D911.1.1. D911.1.1. Magic virtue of nine waves. Irish myth: *Cross.
D915. D915. Magic river. Irish myth: Cross; Breton: Sébillot Incidents s.v. “rivière”; Jewish: *Neuman; Ila (Rhodesia): Smith and Dale II 416; Hottentot: Bleek 75 No. 36; Zulu: Callaway 90.
D915.1. D915.1. River produced by magic. Irish myth: *Cross; Breton: Sébillot Incidents s.v. “rivière”.
D915.2. D915.2. River contained under cock’s wings. *Type 715.
D915.2.1. D915.2.1. River contained in bird‘s ears. India: Thompson-Balys.
D915.3. D915.3. River contained in box. Breton: Sébillot Incidents s.v. “rivière”.
D915.4. D915.4. Intermittent river. River flows at stated intervals. *Chauvin VII 44 No. 153.
D915.4.1. D915.4.1. Sabbatical river. Dry on Sabbath. *Chauvin VII 44 No. 153; Gaster Exempla 188 No. 15; India: Thompson-Balys.
D915.5. D915.5. River issuing from cave controlled by race of Amazons. Hartland Science 202.
D915.6. D915.6. Magic flood. India: Thompson-Balys.
D921. D921. Magic lake (pond). *Krappe Bulletin Hispanique XXXV (1933) 107ff.; Icelandic: *Boberg; Jewish: Neuman; Chinese: Werner 137 (lake of gems).
D921.1. D921.1. Lake (pond) produced by magic. Breton: Sébillot Incidents s.v. “étang”; Irish myth: *Cross.
D921.2. D921.2. Lake produced by belches after magic draught. Irish myth: Cross.
D921.3. D921.3. Lake under which supernatural smith lives. Irish myth: *Cross.
D921.3.1. D921.3.1. Lake of milk created through merit of saint. Irish myth: Cross.
D921.4. D921.4. Magic tank. India: Thompson-Balys.
D925. D925. Magic fountain. (Cf. D926, D927.) *Dh II 154; *Wünsche Die Sagen vom Lebensbaum und Lebenswasser (Leipzig, 1905); *Hopkins JAOS XXVI 1 – 67, 411 – 413; *Fb “ungdom” III 979b; Penzer IV 145; *Patch PMLA XXXIII 670 n. 67. – Irish myth: *Cross, Plummer cl – clii, clxxii; Breton: Sébillot Incidents s.v. “fontaine”; French Canadian: Barbeau JAFL XXIX 10 – 12; Tirol: Zingerle 588; Jewish: Neuman; N. A. Indian: *Thompson Tales 284 n. 50a.; Lat. American: Alexander Lat. Am. 20 n. 6, 349.
D925.0.1. D925.0.1. Magic oil-spouting fountain. Italian: Basile introduction.
D925.0.2. D925.0.2. Miraculous well yielding milk, beer or wine. *Loomis White Magic 38.
D925.1. D925.1. Fountain magically made. Irish: Plummer cl, Cross; French Canadian: Barbeau JAFL XXIX 12; Jewish: *Neuman, Gaster Exempla 225 No. 206.
D925.1.0.1. D925.1.0.1. Fountain bursts forth where water is not available for baptismal ceremonies of future saint. *Loomis White Magic 23.
D925.1.1. D925.1.1. Saint produces fountain by means of his tears. *Loomis White Magic 37.
D925.1.2. D925.1.2. Fountain gushes up at place where saint’s head was cut off. *Loomis White Magic 37.
D925.1.3. D925.1.3. Samson makes sweet water flow from jawbone. *Loomis White Magic 37.
D925.2. D925.2. Fountain is inhabited by sacred oracular fish. *Loomis White Magic 38.
D926. D926. Magic well. (Cf. D925, D927.) Pauli (ed. Bolte) No. 54. – Irish myth: *Cross; Jewish: Neuman; Chinese: Eberhard FFC CXX 106f.; Eskimo (Greenland): Rink 189.
D926.1. D926.1. Well produced by magic. Jewish: Neuman.
D926.1.1. D926.1.1. Well produced by saint invoking heaven. *Loomis White Magic 37.
