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C. Tabu

Group No.

C200 – C249

Group name

Eating Tabus


C200 – C299. Eating and drinking tabu
C200 – C249. Eating tabus
C200. Tabu: eating (general). **Schurtz (H). Die Speiseverbote, ein Problem der Volkskunde (Hamburg, 1893); *Frazer Golden Bough III 116ff.; *Type 400. – Irish myth: Cross; India: *Thompson-Balys; Indonesian: DeVries' list No. 205; Borneo: Dixon 181; Lepers' Island: Ibid. 127. – Zuñi: Parsons JAFL XXIX 393.
D550. Transformation by eating or drinking. D1365.3. Food causes magic forgetfulness. D1766.8. Magic results from fasting. D1766.8.1. Fasting a part of magic ritual. P623. Fasting as a means of distraint. V462.2. Ascetic fasting.
C205. Tabu: eating one's fill. Africa (Wakweli): Bender 43.
C210. Tabu: eating in certain place. India: Thompson-Balys.
C211. Tabu: eating in other world. *Cosquin Études Folkloriques 192; *Fb "mad" II 524b; Golther Germanische Mythologie 477; Hdwb. d. Abergl. II 1053; Guntert Kalypso 154ff.; Boberg Bjergfolkenes Bagning (DF XLVI) 56ff. – Norse: Herrmann Saxo II 586ff., MacCulloch Eddic 321; *Greek: Frazer Apollodorus I 39 n. 4, Gaster Thespis 191, Oldest Stories 232; India: Thompson-Balys; N. A. Indian: *Thompson Tales 338 n. 217c; Melanesian: Codrington 277; Hawaii: Beckwith Myth 148.
C262. Tabu: drinking in other world. C710. Tabus connected with otherworld journeys.
C211.1. Tabu: eating in fairyland. *Fb "spise" III 495a; Feilberg Bjærgtagen 15f., 19, 28, 56 – 64, 100; Hartland Science 38 – 43, 144. – English-Scottish: Child I 322 – 5, 327, II 505, IV 455, 458, Wimberly Folklore in Ballads, 159, 275ff.; Irish myth: Cross, MacCulloch Celtic 90* n. 19; Wales: Baughman.
C242. Tabu: eating food of witch (demon). C661. Girl from elfland must eat earthly food in order to remain. C712.1. Tabu: staying too long in fairyland. F210. Fairyland. F378. Tabus connected with trip to fairyland. F384.1.2. Salt sprinkled on fairy food renders it harmless.
C211.2. Tabu: eating in lower world. *Penzer VI 133. – English-Scottish: Child I 322 – 9 passim. – Maori: Dixon 77; Jewish: Bin Gorion Born Judas I (2d. ed.) 228, VI 64.
C225.1. Tabu: eating pomegranate seed.
C211.2.1. Tabu: eating in land of ghosts. *Hartland Science 45. – Africa (Ekoi): Talbot 210, 240; Maori: Clark 8.
C211.2.2. Tabu: eating in hell (hades). *Fb "mad" II 524.
C211.3. Tabu: sky dwellers eating on earth. Africa (Cameroon): Rosenhuber 38.
C211.3.1. Tabu: goddess eating on earth. Ila: Smith and Dale 347.
C211.3.2. Tabu: fairies eating mortal food. Irish myth: Cross.
F243.0.1. Christianized fairy woman refuses to eat fairy food.
C215. Married man not to eat in country of his parents. Fjort: Dennett 43 No. 6.
C219. Tabu: eating from certain place – miscellaneous.
C219.1. Tabu: eating from ground. Youth will eat only when on ox. Zulu: Callaway 221.
C219.2. Tabu: eating from fine pots. Basuto: Jacottet 142 No. 20.
C219.3. Tabu: eating off new mats. Kaffir: Theal 86.
C219.4. Tabu: eating from cooking hearth. Irish myth: Cross.
C220. Tabu: eating certain things. India: Thompson-Balys.
A1517. Origin of eating tabus. C152.3. Pregnant woman not to eat food baked overnight. C569.2. Touching food of another caste.
C220.1. Tabu: eating food produced by a spell. Marquesas: Handy 114.
C221. Tabu: eating meat. Hdwb. d. Abergl. IX Nachträge 811; Eskimo (Greenland): Holm 93, Rasmussen II 233, (Mackenzie Area): Jenness 76, (West Hudson Bay): Boas BAM 327. – Malory Morte Darthur XV 2; Ekoi: Talbot 409.
C235. Tabu: eating flesh on Maundy Thursday.
