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Group No. 236


W. Traits of character

Group No.

W200 – W299

Group name

Traits of character – miscellaneous


W200. Traits of character – miscellaneous.
W211. Active imagination.
W211.1. The boy: If I had one and then got two more, I should have three. Type 2411.
W211.2. I surely saw a hundred wolves (snakes). – There weren't so many as that. – Well, what made the noise in the bushes? Type 2009*; Lithuanian: Balys Index No. 1863*; Estonian: Aarne FFC XXV No. 2009*; Russian: Andrejev No. 2009; India: *Thompson-Balys.
W211.3. I am not alone! Man travelling alone through the forest at night, is afraid of robbers. He hangs his cap on a stick and keeps repeating: I am not travelling alone, there are two of us. Lithuanian: Balys Index No. 1862*.
W212. Eagerness for combat. Irish myth: Cross.
W212.1. Eager warriors go through tent wall. Warriors so eager for battle they do not take time to go out of tent door but go through the tent wall. Irish myth: *Cross.
W212.2. Warriors contend with each other until battle starts. When they agree to engage in battle, they cannot endure to be without combat. Irish myth: Cross.
W213. Man will not allow food served to strangers until a man of them wrestles with him. Irish myth: Cross.
W213.1. Host requires deed of bravery before feast is eaten. Irish myth: Cross.
W214. Man will not do a woman's bidding. Irish myth: Cross.
W215. Extreme prudence. Irish myth: Cross.
W215.1. Magic help sent to enemy. Hero sends fairy healing charms to his enemy so that when they resume fighting it cannot be said he wins because of superior care. Irish myth: Cross.
W215.2. Refusal to fight wounded enemy. Hero feels it dishonorable to fight with sorely wounded enemy, because it would be said he died of previous wounds rather than the ones hero might inflict. Irish myth: Cross.
W215.3. Long life sacrificed that descendants may be kings as prophesied. (Cf. M314.) Irish myth: Cross.
W216. Thrift.
W216.1. Thrifty merchant tells son that even a snake laid by will be useful. India: Thompson-Balys.
W225. Taciturn man.
W225.1. Man is rebuked for loquaciousness when he speaks after thirty-seven days. U.S.: Baughman.
W226. Moving home simple for poor man. Man is so poor that when he moves all he has to do is to put out the fire and whistle for the dog to follow him. U.S.: Baughman.

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