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C. Tabu

Group No.

C250 – C299

Group name

Drinking Tabus


C250 – C299. Drinking tabus
C250. Tabu: drinking. Type 400; Penzer VI 135. – Finnish: Kalevala rune 16. – N. A. Indian: Thompson Tales 338 n. 217b.; Eskimo (Greenland): Rasmussen II 226.
D550. Transformation by eating or drinking. D1365.2. Drink causes magic forgetfulness.
C260. Tabu: drinking at certain place.
C261. Tabu: drinking from certain fountain. Hartland Science 225; Irish myth: Cross; Eskimo (Greenland): Rink 417, 465; Africa (Loango): Pechuël-Loesche 109.
C623. Forbidden well. V134. Sacred (holy) wells.
C262. Tabu: drinking in other world. *Fb "drikke" I 204. – Wales: Baughman; Icel.: Herrmann Saxo II 586ff., MacCulloch Eddic 321f., Boberg.
C211. Tabu: eating in other world. C712.1. Tabu: staying too long in fairyland.
C263. Tabu: drinking from certain river between two darknesses. Irish myth: Cross.
C755. Tabu: doing thing during certain time.
C270. Tabu: drinking certain things. Breton: Sébillot Incidents s. v. "boisson"; Irish myth: Cross.
V383.2. Hindu drinks water by mistake from Mohammedan's vessel: his fortune turns to evil.
C271. Tabu: drinking milk. India: Thompson-Balys.
C272. Tabu: drinking wine. (Cf. C251.) – Jewish: Neuman, Moreno: Esdras.
C272.1. Tabu: drinking wine touched by hand of heathen. Jewish: Neuman.
C272.2. Tabu: drinking wine at certain time. (Cf. C755.) – Jewish: *Neuman.
C272.3. Tabu: drinking palm-drink: only prince allowed to break it. Africa (Fang): Einstein 45, Trilles 163.
C273. Tabu: drinking water.
C273.1. Tabu: drinking water during certain time. Jewish: Neuman.
C755. Doing thing during certain time.
C273.2. Tabu: drinking water from certain bottle. Chinese: Eberhard 214 No. 113.
C280. Miscellaneous eating and drinking tabus.
C281. Tabu: drinking without presence of dead heads. Irish myth: Cross.
S139. Heads (tongues) of slain enemies as trophies.
C282. Tabu: refusing a feast. Irish myth: Cross.
C744. Tabu: accepting an invitation. P320. Hospitality. P634. Feasts. Q1. Hospitality rewarded, opposite punished.
C282.1. Tabu: leaving a feast before it is ended. Irish myth: Cross.
C874. Tabu: breaking up revelry before its end.
C283. Tabu: eating without giving thanks. Irish myth: Cross.
C284. Tabu: eating alone. Irish myth: Cross.
C285. Tabu: eating in company. Irish myth: Cross.
C286. Tabu: partaking of certain feast. Irish myth: Cross.
C287. Tabu: consuming feast without discovering a new wonder. Irish myth: Cross.
C564.1. Tabu: chief being in ale-house when there is no storytelling. M151. Vow not to eat before hearing of adventure. W213. Man will not allow food served to stranger until a man of them wrestles with him.
C288. Tabu: refusing to eat food demanded and supplied. Irish myth: Cross.
J1512.1. Milk from the hornless cow.

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