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P200 – P299

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The family


P200. The family.
P201. Inherent enmity between members of a family. Dickson 100 n. 5.
P201.1. Feud between two branches of family. Irish myth: Cross.
P202. Person reproached for having no relatives. Irish myth: Cross; Koryak: *Jochelson JE VI 372.
P203. Game with ancestors‘ bones. A boy interrupts a game played with the bones of his father or other murdered relative. N. A. Indian: Kroeber JAFL XXI 225.
P205. Refusal to fight relatives. Hindu: Tawney I 175; Icelandic: Boberg.
P210. Husband and wife.
P211. Wife chooses father’s side in feud. Must choose between husband and father. S. A. Indian (Carib): Alexander Lat. Am. 266.
P211.1. Wife chooses father rather than husband or son. (Cf. P253.3.) Only one can be saved; he alone is irreplaceable. Spanish: Childers.
P211.2. Mother kills husband for murdering their daughter. Africa (Kamerun): Mansfield 228.
P212. Wife more merciful than blood relations. They refuse to ransom condemned man; wife does so. Child II 349f., III 516, IV 481, V 231ff., 296.
P213. Husband more merciful than blood relations. They refuse to ransom condemned woman; husband does so. Child II 346 – 53, III 511, IV 481f., V 231ff., 296.
P214. Wife drinks blood of slain husband. Irish myth: Cross.
P214.1. Wife commits suicide (dies) on death of husband. (Cf. P16.4.1.) Irish myth: Cross.
P216. Wife only one able to persuade her husband. Icelandic: Boberg.
P230. Parents and children. Hdwb. d. Märchens I 527a s.v. “Eltern und Kinder”; Spanish Exempla: Keller.
P230.1. Mother prefers son, father daughter. Icelandic: *Boberg.
P230.2. Mother dislikes her children in forced marriage. Icelandic: Boberg.
P230.3. Queen dislikes son who is unlike her and loves a poor girl: plots against him. Icelandic: Boberg.
P231. Mother and son.
P231.1. Boy sickens from grief at mother‘s death. Irish myth: Cross.
P231.2. Son warns mother. (Hamlet.) Icelandic: *Boberg.
P231.3. Mother-love. Icelandic: *Boberg.
P231.4. Mother kills sons who lack courage to help her revenge her father and brothers, and are likely to betray the plot. Icelandic: Boberg.
P231.5. Mother reveals fact that son is offspring of supernatural father. Irish myth: Cross.
P231.6. Mother (eagle) casts out dull, stupid changeling; rears bold, energetic son. Irish myth: Cross.
P231.7. Mother commits suicide when son wants to marry foreigner according to foreign rites. Chinese: Eberhard FFC CXX 267.
P232. Mother and daughter.
P232.1. Wicked mother and her sons do everything to prevent daughter‘s marriage with beloved. Icelandic: Boberg.
P232.2. Mother lets daughter unwittingly marry own father in order to avenge his raping. Icelandic: Boberg.
P233. Father and son. Irish myth: Cross; Spanish Exempla: Keller.
P233.1. Son as pledge for father who has committed murder. Irish myth: Cross.
P233.2. Young hero rebuked by his father. Icelandic: *Boberg.
P233.2.1. Father drives away bad son whom the mother prefers. Icelandic: Boberg.
P233.3. Berserks scold their father who apparently without reason called their adversary invincible. Icelandic: Boberg.
P233.3.1. Hero’s son by giantess scorns his father‘s feebleness: still it is the son who is slain. Icelandic: Boberg.
P233.4. Natural son preferred to legitimate. Icelandic: Boberg.
P233.5. Oldest son responsible to father for welfare of others. Jewish: Neuman.
P233.6. Son avenges father. English romance: Malory X 21, 34, 36; Icelandic: *Boberg; Jewish: Neuman; India: Thompson-Balys; Africa: Bouveignes 163.
P233.7. Son must threaten father before he will recognize him as son, even though he brings ring from his mother. Icelandic: *Boberg.
P233.8. Prodigal son returns. India: Thompson-Balys.
P233.9. Son chastizes father for scorning mother. India: Thompson-Balys.
P233.10. Father in vision reproves son about to succumb to temptation. Jewish: Neuman.
P233.11. Birthright transferred by father from the oldest son to another. (Cf. P251.7.) Jewish: Neuman.