C221.1. Tabu: eating flesh of certain animal. Irish myth: Cross; Hebrew: Leviticus, ch. 11; India: Thompson-Balys; Buddhist myth: Malalasekera II 636.
C221.1.1. Tabu: eating flesh of certain beast.
C221.1.1.1. Tabu: eating cow.
C221. Tabu: eating ox. India: Thompson-Balys; Africa (Basuto): Jacottet 72 No. 11.
C221. Tabu: eating calf. *Fb "kalvekjød" II 81.
C221. Tabu: killing and cooking sacred cow. India: Thompson-Balys.
V811.3. Sacred cow.
C221.1.1.2. Tabu: eating horsemeat. Irish myth: Cross.
C756.4. Tabu: entering chariot less than three weeks after having eaten horseflesh. Q499.6. Penance for three years and a half for eating horseflesh.
C221.1.1.3. Eating seal meat. Eskimo (Cumberland Sound): Boas BAM XV 200.
C221.1.1.4. Tabu: eating dog. Jewish: Neuman; India: Thompson-Balys.
C221.1.1.5. Tabu: eating pork. Leviticus ch. 2; Isa. 65: 4; 66: 3ff.; (Egypt, Mohammedan, Crete). – Jewish: Neuman; Africa (Fang): Tessman 195.
C221.1.1.6. Tabu: eating weasel. Jewish: Neuman.
C221.1.1.7. Tabu: eating mouse. Jewish: Neuman.
C221.1.2. Tabu: eating bird. Marquesas: Handy 64, 131.
C221.1.2.1. Tabu: eating cassawary. Papua: Ker 90.
C221.1.2.2. Tabu: eating pigeon. Marquesas: Handy 67.
C221.1.2.3. Eating dove. (Cf. C549.) Jewish: Neuman.
C221.1.2.4. Tabu: eating eagle. Africa (Pangwe): Tessman 370, (Fang): Tessman 162.
C221.1.3. Tabu: eating fish. New Guinea: Ker 52; China: Eberhard FFC CXX 85f.
C221.1.3.1. Tabu: eating certain fish. Jewish: *Neuman.
C221.1.3.2. Tabu: eating eel. Rarotonga: Beckwith Myth 262.
C221.1.3.3. Tabu: eating crabs. Mono-Alu: Wheeler 44.
C221.1.3.4. Tabu: eating shark. Tonga: Gifford 80.
C221.2. Eating totem animal (or animal namesake). Frazer Golden Bough VIII 25ff. – Irish myth: Cross, MacCulloch Celtic 156; India: Thompson-Balys. – Hupa: Goddard UCal I 154; Iroquois: Smith RBAE II 85; Eskimo (Mackenzie Area): Jenness 52; African: *Werner African 276ff.; Tshi: Ellis Tshi-Speaking Peoples 211. – Australian: Parker 40ff.; Bougainville: Wheeler 58.
C848. Tabu: sleeping on bed made of totem-tree. B2. Animal totems. C92. Tabu: killing sacred being. C841.7. Tabu: killing totem animal. C847. Tabu: giving away gifts received from animal.
C221.2.1. Tabu: eating animal helper. India: Thompson-Balys; Chinese: Eberhard 217 No. 167; Wyandot: Barbeau GSCan XI 103 – 131, Nos. 28 – 38.
B330. Death of helpful animal. B549.6. Tiger guides lost man home: hence men do not eat tigers.
C221.3. Tabu: eating certain parts of animals. *Encyc. Religion and Ethics I 492b.
C221.3.1. Tabu: eating animal's genitals. (Cf. C229.2.) – Africa (Ekoi): Talbot 409.
C221.3.2. Tabu: breaking bones of eaten animal. Saintyves Contes de Perrault 39. Cf. also E32.
C221.3.3. Tabu: eating bird's eggs at certain time of year. Easter Island: Métraux Ethnology 312.
C221.3.4. Tabu: eating blubber. Eskimo (Greenland): Rasmussen III 244.
C221.3.4.1. Tabu: eating fat of animals. (Cf. C229.) – Jewish: *Neuman.
C221.3.5. Tabu: eating heart of animal (to commemorate relative whose heart was removed by king.) – Chinese: Graham.
C221.3.6. Tabu: eating sinew of thigh vein. Jewish: *Neuman.
C221.4. Tabu: eating animal taken under certain circumstances.
C221.4.1. Tabu: wife eating first animal caught in trap. Ekoi: Talbot 114.
C221.4.2. Tabu: eating fish caught with fish-hook made without proper incantations. Maori: Clark 154.
C221.4.3. Tabu: eating animals recklessly killed. Hawaii: Beckwith Myth 138.
C221.5. Tabu: eating live animals or live parts of them. Jewish: *Neuman.
C224. Tabu: eating certain vegetable.
C224.1. Tabu: eating beans. *Frazer Pausanias IV 240.
C224.2. Tabu: eating forbidden herbs. India: Thompson-Balys.