D927. D927. Magic spring. (Cf. D925, D926.) *Fb “blind” IV 45b; *Herbert III 238; *Oesterley No 253; Child I 192. – Irish myth: Cross; Jewish: *Neuman.
D927.1. D927.1. Spring made by magic. P. Saintyves Le Miracle de l’apparition des eaux (Revue de l‘Université de Bruxelles 1912, 265 – 94). – Germanic: De la Saussaye 254 (Balder); French Canadian: Barbeau JAFL XXIX 12; Jewish *Neuman.
D927.1.1. D927.1.1. Saint causes water to issue from cut in a tree. *Loomis White Magic 37.
D927.2. D927.2. Magic spring guarded by demons (monsters). Irish myth: Cross.
D927.2.1. D927.2.1. Magic spring guarded by druids. Irish myth: Cross.
D927.3. D927.3. Spring augments milk of nursing mothers who drink its water. *Loomis White Magic 38.
D927.4. D927.4. Spring follows saint to his country. *Loomis White Magic 38.
D927.5. D927.5. Spring runs dry (as result of fratricide). Irish myth: *Cross.
D928. D928. Magic water-hole.
D928.1. D928.1. Water-hole made by magic. Eskimo (Greenland): Rasmussen I 180; Southern Paiute (Maopa): Lowie JAFL XXXVII 168 No. 5a.
D930. D930. Magic land features. *Hertel Verzauberte Oertlichkeiten (Hannover, 1908).
D931. D931. Magic rock (stone). *Type 593, 870A; Köhler-Bolte I 114, 572; *Fb “sten” III 553a, 554a, “ønske” III 1178b; Hartland Science 242; *Penzer III 161 n. 1, 162 n., V 177; Reinhart PMLA XXXVIII 458 n. 108. – Greek: Fox 111, 137, (modern): Hahn No. 34; German: Grimm No. 163; Irish: Plummer clv – clvii, *Cross; Swiss: Jegerlehner 309 No. 9; Icelandic: Boberg; Jewish: *Neuman; Chinese: Graham, Werner 383. – Aztec: Alexander Lat. Am. 118; N. A. Indian: *Thompson Tales 275 n. 15; Southern Paiute: Lowie JAFL XXXVII 143f. No. 15. Africa (Ekoi): Talbot 366, (Kaffir): Theal 36, 161, (Angola): Chatelain 47 (version B), (Zulu): Callaway 143, (Fang): Trilles Légendes 140, Einstein 99.
D931.0.1. D931.0.1. Stone produced by magic. Irish myth: Cross.
D931.0.2. D931.0.2. Stones fixed in the earth have certain magic powers. *Fb II 47 s.v. “jordfast (sten)”; Örvar-Odds saga 136.
D931.0.2.1. D931.0.2.1. Location of magic stone determines race of king of country. Irish myth: Cross.
D931.0.3. D931.0.3. Stone on which saint is baptized (is born) has magic powers. Irish myth: *Cross.
D931.0.4. D931.0.4. Magic stone as amulet. (Cf. D1274.1.) Eskimo (Greenland): Rink 148, Rasmussen II 233.
D931.1. D931.1. Magic coal. Irish: O‘Suilleabhain 69, Beal XXI 326.
D931.1.1. D931.1.1. Magic soot. Africa (Washaga): Gutman 137.
D931.1.2. D931.1.2. Magic ashes. Jewish: Neuman; India: Thompson-Balys; Japanese: Mitford 180ff.
D931.1.3. D931.1.3. Magic lampblack. India: Thompson-Balys.
D931.1.4. D931.1.4. Magic lime.
D931.2. D931.2. Magic pebble. Jewish: Neuman.
D932. D932. Magic mountain. *Type 676; Fb “rundt”.
D932.0.1. D932.0.1. Mountain created by magic. India: Thompson-Balys.
D932.1. D932.1. Magic cliff.
D932.2. D932.2. Magic hill.
D933. D933. Magic sink-hole. Fb “grøft”.
D934. D934. Magic turf. *Fb “græstørv”.