P234. Father and daughter. Irish myth: Cross; Spanish Exempla: Keller.
P234.1. Daughter marries her husband’s slayer in order to save her old father from war. Icelandic: Boberg.
P234.2. Father and daughter die at same time. Icelandic: Boberg.
P236. Undutiful children. Irish myth: Cross.
P236.1. Folly of father’s giving all property to children before his death. They abandon him. *Oesterley No. 273; Spanish: Boggs FFC XC 116 No. 980A. Cf. Shakespeare‘s King Lear.
P236.2. Supposed chest of gold induces children to care for aged father. They think that the chest of stones contains the inheritance. *Pauli (ed. Bolte) No. 435; Scala Celi 98b No. 528; Dunlop-Wilson II 185f.; von der Hagen II lviii No. 49; Hdwb. d. Abergl. IV 1290. – Lithuanian: Balys Index No. 2452*; Spanish: Boggs FFC XC 116 No. 980A; Italian Novella: *Rotunda; Palestine: Schmidt-Kahle Volkserzählungen aus Palästina II No. 123; India: *Thompson-Balys; Indonesia: Jeynball Catalogus Maleische en Sundaneesche Hss. 173, ibid. Supplement Catalogus Javaansche en Madoereesche Hss. 22.
P236.3. Not daring to curse father directly, son does so indirectly. Nouvelles Récréations No. 50.
P236.4. Son deposes father and usurps throne. Irish myth: Cross.
P236.5. Undutiful children ridicule father while he is drunk and naked. Spanish Exempla: Keller.
P236.6. Undutiful son overawes his father by threats. India: Thompson-Balys.
P236.7. Undutiful son taught lesson showing his mother has suffered from him. India: Thompson-Balys.
P237. Daughters flogged by parents. Child I 192, II 435, V237a.
P241. Parents descend to hell instead of sons. Irish: O’Suilleabhain 53.
P241.1. Pious children save their parents from hell. Jewish: Neuman.
P242. Children punished for fathers‘ sins. Jewish: Neuman.
P250. Brothers and sisters.
P250.1. Elder children to protect younger. Breton: Sébillot Incidents s.v. “aînés”.
P251. Brothers. *Penzer III 272 n. 1; Irish myth: Cross; Spanish Exempla: Keller.
P251.1. Friend unfaithful but brother faithful. Brought to test by actions at apparent death of hero. India: Thompson-Balys.
P251.2. Warrior will not fight where his brother was slain. Place considered defiled. Irish myth: Cross.
P251.3. Brothers follow each other in exile. Icelandic: *Boberg.
P251.3.1. Brothers strive to avenge each other. Icelandic: *Boberg.
P251.4. Brothers scorn brother‘s wise counsel. Icelandic: *Boberg.
P251.4.1. Brothers kill brother because they fail to understand his wise answer. Icelandic: Boberg.
P251.5. Two brothers. Type 303; Icelandic: *Boberg.
P251.5.1. Two brothers follow and help each other on piracy, etc. Icelandic: *Boberg.
P251.5.2. Two brothers are confusingly like each other. Icelandic: *Boberg.
P251.5.3. Hostile brothers. Icelandic: *Boberg; Jewish: *Neuman.
P251.5.4. Two brothers as contrasts. Hdwb. d. Märchens II “Formel”; Icelandic: *Boberg.
P251.5.5. Brother unjustly imprisoned by brother. Irish myth: Cross.
P251.5.6. Man’s descendants shall serve those of his brother. Irish myth: Cross.
P251.6. Several brothers.
P251.6.1. Three brothers. Types 654, 655; Icelandic: *Boberg.
P251.6.2. Four brothers. Types 653, 655.
P251.6.3. Six or seven brothers. Type 451.
P251.6.4. Eight brothers. Icelandic: Boberg.
P251.6.5. Nine brothers. Icelandic: *Boberg.
P251.6.6. Eleven brothers. Type 451; Icelandic: Boberg.
P251.6.7. Twelve brothers. Type 451.
P251.7. Older brother has birthright, entitling him to a double share. (Cf. P233.11.) Jewish: *Neuman.
P251.8. Repudiation of relationship of birth between man and his bad brother. Africa (Wakweli): Bender 92f.
P252. Sisters.
P252.1. Two sisters. Type 480, 711, 426.
