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C. Tabu

Group No.

C830 – C899

Group name

Unclassified Tabus


C830. Unclassified tabus. [1]
C832. Tabu: spinning. Saintyves Contes de Perrault 79ff. – Lithuanian: Balys Index No. 3695, Legends No. 378f.
C631.2. Tabu: spinning on holy days.
C833. Tabus for journeys.
D2121.6. Magic Journey during which one must not think of good or evil.
C833.1. Tabu: crossing river except at source. Africa (Angola): Chatelain 69 No. 3.
C833.2. Tabu: turning aside for anyone. Irish myth: Cross.
H1400. Fear test. H1561. Tests of valor.
C833.3. Tabu: turning back after beginning a journey. *Fb "gå" I 525a, "vende" IV 1035b; African: Werner African 172.
C833.4. Tabu: driving horses over ashen yoke. Irish myth: Cross.
C833.5. Tabu: going with dry feet over certain river. Irish myth: Cross.
C833.6. Tabu: traveling beyond spot where feat of skill was performed before duplicating it. Irish myth: Cross.
C856.3. Tabu: army to advance until certain conditions are fulfilled.
C833.7. Tabu: proceeding after mishap to chariot. Irish myth: Cross.
C833.8. Tabu: going to certain place in speckled garment on speckled steed. Irish myth: Cross.
C833.9. Men sent on mission prohibited from fishing and quarreling. Africa (Bushongo): Torday Notes 247.
C835. Tabus concerning fighting.
C835.1. Tabu: refusing combat to anyone. Irish myth: Cross.
C835.1.1. Tabu: bearded man refusing combat. Irish myth: Cross.
C565. Tabus for bearded men.
C835.2. Tabus concerning weapons. Irish myth: Cross.
C181.3. Tabu: woman not to touch man's weapons. D1080. Magic weapons.
C835.2.1. Tabu: failing to make gift to magic lance. The lance kills offender. Irish myth: Cross.
C921. Immediate death for breaking tabu. D1086. Magic lance. D1402.8.3. Magic spear kills man. D1645.8.3. Magic flaming lance.
C835.2.2. Tabu: allowing spear-head to touch stone. Irish myth: Cross.
C500. Tabu: touching.
C835.2.3. Tabu: putting spear-head between teeth. Irish myth: Cross.
C835.2.4. Tabu: slaying woman with spear. Irish myth: Cross.
C835.2.5. Tabu: reddening weapons without satiety. Irish myth: Cross.
C835.2.6. Tabu: giving arms in pledge. Irish myth: Cross.
C835.3. Tabu: going to (leaving) certain place without combat. Irish myth: Cross.
C835.4. Tabu: fighting certain person. Irish myth: Cross.
C600. Unique prohibition.
C835.4.1. Tabu: fighting with a hag. Irish myth: Cross.
F234.2.1. Fairy in form of hag.
C836. Tabu: disobedience. All lodgers must obey host implicitly. – English Wells 60 (Syre Gowene and the Carle of Carlyle).
C837. Tabu: loosing bridle in selling man transformed to horse. Disenchantment follows. – Type 325; BP II 60ff, *67 (Gr. No. 68). – India: *Thompson-Balys.
D535. Transformation to horse (ass, etc.) by putting on bridle. D612. Protean sale. D722. Disenchantment by taking off bridle. D1209.1. Magic bridle.
C841. Tabu: killing certain animals. Irish myth: Cross; India: Thompson-Balys.
B2. Animal totems. C221.1. Tabu: eating flesh of certain animal.
C841.0.1. Clerics' voyage unsuccessful because they sailed in boats of skin. Irish myth: Cross.
F111.2.1. Island of Tir Tairngire (Land of Promise) cannot be reached in boat made of "dead soft skins of animals."
C841.0.2. Tabu: wounding animal; must be killed outright. Irish myth: Cross.
C841.0.3. Tabu: killing animal which takes refuge with one. India: Thompson-Balys.
C841.1. Tabu: killing stork. Bird was once maiden. (Cf. A1715, A1966.) – Dh III 286. – Fb "stork" III 592.
C92.5. Tabu: killing stork as sacred being. N250.1. Bad luck follows man who shoots stork.
C841.2. Tabu: hunting birds. Supernatural lover (king of birds) tells woman that son must not do so. – Irish myth: Cross.
C841.3. Tabu: burning caterpillars. India: Thompson-Balys.
C32.3. Tabu: burning animal husband.
