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A. Mythological Motifs

Group No.

A1800 – A1899

Group name

Creation of mammals


Note: A1800 – A1899 is based upon the following classification of mammals:
A1810 – A1819. Felidae.
A1811. Cat. A1812. Puma. A1813. Leopard. A1814. Lion. A1815. Tiger. A1816. Lynx. A1817. Jaguar.
A1820 – A1829. Mustelidae.
A1821. Otter. A1822. Mink. A1823. Weasel. A1824. Marten. A1825. Wolverine. A1826. Skunk. A1827. Badger.
A1830 – A1839. Canidae and other carnivora.
A1831. Dog. A1832. Fox. A1833. Wolf. A1834. Coyote and other canidae. A1835. Raccoon. A1836. Bear.A1837. Seal. A1838. Walrus.
A1840 – A1859. Rodentia.
A1841. Woodchuck. A1842. Prairie-dog. A1843. Chipmunk. A1844. Squirrel. A1847. Beaver. A1848. Gopher. A1851. Muskrat. A1852. Lemming. A1853. Mouse. A1854. Rat. A1856. Hare (rabbit). A1857. Mongoose. A1858. Porcupine.
A1860 – A1869. Primata.
A1861. Monkey. A1862. Ape. A1863. Baboon. A1864. Gorilla. A1865. Orangutan.
A1870 – 1889. Ungulata.
A1871. Hog. A1872. Hippopotamus. A1873. Camel. A1874. Giraffe. A1875. Deer. A1876. Moose (elk).A1877. Cow. A1878. Bison (buffalo). A1881. Horse. A1882. Ass. A1883. Zebra. A1884. Sheep. A1885. Goat. A1886. Rhinoceros. A1887. Elephant.
A1890 – 1899. Other mammals.
A1891. Opossum. A1892. Kangaroo. A1893. Mole. A1894. Hedgehog. A1895. Bat. A1896. Anteater.A1897. Armadillo.
Since whales are thought of as fish in folk-literature they have been catalogued under that heading rather than under mammals, where they strictly belong.
A1800. Creation of mammals. Irish myth: Cross; Jewish: Neuman; India: Thompson-Balys.
A1810. Creation of felidae.
A1811. Creation of cat. Esthonian: Aarne FFC XXV 150 No. 71 (cf. A1715.4); Finnish: Aarne FFC VIII 11 No. 55, XXXIII 53 No. 55, Dh I 166, 273 (cf. A1751.); ibid. I 157 (cf. A1755.) – Lithuanian: Balys Index No. 3120, Legends No. 133, 195, 220f.; Jewish: Neuman; India: Thompson-Balys.
A1751.1. Mouse created by Lucifer: cat by Michael to destroy mouse.
A1811.1. Cat from transformed eagle. Eagle mistakes stick of wood for fish and gets feet caught. Wind blows off feathers and makes hair. (Cf. A1710.) – Finnish: Aarne FFC VIII 11 No. 54.
A1811.2. Creation of cat: sneezed from lion's nostrils. Devil as mouse gnaws hole in bottom of ark. Noah asks lion's help. Lion sneezes and cat comes from lion's nostril and eats mouse. *Dh I 271ff.
A1811.3. Cat of divine origin; is really praying when he purrs. India: Thompson-Balys.
A1815. Creation of tiger. India: *Thompson-Balys; S. Am. Indian (Apapocuvu-Guaraní): Métraux RMLP XXXIII 138.
A1817. Creation of jaguar. S. Am. Indian (Mojo): Métraux BBAE CXLIII (3) 424.
A1820. Creation of mustelidae.
A1821. Creation of otter.
A1821.1. Creation of sea otter. Eskimo (Kodiak): Golder JAFL XX 139.
A1824. Creation of marten. Kaska: Teit JAFL XXX 432.
A1830. Creation of canidae and other carnivora.
A1831. Creation of dog. Dh I 164 (Cf. A1751); ibid. II 101 (Cf. A1715.2). – Irish: Beal XXI 330; Jewish: Neuman; India: *Thompson-Balys; Chinese: Eberhard FFC CXX 72; Hawaii: Beckwith Myth 436, 500; Maori: Clark 50; Eskimo (Cape York): Rasmussen III 47; Ojibwa: Jones JAFL XXIX 376.
A1831.1. Dog created as watch-dog for Jesus. Jesus, left to watch the herd, creates the dog to drive off the wolf. *Dh II 118.
A1831.2. First lapdog in Ireland. Irish myth: Cross.
