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Group No. 239


X. Humor

Group No.

X200 – X299

Group name

Humor of social classes: Humor dealing with tradesmen


X200. Humor dealing with tradesmen.
X210. Jokes about millers. (Cf. P443.)
X211. Millers as thieves. Pauli (ed. Bolte) No. 785; Fb mС€ller II 649; Italian Novella: *Rotunda.
X212. The honest miller. Baker cannot understand how a man who has been a miller can be a beggar. It is a wonder that the farmers are not beggars instead. Wesselski Bebel I 118 No. 3.
X212.1. Priest commends the poor miller. If he had been like the rest of the congregation he would have become rich. Pauli (ed. Bolte) No. 825.
X213. Why no millers in hell. A mad dog in place of a miller in a sack. Flemish: DeMeyer FFC XXXVII 84 No. 27b.
X214. Monks get revenge on millers. Drunken millers force monks to dance. Millers are enticed to monastery and beaten. Italian Novella: Rotunda.
X220. Jokes about tailors. (Cf. P441.)
X221. Oversight of the thievish tailor. Sews the stolen piece of cloth on the outside of his coat, thinking that it is on the inside. Type 2005*.
X221.1. Thievish tailor cuts a piece of his own coat. Type 2005**; Nouvelles RР№crР№ations No. 46.
X221.2. Thieving tailor can hide stolen cloth even in needle-and-thread tube. India: Thompson-Balys.
X222. Tailor always associated with goat. **B. Salditt Hessische BlРґtter f. Vksk. XXX – XXXI 88.
X223. Tailors cowards as warriors: go home to their needles. (Cf. W121.) India: Thompson-Balys.
X230. Jokes about butchers.
X231. Butcher wonders that man who has been buying his meat for seven years can still be alive. Wesselski MСnchslatein 184 No. 142.
X240. Jokes about cobblers (shoemakers).
X241. Ugly cobbler continually threatens to throw his last at people. The object of jokes. Spanish: Boggs FFC XC 98 No. 836D*.
X242. Shoemaker drinks more than his portion of drink of lies, which has been prepared for all to partake of equally. Wienert FFC LVI 39; Halm Aesop No. 136.
X250. Jokes about other artisans and tradesmen.
X251. Jokes on weavers. (Cf. P445.) *Chauvin VIII 105 No. 81 n. 2.
X251.1. Why no weavers in hell. Devils annoyed at their noisy trade. Flemish: DeMeyer FFC XXXVII 84 No. 27a.
X252. Jokes about barbers. Italian Novella: Rotunda.
X252.1. Client flees when cobwebs are brought in to medicate cuts. Italian Novella: Rotunda.
X252.2. Barber uses cut hair to staunch cuts. Italian Novella: Rotunda.
X253. Jokes on fishermen. Nouvelles RР№crР№ations.
X253.1. Talkativeness of the fishwives of Paris. Anecdotes of their invective. Nouvelles RР№crР№ations No. 63.

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