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C. Tabu

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C600 – C649

Group name

Unique Prohibitions and Compulsions. The One Forbidden Thing


C600 – C699. Unique prohibitions and compulsions
C600 – C649. The one forbiddn thing
C600. Unique prohibition. A person is forbidden to do one particular thing; everything else he is free to do. – Celtic: *Schoepperle Tristan and Isolt. II 307. – Irish myth: Cross; Jewish: Neuman.
A1331. Paradise lost because of one sin. C498. Speaking tabu: the one forbidden expression. C868. Tabu: fighting certain person. Z300. Unique exceptions.
C601. Unique prohibition announced by mysterious voice. India: Thompson-Balys.
C610. The one forbidden place. Breton: Sébillot Incidents s.v. "interdits". – Irish myth: Cross; India: *Thompson-Balys; Jewish: *Neuman; Calif. Indian: Gayton and Newman 86; Africa (Luba): DeClerq Zs. f. KS. IV 219; Hawaii: Beckwith Myth 70, 186; Marquesas: Handy 36; New Hebrides: Codrington 385; Tuamotu: Stimson MS (z – G 13/317).
C194. Tabu: trysting with woman at certain place. C751.7.1. Tabu: being in certain place at sunrise. C755.4. Tabu: going to certain place in March. C853. Tabu: holding meeting at certain place. C854.1. Tabu: going to certain place in speckled garment on speckled steed. C866. Tabu: going to (leaving) certain place without combat. C891.1. Tabu: riding dirty on black-heeled horse across certain plain. H1199.3. Task: shouting from forbidden place.
C611. Forbidden chamber. Person allowed to enter all chambers of house except one. – Types 311, 312, 313, 314, 480, 502, 516, 710; *BP I 21; *Cox Cinderella 484; Roberts* (Type 480) 174. – *MacCulloch Childhood 306; *Chauvin V 302 No. 117; **Hartland FLJ III 193; Fb "kammer" II 83, "menneske" II 577b; Penzer II 223 n. 1, 2521, VII 21 n. 3, VIII 57 n. 1; Rösch FFC LXXVII 98; Clouston Tales I 198ff.; Köhler-Bolte I 129, 312. – Irish myth: Cross; Welsh: MacCulloch Celtic 101; Breton: Sébillot Incidents s.v. "chambre"; French Canadian: Barbeau JAFL XXIX 23; Missouri French: Carrière; Swiss: Jegerlehner Oberwallis 304 No. 30; Jewish: Neuman; India: *Thompson-Balys; Spanish Exempla: Keller. – Seneca: Curtin-Hewitt RBAE XXXII 135 No. 21; Tonga: Gifford 189.
C911. Golden finger as sign of opening forbidden chamber. C912. Hair turns to gold as punishment in forbidden chamber. C913. Bloody key as sign of disobedience.
C611.1. Forbidden door. All doors may be entered except one. *Kirby FLJ V 112; *Chauvin V 203 No. 117; India: Thompson-Balys; Jamaica: *Beckwith MAFLS XVII 275 No. 86; Seneca: Curtin-Hewitt RBAE XXXII 75 No. 1.
C611.1.1. Prince not to be given eighth key until after he has ruled for five years. India: Thompson-Balys.
C611.2. Forbidden stables. Person allowed to enter everywhere but into three stables. Cheremis: Sebeok-Nyerges.
C611.3. Forbidden ladder. India: Thompson-Balys.
C612. Forbidden forest. (Cf. C614.1.0.2.) – Icelandic: Boberg; India: Thompson-Balys; Hawaii: Beckwith Myth 142; African (Pahouini): Largeau 195, (Bondei): Woodward FL XXXVI 367ff. No. 12.
C614. Forbidden road. All roads may be taken except one. India: *Thompson-Balys; African (Zulu): Callaway 96, (Kaffir): Theal 86.
Z211. Dreadnaughts. Brothers deliberately seek dangers they have been warned against.
C614.1. Forbidden direction of travel. Person free to go in any other. Irish myth: Cross; Jewish: Neuman; India: *Thompson-Balys.
C614.1.0.1. Tabu: going in a certain direction while tending cattle. India: Thompson-Balys.
C614.1.0.2. Tabu: hunting in certain part of forest. (Cf. C612.) – India: *Thompson-Balys.
C614.1.0.3. Forbidden direction: not to step outside a certain line. India: Thompson-Balys.
C614.1.1. Forbidden direction: north. India: *Thompson-Balys.
C614.1.2. Forbidden direction: south. India: *Thompson-Balys.
C614.1.3. Forbidden direction: west. India: *Thompson-Balys.
C614.1.4. Forbidden direction: east.
C614.1.5. Tabu: going in direction either of sunset or sunrise. India: Thompson-Balys.
C614.2. Tabu: going through a wicket gate. Irish myth: Cross.
C615. Forbidden body of water. Mono-Alu: Wheeler 69.
C615.1. Forbidden lake (pool).
C615.2. Hero not to swim in certain lake. Irish myth: Cross.
G308.4. Lake made dangerous by haunting serpent.
C615.3. Lake forbidden at certain time. Irish myth: Cross.