P252.1.1. Sister kills sister. Irish myth: Cross; Icelandic: Boberg.
P252.2. Three sisters. Types 311 – 12, 510, 511.
P252.3. Seven sisters. Icelandic: *Boberg.
P252.4. Eight sisters. Icelandic: Boberg.
P252.5. Nine sisters. Icelandic: *Boberg.
P252.6. Ten sisters. Icelandic: *Boberg.
P252.7. Eighteen sisters kill one another. Icelandic: Boberg.
P253. Sister and brother. Type 450; Irish myth: Cross; Spanish Exempla: Keller.
P253.0.1. Sister‘s son. Irish myth: Cross.
P253.0.2. One sister and two brothers. Icelandic: *Boberg.
P253.0.3. One sister and three (four) brothers. Icelandic: *Boberg.
P253.0.4. One sister and ten brothers. Icelandic: Boberg.
P253.0.5. One sister and six (seven, eleven, twelve) brothers. Type 451.
P253.1. Brother about to drink blood of seemingly guilty sister. Köhler-Bolte Zs. f. Vksk. VI 61.
P253.2. Sister faithful to transformed brother. *Types 450, 451; Child I 315f.
P253.2.1. Brother faithful to persecuted sister. East Africa: Zuure L’Ame du Murundi (Paris, 1932) 331ff. No. 2.
P253.3. Brother chosen rather than husband or son. Only one can be saved; he alone is irreplaceable. Chauvin II 190 No. 2; Tawney Journal of Philology XII 121; Aly Volksmärchen bei Herodot 35, 109; Philippine: Fansler MAFLS XII 257 No. 31.
P253.4. Girl comes to brother‘s aid when he is attacked. She slays the assailant and is eventually acquitted. Italian Novella: Rotunda.
P253.5. Sister avenges brother’s death. India: Thompson-Balys; Icelandic: *Boberg.
P253.6. Sister warns brothers. Icelandic: *Boberg.
P253.7. Brothers persecute sister‘s lover and are in return killed by him. Icelandic: Boberg.
P253.8. Clever sister saves life of brother. Irish myth: Cross.
P253.9. Woman dies of sorrow for death of brother. Irish myth: Cross.
J253.10. Great love of brothers for sister. India: Thompson-Balys.
P260. Relations by law.
P261. Father-in-law. India: Thompson-Balys.
P262. Mother-in-law. Irish myth: Cross.
P262.1. Bad relations between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. India: Thompson-Balys.
P263. Brother-in-law. (Cf. K2211.1.)
P263.1. Widower marries wife’s sister. Jewish: *Neuman.
P264. Sister-in-law. (Cf. K2212.2.)
P265. Son-in-law.
P265.1. Idle sons-in-law driven away by gradually reducing their food. India: Thompson-Balys.
P270. Foster relatives. Irish myth: Cross.
P270.1. Foster parents fined for blemish on child. Irish myth: Cross.
P270.2. Peasant and his wife as foster parents of exposed king‘s son. Icelandic: *Boberg.
P270.3. Parents kill son for slaying their foster son. Irish myth: Cross.
P271. Foster father. **C. Schubert Der Pflegesohn (Nourri) im Heldenepos (Marburg, 1906); Irish myth: Cross; Missouri French: Carrière.
P271.1. Magician as foster father. (Cf. N845.) English romance: Malory, Book 1; Icelandic: Boberg.
P271.2. Fisherman as foster father. Icelandic: Boberg.
P271.3. Dwarf as foster father. (Cf. F451.5.1.) Icelandic: MacCulloch Eddic 267, *Boberg.
P271.4. Living king’s or nobleman‘s son as foster son of father’s friend: considered an honor for the foster father. Weinhold Altnordisches Leben (1856) 285ff.; Icelandic: *Boberg.
P271.5. Foster father as constant helper. Icelandic: *Boberg.
P271.6. Foster children return foster father’s love: avenge him, etc. Icelandic: *Boberg.
P271.7. King‘s son named after his father’s foster father. Icelandic: Boberg.
P271.8. Thor slays his foster father and takes himself the realm of Thrace. Icelandic: Snorra Edda Prol. III, MacCulloch Eddic. 314.
P272. Foster mother. Irish myth: Cross; Missouri French: Carrière.
P272.1. Witch foster mother. Icelandic: *Boberg.