C841.4. Tabu: hunting a pig. Irish myth: Cross.
C619.2. Tabu: going into wild boar's haunt. M397. Prophecy: hunters will encounter certain wild boar.
C841.5. Tabu: killing a swan. Irish myth: Cross.
D161. Transformation: man to swan.
C841.6. Tabu: killing golden duck. Cheremis: Sebeok-Nyerges.
C841.7. Tabu: killing totem animal. Irish myth: Cross.
B2. Animal totems. C221.2. Tabu: eating totem animal. E765.2. Life bound up with that of animal.
C841.8. Tabu: killing deer. India: *Thompson-Balys.
C841.8.1. Tabu: killing antelope. Africa (Fang): Tessman 190f.
C841.9. Tabu: killing certain fish. India: Thompson-Balys.
C841.10. Tabu: killing albatross.
C841.10.1. Killing albatross causes misfortune to follow killer. England: Baughman.
C841.11. Tabu: killing a cat. India: Thompson-Balys.
C842. Tabu: exposure to sunlight. Köhler-Bolte Zs. f. Vksk. VI 72 (to Gonzenbach No. 34); Grimm No. 88; Gaster Oldest Stories 169. – African (Basuto): Jacottet 184, 186 No. 27, (Kaffir): Theal 56, (Ibo, Nigeria): Basden 276, (Pangwe): Tessman 367.
C756.2. Tabu: letting sun shine on girl before she is thirty years old. T521. Conception from sunlight.
C842.1. Tabu: working iron under direct rays of sun. India: Thompson-Balys.
C843. Tabu: pointing. Fb "pege" II 800.
C843.1. Tabu: pointing at rainbow. *Fb "regnbue" III 31b.
C844. Tabu: playing flute. *Fb "flöjte" I 326.
C845. Tabus concerning war. Irish myth: Cross.
C641. Tabu: making war against certain tribe. C642. Tabu: making peace with a certain tribe. C878.2.1. Tabu: going to battle without being clothed in silk. P550. Military affairs.
C845.1. Tabu: bringing head of slain enemy within village walls. India: *Thompson-Balys.
C846. Tabu: removing landmarks. Alphabet Nos 46, 47. – Norwegian: *Solheim Register 17; Danish: Kristensen Da. Sagn V nos. 1409ff.
C847. Tabu: giving away gifts received from animal.
C847.1. Tabu: giving away gifts received from fish. India: Thompson-Balys.
C848. Tabu: sleeping on bed made of totem-tree. India: Thompson-Balys.
C221.2. Eating totem animal (or animal namesake). C510. Tabu: touching tree (plant).
C851. Tabu: wastefulness.
C851.1. Tabu: using food for unworthy purpose.
F931.2. Punishment for washing child with fish.
C851.1.1. Tabu: wiping children with bread. *Smyser Harvard Studies and Notes in Phil, and Lit. XV (1933) 62 n. 5.
C535. Tabu: stepping on bread. F944. City sinks into sea.
C851.1.2. Tabu: using grain to clean child. German: Grimm No. 194.
C851.2. Tabu: throwing "living fire" into river. India: Thompson-Balys.
C853. Tabus concerning entry into assembly. Irish myth: Cross.
P632. Customs concerning recognition of rank.
C853.1. Tabu: holding meeting at certain place. Irish myth: Cross.
C610. The one forbidden place.
C853.2. Tabu: going to assembly of women at certain place. Irish myth: Cross.
C854. Tabu: doing thing in certain manner. (Cf. C643, D1791.) Irish myth: Cross, Köhler-Bolte II 651ff.
C854.1. Tabu: going to certain place in speckled garment on speckled steed. Irish myth: Cross.
C854.2. Tabu: making withershins circuit. (Cf. D1791.2.) Irish myth: *Cross.
C857. Tabu: inciting horse at certain place. Irish myth: Cross.
C858. Tabu: swimming with certain birds. Irish myth: Cross.
C721. Tabu: bathing.
C863. Tabu: following three red men to certain place. Irish myth: Cross.
F233.3. Red fairy. F527. Person of unusual color.
C865. Tabu: running a race. Irish myth: Cross.
C865.1. Tabu: racing pigeons. Jewish: Neuman.
C867. Tabu: unusual cruelty.
C867.1. Tabu: abusing women or children. Irish myth: Cross.
C180. Tabu confined to one sex. S400. Cruel persecutions. T600. Care of children. W11.5.12. Hero in battle refuses to slay women.
C867.1.0.1. Tabu: bearded men abusing women and children. Irish myth: Cross.
C565. Tabus of bearded men.
C868. Tabu: leaving land entirely unoccupied. Tuamotu: Stimson MS (t-G 3/711).