C224.3. Tabu: eating breadfruit. Mono: Wheeler 33.
C224.4. Tabu: horses' eating foreign provender. Greek: *Grote II 130.
C225. Tabu: eating certain fruit. Benga: Nassau 140 No. 16; India: Thompson-Balys; S. Am. Indian (Tupenamba): Métraux RMLP XXXIII 172; Jewish: Neuman.
A1331.1. Paradise lost because of forbidden fruit. C621. Forbidden tree.
C225.1. Tabu: eating pomegranate seed. Greek: Fox 229.
C211.2. Tabu: eating in lower world.
C226. Tabu: eating certain plant.
C226.0.1. Why slayers of tigers must not eat certain plants. India: Thompson-Balys.
C227. Tabu: eating human flesh.
C227.1. Why cannibalism is out of vogue. New Guinea: Ker 13.
G0. Cannibalism.
C229. Tabu: eating certain thing – miscellaneous.
C229.1. Tabu: eating thick milk. Kaffir: Theal 49.
C229.2. Tabu: women not to eat genitals (heart, liver, etc.) of animals. (Cf. C221.3.1.) – Nippigen Revue Anthropologique XIV 399. – Ekoi: Talbot 409.
C181. Tabu confined to women. C933. Luck in hunting lost for breaking tabu.
C229.3. Tabu: eating griddle cakes (in Garden of Eden). – India: Thompson-Balys.
C229.4. Tabu: eating firstlings (animals, fruit, etc.) – Jewish: Neuman.
C229.5. Eating meat with milk. (Cf. C271). – Jewish: *Neuman.
C229.6. Tabu: eating salt. Africa (Togo): Einstein 8f.; Jewish: Neuman.
C230. Tabu: eating at certain time. Irish: Beal XXI 314; Jewish: *Neuman.
C755. Tabu: doing thing during certain time.
C230.1. Tabu: feasting for a week. Irish myth: Cross.
C231. Tabu: eating before certain time. Irish myth: Cross.
M151. Vow not to eat before hearing of adventure.
C231.1. Tabu: girl eating before being called by father. India: Thompson-Balys; Zulu: Callaway 192.
C231.2. Tabu: eating before task is finished. Zuñi: Boas JAFL XXXV 76 No. 4.
C231.3. Tabu: eating before offering woman food. Irish myth: Cross.
C231.3.1. Tabu: eating of magic catch before mother does. Eskimo (Greenland): Rasmussen II 233.
C231.4. Tabu: eating before house of host has been righted. Irish myth: Cross.
C231.5. Eight handfuls of food only to be eaten during ceremony. India: Thompson-Balys.
C231.6. Tabu: eating before three years have passed. Jewish: Neuman.
C232. Tabu: eating on journey. Benga: Nassau 129 No. 14; India: Thompson-Balys.
C232.1. Tabu: bride eating on journey to husband. Kaffir: Theal 51.
C234. Tabu: eating while on visit home. *Type 400.
C235. Tabu: eating flesh on Maundy Thursday. Irish myth: Cross.
C221. Tabu: eating meat.
C236. Tabu: eating after a guest. Irish myth: Cross.
C237. Tabu: feasting by night at beginning of harvest. Irish myth: Cross.
C240. Tabu: eating food of certain person.
C143. Tabu: eating from the hands of menstruating woman.
C241. Tabu: eating food of gods. Babylonian: Spence 119f.; India: Thompson-Balys. – Africa (Ekoi): Talbot 183.
A153. Food of the gods. C211.1. Tabu: eating in fairy-land.
C241.1. Tabu: tasting milk of "cow of plenty", dedicated to the gods. India: Thompson-Balys.
C241.2. Tabu: eating chiefs food. Samoa: Beckwith Myth 512.
C243. Tabu: eating food of transformed husband. Ila (Rhodesia): Smith and Dale 403.
C243.1. Tabu: eating food of supernatural lover. India: Thompson-Balys.
C245. Tabu: eating food birds have pecked at. *Fb "fugl" I 380b.
C246. Tabu: eating with person of certain caste. India: Thompson-Balys.
C569.2. Tabu: touching food of another caste.
C246.1. Tabu: Jews eating with heathen. Jewish: *Neuman.
C246.2. Tabu: eating special food of noble girl. Mono: Wheeler XIII 56.
C247. Tabu: eating food laid on the grave. Cheremis: Sebeok-Nyerges.
C248. Tabu: eating food kept for animals. India: Thompson-Balys.

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