D934.1. D934.1. Magic sod. Irish myth: Cross.
D935. D935. Magic earth (soil). *Fb “muld” II 619. – Irish: Plummer clxxx, *Cross; O’Suilleabhain 92, Beal XXI 329; Jewish: *Neuman; Hindu: Penzer III 227f.; Chinese: Eberhard FFC CXX 161f.
D935.0.1. D935.0.1. Magic earth from crossroads. (Cf. D1786.) Seligmann 151.
D935.1. D935.1. Magic sand.
D935.2. D935.2. Magic clay. India: Thompson-Balys.
D935.3. D935.3. Magic dust. India: Thompson-Balys.
D935.4. D935.4. Magic brick. India: Thompson-Balys.
D936. D936. Magic island. Irish myth: Cross.
D936.1. D936.1. Island made by magic. Greek: Pauly-Wissowa s.v. “Anaphe”.
D937. D937. Magic plain. Irish myth: Cross.
D940. D940. Magic forests.
D941. D941. Magic forest. Saintyves Perrault 65; Wimberly 124. – Irish myth: Cross; Icelandic: Boberg; Jewish: Neuman; Hindu: Penzer VIII 222 n. 2.
D941.1. D941.1. Forest produced by magic. Saintyves Perrault 92. – Irish myth: *Cross; Breton: Sébillot Incidents s.v. “forêt”; India: Thompson-Balys.
D945. D945. Magic hedge. *Type 410; BP I 440. – Irish: Plummer clxi, *Cross.
D950. D950. Magic tree. *Types 330, 510, 511; BP II 188 n. 1; Dh II 10, 30ff.; A. F. Schmidt Hultrær i Danmark (Danske Studier 1932 33ff.); Köhler Aufsätze 19ff.: *Fb “træ” III 866a, 867a; Chauvin VII 95 No. 375; Penzer I 144, *VIII 69 n. 1. – Irish: Plummer cliii, *Cross; German: Grimm No. 123; Persian: Carnoy 281, Coyajee JPASB XXIV 185f., 194; Chinese: Ferguson 104, Eberhard FFC CXX 46. – Indonesian: Dixon 238 n. 51; Quiché: Alexander Lat. Am. 172; N. A. Indian: *Thompson Tales 297 n. 86a, (Seneca): Curtin-Hewitt RBAE XXXII 391 No. 70; Africa (Zulu): Callaway 146, 218, (Upoto): Einstein 123.
D950.0.1. D950.0.1. Magic tree guarded by serpent (dragon) coiled around its roots. Irish myth: *Cross; Greek: Fox 87f. (Apples of Hesperides).
D950.0.1.1. D950.0.1.1. Magic tree guarded by giant ogre. Irish myth: *Cross.
D950.0.2. D950.0.2. Magic tree at bottom of lake. Irish myth: Cross.
D950.1. D950.1. Magic hazel tree. *BP III 477. Irish: Plummer cliii, *Cross.
D950.2. D950.2. Magic oak tree. Type 577. – Irish myth: *Cross; Greek: Fox 109.
D950.3. D950.3. Magic peach tree. Chinese: Werner 173.
D950.4. D950.4. Magic cherry tree. Breton: Sébillot Incidents s.v. “cerisier”.
D950.5. D950.5. Magic pear tree. Fb “pæretræ”; cf. Type 1423; *Hdwb. d. Märchens s.v. “Birne”.
D950.6. D950.6. Magic ash tree (quicken, rowan). *Fb “usynlig”; Irish myth: *Cross.
D950.7. D950.7. Magic lime tree. Irish: Plummer cliii, *Cross.
D950.8. D950.8. Magic fig tree. Italian Novella: Rotunda.
D950.9. D950.9. Magic olive tree. Jewish: *Neuman.
D950.10. D950.10. Magic apple tree. Irish myth: *Cross; French Canadian: Sister Marie Ursule.
D950.11. D950.11. Magic alder tree. Irish myth: *Cross.
D950.12. D950.12. Magic birch tree. Irish myth: Cross.
D950.13. D950.13. Magic hawthorn. Irish myth: *Cross.