C751. Doing thing at certain time.
C615.4. Tabu: not to rest near a lake. India: Thompson-Balys.
C615.5. Certain pool to be approached only when properly attired. Hawaii: Beckwith Myth 288.
C616. Tabu: feasting visitor at certain place. Irish myth: Cross.
P320. Hospitality.
C617. Forbidden country. Irish myth: Cross; Jewish: Neuman.
Q431. Punishment: banishment (exile).
C617.1. Forbidden (perilous) ford. Irish myth: Cross.
H1561.2.3. Combats at fords.
C619. The one forbidden place – miscellaneous.
C619.1. Forbidden hostel. Irish myth: Cross.
C619.2. Tabu: going into wild boar's haunt. Irish myth: Cross; India: Thompson-Balys.
C841.4. Tabu: hunting a pig.
C619.3. Forbidden horse fair. Irish myth: Cross.
C619.4. Tabu: women to be on certain island. Irish myth: Cross.
C181. Tabus confined to women.
C620. Tabu: partaking of the one forbidden object. India: Thompson-Balys.
C621. Forbidden tree. Fruit of all trees may be eaten, except one. *Frazer Testament I 45ff.; *Dh I 208ff. – Irish myth: Cross; India: Thompson-Balys; Spanish Exempla: Keller; Jewish: *Neuman; Siberian: Holmberg Siberian 381ff.; Burmese, Indo-Chinese: Scott Indo-Chinese 265, 289. – N. A. Indian (Biloxi): Dorsey and Swanton RBAE XLVII 32; (Quiché): Alexander Lat. Am. 171; S. Am. Indian (Yuracare): ibid. 315.
A878. Earth-tree. Forbidden branches. A1331.1. Paradise lost because of forbidden fruit (drink). A2234.2. Animals eat deity's forbidden fruit: punished. C225. Tabu: eating certain fruit. C937. God's favor lost for breaking tabu. D1346.4. Tree of immortality. D1346.6. Fruit of immortality.
C621.1. Tree of knowledge forbidden. Dh I 212ff. – Jewish: *Neuman.
J165. Tree of knowledge.
C621.2. Tabu: touching fruit.
C621.2.1. Tabu: touching apple. Hdwb. d. Märchens s.v. *"Apfel" n. 31. – Spanish: Boggs FFC XC 41 No. 301.
C621.2.2. Tabu: touching banana. Hawaii: Beckwith Myth 146.
C622. Forbidden drinking horn. One may drink from anything else. Irish myth: Cross.
H411.4. Magic drinking horn (cup) as chastity test.
C623. Forbidden well. (One may not go there unless accompanied by cup-bearers.) Irish myth: Cross.
A920.1.8.1. Lake from violating tabu. C315.4. Tabu: looking at certain well. D926. Magic well.
C623.1. Well upon which no one can look without losing his eyes. Irish myth: Cross.
D1403.2. Magic well maims.
C624. Forbidden barrel. Jewish: Neuman.
C625. Tabu: opening bottle. Chinese: Eberhard FFC CXX 214, No. 163.
C630. Tabu: the one forbidden time. India: Thompson-Balys.
C750. Time tabus.
C631. Tabu: breaking the sabbath. Hebrew: Exodus 20; 8 – 12. – Jewish: *Neuman; Irish myth: Cross; Finnish-Swedish: Wessman 17f. Nos. 157 – 170.
A1751.1.1. Man in moon burns brush as punishment for doing so on Sunday. C58. Tabu: profaning sacred day. C886. Tabu: failing to observe certain festival. Q223.6. Failure to observe holiness of Sabbath punished. Q552.14. Fortress built on Sunday destroyed by tempest. V71. Sabbath.
C631.1. Tabu: journeying on sabbath. Jewish: *Neuman; Irish myth: Cross; India: Thompson-Balys.
C631.2. Tabu: spinning on holy days. Fb "spinde" III 491b – Icel.: MacCulloch Eddic 177.
C832. Tabu: spinning.
C631.3. Tabu: washing hair on sabbath. Irish myth: Cross; Jewis: Neuman.
C631.4. Tabu: lighting or extinguishing lights on sabbath. Jewish: Neuman.
C631.5. Tabu: writing on sabbath. Jewish: Neuman.
C631.6. Tabu: playing music on sabbath. Jewish: Neuman.
C632. Tabu: going abroad on Hallowe'en. Irish myth: Cross.
C634. Tabu: fasting on holidays. Jewish: *Neuman.
C635. Tabu: giving ring at certain time. India: Thompson-Balys.
C636. Tabu: hunting on shortest day in the year. Eskimo (Greenland): Rasmussen II 341.
C640. Unique prohibition – miscellaneous.
C641. Tabu: making war against certain tribe. Irish myth: Cross.
C856. Tabus concerning war.
C641.1. Tabu: making war against certain tribe on Tuesday. Irish myth: Cross.
C751. Tabu: doing thing at certain time.
C642. Tabu: making peace with certain tribe. Irish myth: Cross.
C643. Tabu: turning left side of chariot toward certain place. Irish myth: Cross.
D1791. Magic power of circumambulation.
C644. The one forbidden thing: returning to home country after marrying fairy. India: Thompson-Balys.
F378. Tabus connected with trip to fairyland.

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