B1870.1. Toy (lap) dogs.
A1832. Creation of fox. India: Thompson-Balys; Cheremis: Sebeok-Nyerges.
A1833. Creation of wolf. (Cf. A1751.) Dh I 147ff., I 164. – Quileute: Farrand JAFL XXXII 259.
A1833.1. Devil makes wolf; God gives him life. (Cf. A1755.) – Esthonian: Aarne FFC XXV 145 No. 39. Lithuanian: Balys Index No. 3086; Legends Nos. 139 – 146.
G303.25.1. Wolf is the devil's craftiest enemy.
A1833.2. Wolf from man transformed by magician. (Cf. A1710.) – Finnish: Aarne FFC VIII 14 No. 76.
A1833.3. Wolf as God's dog. German: Grimm No. 148.
A1834. Creation of coyote and other canidae.
A1834.1. Creation of coyote.
A1834.2. Creation of jackal. India: Thompson-Balys.
A1834.3. Creation of hyena. India: Thompson-Balys.
A1836. Creation of bear. Dh II 99 (Cf. A1715.2.) – Esthonian: Aarne FFC XXV 146 No. 41; Lithuanian: Balys Index No. 3112; Legends Nos. 175, 216ff.; India: Thompson-Balys; Ojibwa: Jones JAFL XXIX 370, Eskimo (Cumberland Sound): Boas BAM XV 171, (West Hudson Bay): Boas ibid. 307, (Smith Sound): Kroeber JAFL XII 172.
A1837. Origin of seal. Eskimo (Central): Boas RBAE VI 637, 639.
A1838. Origin of walrus. Eskimo (Central): Boas RBAE VI 587.
A1840. Creation of rodentia.
A1853. Creation of mouse. Esthonian: Aarne FFC XXV 150 No. 71 (Cf. A1715.4); Lithuanian: Balys Index No. 3120. Legends No. 220f.
A1751.1. Mouse created by Lucifer; cat by Michael to destroy mouse.
A1853.1. Creation of mouse by devil in ark. (Cf. A1811.2.) – *Dh I 166, 273; *Fb "mus" II 632a.; Finnish: Aarne FFC VIII 11 No. 55, XXXIII 53 No. 55.
A1853.1.1. Mice engendered after flood from rottenness: no mice on ark. Nouvelles Recreations No. 66.
A1854. Creation of rat. India: Thompson-Balys.
A1854.1. Why we have rats: one escapes from slaughter of rats. India: Thompson-Balys.
A1856. Creation of hare (rabbit). Dh I 164; India: Thompson-Balys; Eskimo (Central): Boas RBAE VI 639, (Ungava): Turner RBAE XI 263.
A1857. Creation of mongoose. India: Thompson-Balys.
A1858. Creation of porcupine. India: Thompson-Balys.
A1860. Creation of primata. India: Thompson-Balys.
A1861. Creation of monkey. India: *Thompson-Balys; Chinese: Graham; Philippine (Tinguian): Cole 189f.; S. Am. Indian (Macovi): Métraux MAFLS XL 35.
A1861.1. Monkeys from children hidden by Eve when God visited her. (Cf. A1650.1, A1710.) – BP III 320f.; Dh I 247.
Q220. Impiety punished.
A1861.2. Creation of monkeys: old woman thrown into fire. In unsuccessful imitation of Christ, the smith throws an old woman into the fire. She becomes a monkey. (Cf. A1710.) – Dh II 168. – Finnish: Aarne FFC VIII 13 No. 68; Esthonian: Aarne FFC XXV 146 No. 46; Flemish: DeMeyer FFC XXXVII 86 No. 68; German:Grimm No. 147. – Cf. Type 753.
E15. Resuscitation by burning. J2400. Foolish imitation.
A1861.3. *Creation of monkey: lazy man. *Fb "abe" IV 2a.
A1862. Creation of ape. Dh I 156ff. (Cf. A1755); ibid. I 164 (Cf. A1751); ibid. II 100 (Cf. A1715.2.) – Indonesian: De Vries's list No. 74; Palestine: Schmidt-Kahle Volkserzählungen aus Palestina I No. 59; Jewish: Neuman; Chinese: Eberhard FFC CXX 121f. 411 s.v. "Affen entstehen"; Africa (Cameroon): Rosenhuber 38.
A1863. Creation of baboon. Ila (Rhodesia): Smith and Dale 349 No. 4; Zulu: Callaway 178 (transformed men, cf. A1710).
A1870. Creation of ungulata.