D950.14. D950.14. Magic yew tree. Irish myth: *Cross.
D950.14.1. D950.14.1. Magic yew tree created by fairies. Irish myth: Cross.
D950.15. D950.15. Magic bamboo tree. India: Thompson-Balys; Chinese: Eberhard FFC CXX 80.
D950.16. D950.16. Magic nut tree. Jewish: Neuman.
D950.17. D950.17. Magic laurel tree. Jewish: Neuman.
D950.18. D950.18. Magic cedar tree. Jewish: Neuman.
D950.19. D950.19. Magic palm tree. Jewish: Neuman.
D951. D951. Tree produced by magic. Irish myth: Cross.
D951.1. D951.1. Magic tree springs from fairyland berry. Irish myth: Cross.
D952. D952. Magic tree-bark.
D953. D953. Magic twig. Irish myth: *Cross; India: Thompson-Balys.
D953.1. D953.1. Origin of magic twig. Irish myth: Cross.
D953.1.1. D953.1.1. Magic twigs grow from buried magic vessel. Irish myth: Cross.
D953.2. D953.2. Magic birch twig. (Cf. D950.12.) Irish myth: Cross.
D954. D954. Magic bough. *Chauvin V 229 No. 130; Fb “finkelrut”. – Irish: MacCulloch Celtic 114f.; *Cross; Spanish: Boggs FFC XC 51 No. 340; India: Thompson-Balys.
D955. D955. Magic leaf. Type 612; *BP I 128; *Fb “blad” IV 44a. – Irish myth: Cross; Icelandic: Völsunga saga ch. 8, Boberg; Jewish: Neuman; India: Thompson-Balys; Africa (Ibo, Nigeria): Basden 280, (Ekoi): Talbot 115, 188, (Zulu): Callaway 191.
D956. D956. Magic stick of wood. BP II 527; Jewish: *Neuman.
D957. D957. Magic faggot. Irish myth: Cross.
D958. D958. Magic thorn. *Köhler-Bolte I 261. – Icelandic: *Boberg; English: Child V 496 s.v. “sleep”; Hindu: Penzer III 227f.; India: Thompson-Balys.
D960. D960. Magic gardens and plants.
D961. D961. Magic garden. *Type 550; BP II 232. – Irish myth: *Cross; India: Thompson-Balys; Penzer I 66f.; N. Am. Indian (Tsimshian): Boas RBAE XXXI 182; Africa (Benga): Nassau 208 No. 33.
D961.1. D961.1. Garden produced by magic. (Cf. D2178.) Irish myth: Cross; Italian Novella: Rotunda; Penzer VIII 92.
D962. D962. Magic vineyard. Jewish: Neuman.
D964. D964. Magic bush. (Cf. D960, D965.) Basile Pentamerone IV 6; Irish: O’Suilleabhain 74, Beal XXI 326; Jewish: *Neuman.
D965. D965. Magic plant. *BP I 128; Fb “blad” IV 44a, “vild” III 1052b; *Chauvin II 193 No. 12, V 14 No. 9; VI 73f. No. 239. – Breton: Sébillot Incidents s.v. “herbe”; Greek: Frazer Apollodorus I 312 n. 2, Fox 263; Jewish: Neuman; Babylonian: Spence 158, 160, 178; India: Thompson-Balys, Penzer; Chinese: Werner 299.
D965.0.1. D965.0.1. Honeysuckle “king of trees.” Irish myth: Cross.
D965.1. D965.1. Magic mandrake. **Starck Der Alraun; *Taylor JAFL XXXI 561f.; Penzer III 153f.; F. Ohrt Dragedukker i Danmark (Danske Studier 1930 63ff., 186); *Fb “alrunerot” IV 10a; *Frazer Old Testament II 372ff.; Hdwb. d. Abergl. I 311 s.v. “Alraun”. – Irish myth: Cross; Jewish: *Neuman.
D965.2. D965.2. Magic calabash (gourd). Chinese: Werner 347; Korean: Zong in-Sob 288; Africa (Ekoi): Talbot 27, 34, (Yoruba): Ellis 246, (Benga): Nassau 208 No. 33.
