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Group No. 54


C. Tabu

Group No.

C550 – C599

Group name

Class tabu


C550 – C599. Class tabu.
C550. Class tabu. Missouri French: Carrière.
C551. Untouchables. Certain castes whose touch is considered a pollution. India: Thompson-Balys.
C551.1. Tabu: touching food of another caste. India: Thompson-Balys.
C220. Tabu: eating certain things.
C560. Tabu: things not to be done by certain class. Irish Myth: Cross.
P. Society.
C561. Tabus of slaves.
C561.1. Tabu: slave going near fetish. African (Ekoi): Talbot 27; Maori: Clark 128; Jewish: Neuman.
P170. Slaves.
C563. Tabus of kings. Irish myth: Cross; Jewish: *Neuman.
C402.1. Tabu: king speaking before his druids speak. C735.2.3. Tabu: king sleeping during sunrise at capital. P10. Kings. P19.4. Kings' powers. P29.1. No king to rule who is not husband of certain queen. T131.7. King may not marry girl who has been wife of another.
C563.1. Tabu: king traveling alone. Irish myth: Cross.
C563.2. Tabu: king having physical blemish. Irish myth: Cross; India: Thompson-Balys; Jewish: *Neuman.
A128.4. God with one hand. C57.1. No men with wounds to be sacrificed to goddess. P16.2. King must resign if maimed.
C563.3. Tabu: king allowing rapine during his reign. Irish myth: Cross.
A1101.1.1. Reign of peace and justice under certain king. Q552.3. Failure of crops during reign of wicked king.
C563.4. Tabu: king settling quarrel among thralls. Irish myth: Cross.
C563.5. Tabu: appearing before king without having been summoned. Jewish: Neuman.
C563.6. Tabu: killing king, even at his own request. Jewish: Neuman.
C564. Tabus of chiefs. Irish myth: Cross.
C564.1. Tabu: chief being in ale-house when there is no story-telling. Irish myth: Cross.
C287. Tabu: consuming feast without discovering a new wonder. P14.14. King requires all who come before him to tell a story.
C564.2. Tabu: chiefs troop not having a herald. Irish myth: Cross.
C564.3. Tabu: chief to be in large company without wolf-hounds. Irish myth: Cross.
C564.4. Cloth from certain bark tabu to all except chiefs. Hawaii: Beckwith Myth 144.
C564.5. Tabu: altar smoke from sacrifice touching young chief. Hawaii: Beckwith Myth: 346.
C564.6. Tabu: teaching genealogy of chiefs to commoners. Hawaii: Beckwith Myth 309.
C564.7. Tabu: touching head of chief. Hawaii, Marquesas, Lau Islands: Beckwith Myth 468.
C564.8. Tabu: chieftainess preparing food. Maori: Clark 2.
C564.9. Tabu: chief going outdoors in spite of provocations. Hawaii Beckwith Myth 118.
C565. Tabus of bearded men. Irish myth: Cross.
C735.1.1. Tabu: bearded man sleeping at sunrise. C835.1. Tabu: bearded man refusing combat. C871.0.1. Tabu: bearded man refusing request. C891.2. Tabu: bearded man going dirty to bed. P642. Only the brave to wear beards.
C565.1. Tabu: labor by bearded man. Irish myth: Cross.
C565.2. Tabu: bearded man being lazy. Irish myth: Cross.
C566. Tabus of heroes. Irish myth: Cross; Jewish: Neuman.
Z200. Heroes.
C566.1. Tabu: fish hero snaring a being in the bays of his land. Irish myth: Cross.
C566.2. Tabu: birds feeding on hero's land without leaving him something. Irish myth: Cross.
C566.3. Tabu: women leaving hero's land without his knowing it. Irish myth: Cross.
C180. Tabu confined to one sex.
C566.4. Tabu: women marrying until hero has chosen their husbands. Irish myth: Cross.
C160. Tabu connected with marriage.
C566.5. Tabu: warriors being in hero's land without receiving challenge from him. Irish myth: Cross.
C566.6. Tabu: sex activity for warriors. (Cf. C110.) Jewish: Neuman.
C567. Tabus of princesses.
P40. Princesses.
C567.1. Tabu: eloping with king's daughter. Irish myth: Cross.
C100. Sex tabu. C192. Tabu: refusing to elope with woman who desires it. T131. Marriage restrictions.
C567.2. Tabu: princess stepping in water. Madagascar (Tsimihety): Renel I 144ff. No. 26.
C568. Tabus of poets. Irish myth: Cross.
C568.1. Tabu: poets to be ignorant of national literature. Irish myth: Cross.
P427.7.2. Extensive repertory of poets.
C572. Tabus of a thief. Irish myth: Cross.
C573. Tabus of priests. Jewish: *Neuman; Maori: Clark 132, 149.
C575. Tabus of bastards. Jewish: Neuman.
C576. Tabus of strangers. Jewish: Neuman.

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