A1871. Creation of hog (pig). Dh II 102 – Esthonian: Aarne FFC XXV 144 No. 34; Livonian: Loorits FFC LXVI 88 No. 68; India: Thompson-Balys; Rarotonga (Cook Island): Beckwith Myth 101.
A1871.0.1. God's urine used to make pig. India: Thompson-Balys.
A100. Deity. D1006. Magic urine.
A1871.1. Origin of wild boar. Jewish: Neuman.
A1871.2. Origin of peccary. S. Am. Indian (Cashinawa): Métraux BBAE CXLIII (3) 685.
A1872. Creation of hippopotamus. Africa (Ekoi): Talbot 386.
A1873. Creation of camel. India: Thompson-Balys.
A1875. Origin of deer. India: Thompson-Balys (A1888).
A1875.0.1. First deer in Ireland – introduced by Tuatha dé Danann. Irish myth: Cross (A1888.1).
A1875.1. Origin of reindeer. Kodiak: Jochelson JE VI 224; Eskimo (Central): Boas RBAE VI 215 588, (Bering Strait): Nelson RBAE XVIII 454; N. Am. Indian (Kathlamet): Boas RBAE XXVI 109.
A1876. Creation of moose (elk). Quileute: Farrand JAFL XXXII 258.
A1876.1. Creation of caribou. Eskimo (Cumberland Sound): Boas BAM XV 167, 306, (Mackenzie Area): Jenness 80.
A1877. Creation of cow. Dh I 164 (Cf. A1751). – India: *Thompson-Balys; Chinese: Eberhard FFC CXX 120 No. 77; Masai: Werner African 149.
A1877.1. First cattle in Ireland. Irish myth: Cross.
B182. Magic cox (ox, bull).
A1878. Creation of bison (buffalo). Cheyenne: Alexander N. Am. 127; India: *Thompson-Balys.
A1878.1. Origin of wild and domestic buffalo. India: *Thompson-Balys.
A1881. Creation of horse. Dh. I 155, 164 (Cf. A1751); *Fb "hest" I 599; Howey Horse in Magic and Myth 213 ff. – Finnish: Aarne FFC VIII 11 No. 58; Lithuanian: Balys Index No. 3092, Legends No. 135f., 153 – 160; Jewish: Neuman; India: *Thompson-Balys; Philippine (Tinguian): Cole 189.
B181. Magic horse.
A1881.0.1. Horse lives from time of Adam on. Irish myth: Cross.
B841. Long-lived animals.
A1881.1. Creation of white horse. Man takes skin of horse and substitutes a white bedspread. Dh. IIl 86. – Finnish: Aarne FFC VIII 12 No. 60.
A1882. Creation of ass. (Cf. A1751.) Dh I 164. – Jewish: Neuman.
A1882.1. Creation of ass: proud horse. (Cf. A1730.) Flemish: DeMeyer FFC XXXVII 86. No. 58a.
A1884. Creation of sheep. Dh I 154f., 164 (Cf. A1751). – India: Thompson-Balys; S. Am. Indian (Toba): Métraux MAFLS XL 115.
B189.1. Magic sheep.
A1884.0.1. First sheep in Ireland. Irish myth: Cross.
A1884.1. Creation of mountain sheep. Eskimo (Bering Strait): Nelson RBAE XVIII 454.
A1885. Creation of goat. Dh I 153f., 164 (Cf. A1751); Fb "gjed" IV 178a.; Lithuanian: Balys Index No. 3090, Legends Nos. 149 – 152; German: Grimm No. 148; India: Thompson-Balys.
A1887. Creation of elephant. Benga: Nassau No. 3 (Cf. A1710); Ila (Rhodesia): Smith and Dale 363 No. 15; India: Thompson-Balys.
A1889. Creation of ungulata – miscellaneous.
A1889.1. Creation of tapir. S. Am. Indian (Mundurucu): Horton BBAE CXLIII (3) 281.
A1890. Creation of other mammals.
A1893. Creation of mole. Dh I 156ff. (Cf. A1755). – England, U.S.: *Baughman.
A1895. Creation of bat. Dh I 155f. (Cf. A1755), ibid. III 268 (Cf. A1710.) – Finnish. Aarne FFC VIII 16 No. 84 (Cf. A1751), ibid. 15 No. 81; Esthonian: Aarne FFC XXV 146 No. 45; Flemish: DeMeyer XXXVII 86 No. 81; India: *Thompson-Balys.
A1896. Creation of anteater. S. Am. Indian (Cashinawa): Métraux BBAE CXLIII (3) 685.
A1897. Creation of armadillo. S. Am. Indian (Cashinawa): Métraux BBAE CXLIII (3) 685.

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