D965.3. D965.3. Magic rosebush. BP II 527.
D965.4. D965.4. Magic mistletoe. *K. v. Tubeuf Monographie der Mistel (München, 1923); *Frazer Golden Bough XII 373 s.v. “mistletoe”, XI 78ff. – Irish myth: *Cross.
D965.4.1. D965.4.1. Mistletoe used by druids. Irish myth: Cross.
D965.5. D965.5. Moly: magic plant. *Taylor JAFL XXXI 561. – Greek: Frazer Apollodorus II 288 n. 1.
D965.6. D965.6. Magic lotus plant. (Cf. D975.1.) Greek: Frazer Apollodorus II 280 n. 2; Japanese: Ikeda.
D965.7. D965.7. Magic four-leaf clover. *BP III 201; Fb “firkløver”.
D965.8. D965.8. Magic corn. (Cf. D973.) Irish myth: *Cross; Jewish: *Neuman.
D965.8.1. D965.8.1. Magic rice (plant.).
D965.9. D965.9. Magic laurel (plant). Hartland Science 204.
D965.10. D965.10. Magic myrtle. Hartland Science 204.
D965.11. D965.11. Magic plantain. Ibo (Nigeria): Thomas 126.
D965.12. D965.12. Magic grass. Irish myth: Cross; Jewish: Neuman; Chinese: Graham.
D965.13. D965.13. Magic flax. Lithuanian: Balys Legends Nos. 673ff., Index No. 3697.
D965.14. D965.14. Magic fern blossom. May be obtained on St. John’s eve. Lithuanian: Balys Index 3644.
D965.15. D965.15. Magic barley plant. (Cf. D973.2.) India: Thompson-Balys.
D965.16. D965.16. Magic rue.
D965.17. D965.17. Magic tobacco plant.
D965.18. D965.18. Magic weeds.
D965.19. D965.19. Magic myrtle. Jewish: Neuman.
D967. D967. Magic roots. Jewish: Neuman; India: Thompson-Balys; Africa (Baholoholo): Einstein 233.
D971. D971. Magic seed. Danish: Fb “frø” I 378b; Jewish: Neuman; Hindu: Penzer VI 62ff; Chinese: Eberhard FFC CXX 36f.; Africa (Ekoi): Talbot 178.
D971.1. D971.1. Magic mustard-seed. Penzer VI 5, 29, 109, 123f.
D971.2. D971.2. Magic hemp-seed. Breton: Sébillot Incidents s.v. “chenevis”; English: Child V 59, 286a.
D971.3. D971.3. Magic fern-seed. *Cox Cinderella 517.
D971.4. D971.4. Magic black cummin. India: Thompson-Balys.
D973. D973. Magic grains. Irish myth: *Cross; Jewish: Neuman; India: Thompson-Balys.
D973.1. D973.1. Magic rice-grains. Tawney II 453; India: Thompson-Balys; Chinese: Graham.
D973.1.1. D973.1.1. Rice-grains magically produced by gourd. India: Thompson-Balys.
D973.2. D973.2. Magic barley. (Cf. D965.15.) Jewish: Neuman; Hindu: Penzer VI 55 n. 2.
D974. D974. Magic plant-sap. Dh II 154.
D975. D975. Magic flower. *Basset 1001 Contes I 143; Irish myth: *Cross; Jewish: *Neuman; Chinese: Eberhard FFC CXX 108; Japanese: Ikeda.
D975.1. D975.1. Magic lotus-flower. (Cf. D965.6, D1641.15.) India: Thompson-Balys; Chinese: Werner 322.
D975.2. D975.2. Magic rose. Köhler-Bolte II 447.
D976. D976. Magic thorn.
D977. D977. Magic stalk.
D978. D978. Magic herbs. (Cf. D965.) India: Thompson-Balys; Irish myth: Cross.
D980. D980. Magic fruits and vegetables.
