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Group No. 56


C. Tabu

Group No.

C650 – C699

Group name

Unique Prohibitions and Compulsions. The One Compulsory Thing


C650 – C699. The one compulsory thing
C650. The one compulsory thing. Unless one does this one thing, misfortune comes. (Sometimes one is under magic compulsion.) – **Reinhard the Survival of Geis in Mediaeval Romance. – Irish myth: Cross, MacCulloch Celtic 177ff., passim, *Schoepperle Tristan and Isolt II 307; Beal XXI 312.
M202.0.1. Bargain or promise to be fulfilled at all hazards.
C650.1. Customs connected with unique compulsion. Irish myth: Cross.
F600. Customs.
C651. The one compulsory question. Percival must ask the meaning of the strange sights he sees; else the Fisher King will not be healed. – Voretzsch Altfranz Lit. 325 (Chretien de Troyes Conte del Graal).
C735.2.9. Tabu: to rest sitting or lying until answer to a certain question is learned. F91.1. Slamming door on exit from mountain otherworld. It (almost) injures the hero because he has failed to bring back the talisman which opened the mountain. F152.2. Slamming bridge to other world. Slams as hero leaves and (almost) injures him. He has failed to do the one compulsory thing. H508. Test: finding answer to certain question. H1388. Quest: answer to certain question. J21.6. "Do not ask questions about extraordinary things." Q85. Reward for asking proper questions.
C652. Compulsion: taking back talisman which opened treasure mountain. Hero takes treasure and forgets the talisman. – *Krappe Balor 109ff.
C655. Only one certain gift must be accepted.
C655.1. Only peacock on the steeple of the king's golden temple can be accepted as dowry. India: Thompson-Balys.
C661. Girl from elfland must eat earthly food in order to remain. *Fb "spise" III 495b.
C211. Tabu: eating in other world. C710. Tabus connected with other-world Journeys. F210. Fairyland. F243.0.1. Christianized fairy woman refuses to eat fairy food.
C662. One must eat "death vegetable" whenever one sees it. Otherwise god will be angry. India: Thompson-Balys.
C663. Compulsion to bathe in certain waters daily. Irish myth: Cross.
C664. Injunction: to marry first woman met. Irish myth: Cross.
C100. Sex tabu. T62. Princess to marry first man who asks for her.
C664.0.1. Injunction: to cohabit with first woman met after battle. Irish myth: Cross.
C665. Injunction: protect certain stone from molestation. Irish myth: Cross.
D931. Magic rock (stone).
C666. Compulsion to go to certain place at certain time (or once each year). Irish myth: Cross; Jewish: Neuman.
C671. The one compulsory song. Beer cannot be brewed until an old man sings the song of the origin of beer. – Finnish: Kalevala rune 20.
D2084.1. Beer magically kept from brewing.
C672. Compulsion to tell stories.
C672.1. Curse laid upon man by stories he fails to tell: they creep out of his belly when he is asleep and talk. India: Thompson-Balys.
C675. Compulsion to give food to everyone met on journey. African (Jaunde): Nekes 251.
C680. Other compulsions.
C681. Compulsion to answer cry. Hero is magically compelled to do so. Irish myth: Cross.
C566. Tabus of heroes. C885. Tabu: hearing or listening. D2034. Crying induced by magic as trick to force child's mother.
C681.1. Compulsion to regard hunting cry and follow hounds. Irish myth: Cross.
C682. Compulsion to invite singer to feast. Until that is done, the beer will not stop foaming. (Cf. C671.) – Finnish: Kalevala rune 20.
C683. Injunction: sleep where night overtakes you. Otherwise misfortune will come. – Cape Verde Islands: Parsons MAFLS XV (1) 213 No. 73.
C684. Compulsion to perform certain task yearly.
C750. Time tabus.
C684.1. Compulsion to catch blackbird alive yearly. Irish myth: Cross.
C684.2. Compulsion to kill one of certain hogs yearly. Irish myth: Cross.
C684.3. Compulsion to leap yearly over stone one's size held in palm of hand. Irish myth: Cross.
H1020. Tasks contrary to laws of nature.
C684.4. Compulsion to hold festival at certain intervals. Irish myth: Cross.
C685. Injunction: to give sample of food to dog before eating. Misfortune follows failure to do so. – Spanish:Boggs FFC XC 63 No. 453.
C686. Injunction: to forsake woman who arouses love. Irish myth: Cross.
C100. Sex tabu. T55. Girl as wooer. T331. Man unsuccessfully tempted by woman.
C686.1. Tabu: to refuse help to a woman. Irish myth: Cross.
C687. Injunction: to perform certain act daily.
C750. Time tabus.
C687.1. Injunction: to visit saint daily. Irish myth: Cross.

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