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Group No. 254


X. Humor

Group No.

X1700 – X1799

Group name

Lies: logical absurdities


X1700. Lies: logical absurdities. (Cf. J2200.)
X1710. Lies about numbers.
X1712. Schlaraffenland lies three miles beyond Christmas. (First ed. X950.1.) BP III 250.
X1720. Absurd disregard of anatomy. (Cf. X1202, X1203, X1204.)
X1721. Lies about surgical operations.
X1721.1. New backbone for the horse made from a stick. (First ed. X935.) Type 1911**.
X1721.2. Lie: man's organs replaced with animal's. (Cf. E782.) He acts like animal. Type 660; U.S.: *Baughman.
X1723. Lies about swallowing. (Cf. F910.)
X1723.1. Swallowed person is discovered in animal's stomach still alive. U.S.: *Baughman.
X1723.1.1. Fish swallows a gourd fruit where people have taken refuge during rain; hawk swallows fish. India: Thompson-Balys.
X1723.1.2. Lie: man swallowed by fish and later rescued alive. (First ed. X921.10.) Wesselski Bebel II 137 No. 113.
X1723.2. Falcon and heron eaten by wild boar recovered alive from his body. (First ed. X921.9.) Wesselski Bebel II 138 No. 116.
X1723.3. Person enters animal's body. U.S.: Baughman.
X1723.3.1. Man crawls into body of animal (after killing it) to escape cold. The animal freezes back together; man must eat his way out. U.S.: *Baughman.
X1724. Seeing without eyes. India: Thompson-Balys.
X1725. Digging without hands. India: Thompson-Balys.
X1726. Man cuts off own head.
X1726.1. Lie: man cuts off own head and eats it. (First ed. X927.) Africa (Vai): Ellis 239 No. 46.
X1726.2. Man cuts off own head, picks it up and replaces it. (First ed. X927.1.) (Cf. E783.) Type 852; BP II 514; Missouri French: CarriРёre.
X1727. Absurd stories about beards.
X1727.1. Lie: barber shaves wife's beard. (First ed. X961.17.) Type 1930; BP III 244ff.
X1731. Lies about falling.
X1731.1. Person falls from great height without injury. U.S.: *Baughman.
X1731.2. Man falls from height, goes into solid rock up to knees. Ireland, U.S.: *Baughman.
X1731.2.1. Man falls and is buried in earth: goes for spade and digs self out. (First ed. X917.) *Type 1882; KСhler-Bolte I 323; Gardner JAFL XXVII 305; U.S.: *Baughman.
X1733. Lies about sinking.
X1733.1. Lie: man lifts heavy load, sinks into solid rock. U.S.: *Baughman.
X1737. Man stays under water for long time.
X1737.1. Man falls through ice, has to swim two miles to come out at an air hole. U.S.: *Baughman.
X1737.1.1. Man under the ice. Falls through ice with his horse, wanders around on the river bottom, pushes his spear through ice from below and rises to the surface. (First ed. X918.) *Wesselski Bebel I 171 No. 8.
X1739. Absurd disregard of anatomy – miscellaneous. U.S.: *Baughman.
X1739.1. Person swallows pin or needle; it later emerges through skin of relative. England, U.S.: *Baughman.
X1739.2. Lie: man makes drinking water from his own skull. (First ed. X961.29.) Type 852; BP II 514.
X1740. Absurd disregard of natural laws.
X1741. Lies about gravitation.
X1741.1. Person or animal rises into the air in defiance of gravity. (Cf. D2135.0.1.) U.S.: *Baughman.
X1741.2. Person or animal jumps back to starting place (from midair). U.S.: *Baughman.
X1741.3. Law of gravity is petrified in petrified forest. U.S.: *Baughman.
X1741.4. Lie: anvil swims river. (First ed. X961.24.) Type 1930; BP III 258.
X1743. Lies about occupying space.
X1743.1. Giants go through small hole where plant has been torn from earth. India: Thompson-Balys.
X1743.2. Lie: two bullocks go where one cannot. India: Thompson-Balys.
X1743.3. Lie: 900,000 roofs on point of needle. India: Thompson-Balys.
X1750. Absurd disregard of the nature of objects. U.S.: *Baughman.
X1755. Lies about watches.
X1755.1. Watch continues to run indefinitely when lost (swallowed). Canada, U.S.: *Baughman.
X1756. Disregard of nature of basketry.
X1756.1. Lie: people carry wine in baskets. Italian Novella: Rotunda (X961.38).
X1757. Rope of sand (chaff). (First ed. X961.2.) (Cf. F843.) Type 852; BP II 513; Missouri French: CarriРёre.
X1757.1. Rope of dry dust. India: *Thompson-Balys.
X1760. Absurd disregard of the nature of non-material things.
X1761. Absurd disregard of the nature of holes. U.S.: *Baughman.
X1761.1. Person pulls up old oil wells and sells them for post holes after sawing them up into short lengths. U.S.: *Baughman.
X1761.2. Lie: people eat the bungholes from barrels. Italian Novella: Rotunda (X961.39).
X1780. Absurdity based on the nature of the object.
X1781. Lies about boats with light draft. U.S.: *Baughman.
X1781.1. Boat sailing over dry river bed (rice water). India: *Thompson-Balys.
X1785. Lies about stretching or shrinking. U.S.: *Baughman.
X1785.1. Lie: the stretching and shrinking harness. Man driving team with wagon uphill in rain finds on arrival at the top of the hill that the tugs of rawhide or buckskin have stretched and that the loaded wagon is still at the bottom of the hill. He unhitches the horses and throws the harness across a stump. Sometime later, or the next morning, the sun comes out and shrinks the tugs, drawing the load to the top of the hill. Canada, U.S.: *Baughman.
X1787. Man cures rheumatism: puts mosquito milk in a cat's horn, stirs it with duck's crotch. U.S.: Baughman.
X1788. Lie: the realistic painting. (Cf. H504.1.) U.S.: *Baughman.
X1790. Other logical absurdities. U.S.: *Baughman.
X1791. Lie: deaf, dumb, blind, and lame men catch hare. (First ed. X961.33.) Type 1930; BP III 116, 258.
X1796. Lies concerning speed.
X1796.1. Lie: footless man outruns swift horse. (First ed. X961.3.) Type 1930; BP III 244ff.

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