C871. Tabu: refusing a request. Irish myth: Cross.
C152.2. Tabu: refusing unreasonable demand of pregnant woman. M158. Vow never to refuse food to any man. M202.0.1. Bargain: a promise to be fulfilled at all hazards. M223. Blind promise. P319.7. "Friendship without refusal." W11.15. Generous person refuses no man anything.
C871.0.1. Tabu: bearded man refusing request. Irish myth: Cross.
C565. Tabus for bearded men.
C872. Tabu: turning away from (refusing requests of) poets. Irish myth: Cross.
P427.7. Poet (fill, ollamh, scelalge, anchaid).
C874. Tabu: breaking up revelry before its end. Irish myth: Cross.
C282.1. Tabu: leaving a feast before it is ended.
C875. Tabu: carrying child on one's back into house. Irish myth: Cross.
C876. Tabu: leaping a camping place. Irish myth: Cross.
C878. Tabu concerning clothing. Irish myth: Cross; Jewish: *Neuman.
C878.1. Tabu: wearing satin. Irish myth: Cross.
C878.2. Tabu: wearing silk. Irish myth: Cross.
C878.2.1. Tabu: going to battle without being clothed in silk. Irish myth: Cross.
C856. Tabus concerning war. P550. Military affairs.
C881. Tabu: grumbling.
Q312. Fault-finding punished.
C881.1. Tabu: grumbling at narrowness of certain boat. Irish myth: Cross.
C882. Tabu: watching game without aiding loser. Irish myth: Cross.
C300. Looking tabu.
C883. Tabu: crossing graveyard without alighting. Irish myth: Cross.
C884. Tabu: concerning riding horses.
C884.1. Tabu: halting or unloading horse. Irish myth: Cross.
C884.2. Tabu: allowing horse to lose his bridle, stray or stale. Irish myth: Cross.
A920.1.6. Lake from urine of horse.
C885. Tabu: hearing or listening.
C681. Compulsion to answer cry.
C885.1. Tabu: listening to fluttering of birds after sunset. Irish myth: Cross.
C752.1. Tabu: doing thing after sunset.
C885.2. Tabu: listening to groans of women being violated. Irish myth: Cross.
C118. Tabu: violating woman.
C885.3. Tabu: listening to certain lute. Irish myth: Cross.
C886. Tabu: plowing with ass and ox together. Jewish: Neuman.
C887. Tabu: being in same house with fire, weapon, dog. Irish myth: Cross.
C888. Tabu: using leaven for cooking. Jewish: *Neuman.
C891. Tabu: uncleanliness. Irish myth: Cross.
C720. Tabu: attending toilet needs.
C891.1. Tabu: riding dirty on black-heeled horse across certain plain. Irish myth: Cross.
C610. The one forbidden place.
C891.2. Tabu: bearded man going dirty to bed. Irish myth: Cross.
C565. Tabus for bearded men.
C891.3. Tabu: urinating on fire. India: Thompson-Balys.
C892. Tabu: stranger to play with someone without asking permission. Irish myth: Cross.
C893. Tabu: making use of blood. Jewish: *Neuman.
C895. Tabu: using stone fish-hooks. Easter Island: Métraux Ethnology 363.
C897. Tabus concerning counting. *Fb "tælle" IV 923b.
C897.1. Tabu: counting the stars. England: Baughman; Fb "stjærne" III 577b.
C897.2. Tabu: taking census. Jewish: *Neuman.
C897.3. Tabu: calculating time of Messiah's advent. Jewish: Neuman.
C898. Tabus concerned with mourning. Jewish: *Neuman.
C899. Additional unclassified tabus.
C899.1. Tabu: hiding iron. India: Thompson-Balys.
[1] The section C830 – C899 has been revised. The following changes have been made:
First edition
Old number → New number
C831 →               C563
C833 →               C833.1
C834 →               C833.2
C835 →               C835.1
C845 →               C833.3
[2] Cross, Motif-Index of Early Irish Literature
Old number → New number
C853 →               C853.1
C855 →               C835.2
C856 →               C845
C861 →               C833.4
C862 →               C833.5
C866 →               C835.3
C867 →               C867.1
C867.0.1 →       C867.1.1
C877 →               C867.2
C888 →               C833.6
C893 →               C833.7

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