D981. D981. Magic fruit. *Type 566; *Aarne MSFO XXV 122; Fb “næse” II 716b; *Penzer VI 216; *Basset 1001 Contes I 143; *Chauvin VI 74 No. 239. – Irish myth: *Cross; Jewish: *Neuman; Hindu: Tawney I 259f., 310n., 382, II 142n., 198n., 596n.; Chinese: Eberhard FFC CXX 105; Japanese: Ikeda; Indonesian: DeVries’s list No. 195.
D981.0.1. D981.0.1. Magic fruit juice.
D981.1. D981.1. Magic apple. *Types 400, 500, 590, 708, 709; *Aarne MSFO XXV 121; *BP I 463, 482, III 97; *Köhler-Bolte I 118, 143; *Fb “guldæble” I 516a, “æble” III 1135f, “ønske” III 1178b; *Chauvin VI 74 No. 239, 133 No. 286. – Irish myth: *Cross; Icelandic: De la Saussaye 280, *Boberg; Breton: Sébillot Incidents s.v. “cornes”, “pomme”; English: Child I 364; Jewish: Neuman; Arabian: Burton Nights S IV 434ff.
D981.1.1. D981.1.1. Magic apple from Garden of the Hesperides. Irish myth: *Cross.
D981.2. D981.2. Magic peach. Chinese: Werner 270, Eberhard FFC CXX 210.
D981.3. D981.3. Magic orange. *Type 408. – Breton: Sébillot Incidents s.v. “orange”.
D981.4. D981.4. Magic cherry. Aarne MSFO XXV 121; Fb “kirsebær”; Penzer I 27.
D981.5. D981.5. Magic fig. (Cf. D1375.1.1.5.) Aarne MSFO XXV 121. – Spanish: Boggs FFC XC 56, 116 Nos. 408*A, 970; Jewish: *Neuman; Hindu: Penzer I 27.
D981.6. D981.6. Magic pear. (Cf. D1375.1.1.6, D1375.2.1.3.) Aarne MSFO XXV 121; Hdwb. d. Märchens s.v. “Birne”.
D981.7. D981.7. Magic plum. (Cf. D1375.1.1.7.) Aarne MSFO XXV 121.
D981.8. D981.8. Magic grape. (Cf. D1375.1.1.8.) Aarne MSFO XXV 121; Jewish: *Neuman.
D981.9. D981.9. Magic date (fruit). (Cf. D1375.1.1.9.) Aarne MSFO XXV 121.
D981.10. D981.10. Magic berry. (Cf. D1375.1.1.10.) Aarne MSFO XXV 122; Irish myth: *Cross.
D981.10.1. D981.10.1. Magic cranberry. Eskimo (Kodiak): Golder JAFL XVI 91.
D981.11. D981.11. Magic pumpkin. India: Thompson-Balys; Chinese: Eberhard FFC CXX 58, 67, 221.
D981.12. D981.12. Magic pomegranate. Jewish: Neuman; India: Thompson-Balys.
D981.13. D981.13. Magic bananas.
D983. D983. Magic vegetable. *Aarne MSFO XXV 143n., *BP III 6; Type 567.
D983.1. D983.1. Magic bean. *BP II 527. – Spanish: Boggs FFC XC 124 No. 1374A; Breton: Sébillot Incidents s.v. “fève”.
D983.2. D983.2. Magic yam. Africa (Gold Coast): Barker and Sinclair 90 No. 16.
D983.3. D983.3. Magic leek. Icelandic: *Boberg.
D983.4. D983.4. Magic garlic. Jewish: Neuman.
D983.5. D983.5. Magic egg-plant.
D985. D985. Magic nut. Cox Cinderella Nos. 6, 72, 76, 88 and passim; Fb “nød” II 719a. – Irish myth: *Cross; Breton: Sébillot Incidents s.v. “noix”; French Canadian: Barbeau JAFL XXIX 10; Spanish: Boggs FFC XC 53 No. 400 B*; Italian: Basile introduction; Jewish: Neuman.
D985.1. D985.1. Magic coconut-shell. Sulka of New Britain: Dixon 132 and 132 n. 2.
D985.2. D985.2. Magic chestnut. Italian: Basile Pentamerone introduction.
D985.3. D985.3. Magic hazel-nut. Irish myth: *Cross; Italian: Basile introduction.
