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A. Mythological Motifs

Group No.

A300 – A399

Group name

Gods of the underworld


A300. God of the underworld. Gaster Thespis 136; Greek: Grote I 3; Irish myth: Cross; Babylonian: Spence 105, 150; Buddhist myth: Malalasekera II 695; Korean: Zong in-Sob 92 No. 50; Chinese: Eberhard FFC CXX 200f.; Hawaii: Beckwith Myth 114; Fiji: Beckwith Myth 138; Nukuhiva (Marquesas): Handy 122. — Aztec: Alexander Lat. Am. 57.
F80. Journey to lower world.
A300.1. Goddess of underworld (cf. A310.1). Oceania: Beckwith Myth 294; Polynesia: Beckwith Myth 114; Tuamotu: Stimson MS (z-G. 3/1241); Nukuhiva (Marquesas): Handy 121; Tonga: Beckwith Myth 178.
A302. Angel of hell. Jewish: Neuman.
A305. Demigod of underworld. Tuamotu: Stimson MS (z-G 13/221, 249, 317); Hawaii: Beckwith Myth 155 n. 33.
A307. Deity ruler of lowest heaven. Buddhist myth: Malalasekera II 938.
A651. Hierarchy of worlds.
A308. Warrior chieftain of underworld. Tuamotu: Stimson MS (z-G. 13/203).
A310. God of the world of the dead. *Meyer "Der irische Totengott und die Toteninsel" Stzb. d. preussischen Akad. d. Wissenschaften XXXII 537. — Greek: Fox 233 (Hades); Icel.: De la Saussaye 227 (Odin), Boberg; Irish myth: Cross; Siberian: Holmberg Siberian 486; Egyptian: Müller 97 (Osiris); Hindu: Keith 159; India: *Thompson-Balys; Chinese: Eberhard FFC CXX 201f. — Jicarilla Apache: Alexander N. Am. 175, Goddard PaAM VIII 194 n. 1; Aztec: Alexander Lat. Am. 77, 80; Huichol: ibid. 122; Maya: ibid. 139.
A108.1. God of the dead. A487. God of death. A671. Hell. E481. Land of the dead. E481.9. King of the land of the dead. F81. Descent to lower world of dead.
A310.1. Goddess of world of the dead. Greek: Fox 230 (Persephone); Icel.: De la Saussaye 280 (Hel), 276 (Freyja), *Boberg, MacCulloch Eddic 303ff.; Armenian: Ananikian 35; Babylonian: Spence 129. — New Zealand (Maori): Dixon 74; Eskimo: Thompson Tales 272 n. 2.
A485.1. Goddess of war.
A310.2. God of the slain. Icel.: MacCulloch Eddic 44 (Odin).
A310.3. God of the hanged. Icel.: MacCulloch Eddic 43ff. (Odin).
A310.4. God of suicide. Hawaii: Beckwith Myth 177.
A311. Conductor of the dead. Greek: Farnell Cults of the Greek States V 15ff.; Egyptian: Müller 111. Hawaii: Beckwith Myth 72, 110.
A316. Goddess divides time between upper and lower worlds. Persephone spends six months on earth and six in Hades. — *Frazer Apollodorus I 41 n. 2.
A317. Demon god lies in wait for spirits descending to underworld. Tuamotu: Stimson MS (T-G 3/18).
A318. Rank of the gods in Hades. Chinese: Werner 98.

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