P272.2. Foster mother as helper. (See all items under P272.) Icelandic: *Boberg.
P272.3. Former mistress as sons’ foster mother. Icelandic: Bosa saga 6ff.
P273. Foster brother. *Valtyr Gudmundsson “Fóstbrædralag” in prjár Ritgjörethir (Kaupmannahöfn, 1892) 29 – 55; Irish myth: Cross; Icelandic: *Boberg.
P273.1. Faithful foster brother. *Type 516; *BP I 46; *Rösch FFC LXXVII 96; Irish myth: Cross; Icelandic: *Boberg.
P273.1.1. Foster brothers avenge each other. Icelandic: *Boberg.
P273.1.2. King‘s son begs pardon for treacherous foster brother. Icelandic: *Boberg.
P273.1.3. Foster brother as constant adviser. Icelandic: *Boberg.
P273.2. Faithless foster brother.
P273.2.1. Promise of marriage to king’s daughter induces warrior to fight foster brother. Irish myth: Cross.
P273.2.2. Earl‘s son seduces foster brother’s sister and betrays himself. Icelandic: *Boberg.
P273.2.3. King‘s son falsely accuses foster brother of attempt to seduce his sister. Icelandic: Lagerholm 161 – 63, introd. lxxviii, *Boberg.
P273.2.4. Magic writing makes foster brothers enemies. Icelandic: *Boberg.
P273.3. Unable to hit man himself, enemy kills his foster brother. Icelandic: Boberg.
P273.4. Children of Tuatha De Danann fostered by Milesians. Irish myth: Cross.
P274. Foster sister.
P274.1. Love between foster sister and foster brother. Icelandic: Herrmann Saxo II 80, *Boberg.
P275. Foster son. Irish myth: Cross.
P275.1. Foster son commits adultery with foster father’s wife. Irish myth: Cross.
P280. Steprelatives.
P281. Stepfather.
P281.1. Stepfather as foster father. Icelandic: Boberg.
P281.2. Stepfather murdered. Icelandic: Boberg.
P282. Stepmother. Irish myth: Cross; Missouri French: Carrière.
P282.1. Realm ruled by stepmother, while king is absent. Icelandic: Boberg.
P282.2. Stepmother mourns her stepsons’ death, not her own son‘s. Icelandic: Boberg.
P282.3. Stepmother in love with stepson. (Cf. T418.) Irish myth: Cross; Greek: Euripides Hippolytus; Chinese-Persian: *Coyajee JPASB XXIV 192.
P282.3.1. Love of stepmother who has killed her husband refused. Icelandic: *Boberg.
P283. Stepbrother.
P283.1. Stepbrothers kill devastating monsters. India: Thompson-Balys.
P284. Stepsister. (Cf. K2212.1.) Icelandic: Boberg; Missouri French: Carrière.
P290. Other relatives.
P291. Grandfather. Irish myth: Cross; Missouri French: Carrière.
P291.1. Grandfather as foster father. Icelandic: *Boberg.
P292. Grandmother. Missouri French: Carrière.
P292.1. Grandmother as foster mother. Icelandic: Boberg.
P293. Uncle. **W. O. Farnsworth Uncle and Nephew in the Old French Chansons de Geste (New York, 1913); Irish myth: Cross.
P293.1. Mother’s brother as foster father. Icelandic: *Boberg.
P293.2. Mother‘s brother as helper. Icelandic: *Boberg.
P293.2.1. Children take after their mother’s brothers. Jewish: *Neuman.
P293.3. Hero killed in fighting with father‘s brother. Icelandic: Boberg.
P293.4. Young prince sent to his father’s mother‘s brother. Icelandic: Boberg.
P293.5. Father’s brother avenged. Icelandic: Boberg.
P294. Aunt. *Rivers “The Father‘s Sister in Oceania” FL XXI 42.
P294.1. Paternal aunt as aid. N. A. Indian (California): Gayton and Newman 82.
P295. Cousins.
P296. Godparents.
P296.1. Godfather. Hdwb. d. Abergl. III 803; Missouri French: Carrière. See also N811 and all references and cross-references.
P296.2. Godmother.
P297. Nephew. *F. B. Gummere The Sister’s Son (Oxford, 1901); C. H. Bell The Sister‘s Son in the Mediaeval German Epic (Berkeley, 1922); Irish myth: Cross.
P298. Niece.

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