D985.4. D985.4. Magic acorn. Irish myth: Cross.
D985.5. D985.5. Magic betel-nut. Philippine (Tinguian): Cole 93.
D990 – D1029.
D990. D990. Magic bodily members – human. N. A. Indian: Thompson Tales 318 n. 150.
D991. D991. Magic hair. *Fb “guld” I 512a, “hår” I 771ab, “styrke” III 630a; *Hdwb. d. Abergl. III 1274; Köhler-Bolte I 126, 573; *Penzer VIII 59 n. 3; MacCulloch Childhood 211; Chauvin V 230 No. 130; *Wesselski Märchen 196; *Pauli (ed. Bolte) No. 150. – Irish myth: Cross; French Canadian: Barbeau JAFL XXIX 12; Spanish: Boggs FFC XC 67 No. 508A*; Greek: Frazer Apollodorus II 117 n. 3, Fox 69, 77; Jewish: *Neuman; India: Thompson-Balys. – N. A. Indian (Mohegan): Speck JAFL XVI 106; (Micmac): Rand 356, 369 Nos 67, 71, Leland 83, (Skidi Pawnee): Dorsey MAFLS VII 102, 113 Nos. 28, 31, (Wichita): Dorsey CI XXI No. 19, (Modoc): Curtin Myths of the Modocs (Boston 1912) 32, 46, (Ojibwa): Radin GSCan II 51; Eskimo (Greenland): Rasmussen I 97; Africa (Kaffir): Theal 131.
D991.1. D991.1. Magic beard. Fb “styrke” III 630a.
D991.2. D991.2. Magic pubic hair. *Fb “kusse” II 334a; India: Thompson-Balys; N. A. Indian: *Thompson Tales 290 n. 65, (Tlingit): Golder JAFL XX 292.
D991.3. D991.3. Magic ball of hair. North Carolina: Brown Collection I 667.
D992. D992. Magic head. Irish myth: *Cross; Welsh: MacCulloch Celtic 105; Breton: Sébillot Incidents s.v. “tête”; Jewish: Neuman.
D992.1. D992.1. Magic horns (grow on person‘s forehead). (Cf. D1011.1.) *Type 566; Penzer III 187. – Irish myth: *Cross; Icelandic: Boberg; Jewish: *Neuman; bin Gorion Born Judas@2 IV 122; N. A. Indian (Mohegan): Speck JAFL XVII 184.
D992.2. D992.2. Magic lips. Type 403; Köhler-Bolte I 126. – French Canadian: Barbeau JAFL XXIX 10.
D992.3. D992.3. Magic face. Jewish: *Neuman.
D992.4. D992.4. Magic skull.
D992.5. D992.5. Magic tongue. Jewish: Neuman.
D993. D993. Magic eye. See references to D2071. Jewish: Neuman.
D995. D995. Magic foot.
D995.1. D995.1. Magic toe. Africa (Basuto): Jacottet 56 No. 9.
D996. D996. Magic hand. *Penzer III 150; *Baker AA o.s. I 51ff.; Irish myth: *Cross; Jewish: Neuman.
D996.0.1. D996.0.1. Magic right hand.
D996.0.1.1. D996.0.1.1. Magic power of right hand for good. Irish myth: *Cross.
D996.0.2. D996.0.2. Magic left hand. Irish myth: Cross.
D996.0.2.1. D996.0.2.1. Magic power of left hand for evil. Irish myth: *Cross.
D996.1. D996.1. Magic finger. Irish myth: Cross; Jewish: Neuman.
D997. D997. Magic internal organs – human.
D997.1. D997.1. Magic heart – human.
D997.1.1. D997.1.1. Magic heart of unborn child. *Fb “hjærte” I 631b.
D997.2. D997.2. Magic brain. Irish myth: Cross.
D997.3. D997.3. Magic liver. Cheremis: Sebeok-Nyerges.
D998. D998. Magic private parts – human. Taylor MLN XXXI (1916) 249 n. 2; Gaster Thespis 327. – N. A. Indian: *Thompson Tales 296 nn. 83a, 83b.

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