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Group No. 247


X. Humor

Group No.

X960 – X1019

Group name

Lie: remarkable person's skills


X960. Lie: remarkable person's skills.
X961. Lie: extraordinary bodily skills.
X964. Lie: remarkable swimmer. U.S.: *Baughman.
X965. Lie: remarkable diver. U.S.: Baughman.
X966. Lie: remarkable jumper. U.S.: Baughman.
X967. Lie: remarkable kicker. U.S.: *Baughman.
X971. Lie: remarkable oarsman. U.S.: *Baughman.
X972. Lie: remarkable fighter. U.S.: *Baughman.
X973. Lie: remarkable wrestler. U.S.: *Baughman.
X980. Lie: occupational or professional skill.
X982. Lie: remarkable smith. (Cf. F663.) U.S.: *Baughman.
X983. Lie: skillful flayer. Man skins buffalo alive, turns them loose to grow new skins. (Cf. F664.1.) Type 654; U.S.: *Baughman.
X986. Lie: skillful axe-man. (Cf. F666.) Ireland, U.S.: *Baughman (X986 and X1796.3).
X986.1. Axe of wax cuts jungle. India: Thompson-Balys.
X987. Lie: remarkable logger. U.S.: *Baughman.
X991. Lie: remarkable rock driller. (John Henry.) Engages in contest with steam drill; he wins the contest but dies in the attempt. U.S.: *Baughman.
X994. Lie: remarkable carpenter. Ireland, U.S.: *Baughman.
Lie: remarkable thresher. U.S.: *Baughman.
X1002. Lie: remarkable user of whip. U.S.: Baughman.
X1003. Lie: remarkable roper. U.S.: *Baughman.
X1004. Lie: remarkable rider.
X1004.1. Lie: man rides unusual riding animal (lion, deer, etc.). (Cf. B557.) U.S.: *Baughman.
X1004.2. Lie: man rides cyclone. U.S.: *Baughman.
X1005. Lie: remarkable cook. U.S.: *Baughman.
X1010. Lie: remarkable mental skills.
X1011. Lie: the great inventor. U.S.: *Baughman.
X1012. Lie: person displays remarkable ingenuity or resourcefulness. U.S.: *Baughman.
X1012.1. Lie: axes ground on boulders rolling down hill. U.S.: *Baughman.

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