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Group No. 154


J. The wise and the foolish

Group No.

J2700 – J2799

Group name

The easy problem made hard


J2700. J2700. The easy problem made hard.
J2711. J2711. How the tower was built. Fool gives three explanations: (1) It was formerly a deep well; dug up and set out; (2) it was built by a very tall man; (3) it was built flat on the ground and then set up. *Wesselski Hodscha Nasreddin I 243 No. 27.
J2712. J2712. “What do I hold in my hand?” (Ring). “In its first state it was in the mountains; it is round and flat.” Fool: “A millstone.” Chauvin VIII 170 No. 188.
J2712.1. J2712.1. Guess what I have in my hand and I will give it to you to make egg-cake with. What does it look like? What outside and yellow inside. It is a hollowed turnip filled with carrots. Wesselski Hodscha Nasreddin I 209 No. 15.
J2712.2. J2712.2. Guess how many eggs I have and you shall get all seven. Christensen DF XLVII 214 No. 73.
J2713. J2713. The father of Noah‘s sons. The fool seeks advice as to how to answer this question: Who is the father of Stoffer’s three sons? Stoffer, of course. Then who was the father of Noah‘s three sons? Stoffer. Danish: MS (SK 41 in Dansk Folkemindesamling).
J2716. J2716. How to find if it is raining. (Cf. W111.2.4.)
J2716.1. J2716.1. Men must go to look in the pool to see if rain is falling. England: Baughman.
J2716.2. J2716.2. Man put out tubs to see if rain is still falling. England: Baughman.
J2721. J2721. Why he couldn’t see. One fool to another: “What would happen if you cut off your nose?” “I couldn‘t smell.” “What would happen if you cut off your ears?” “I couldn’t see.” “Why couldn‘t you see?” “My hat would fall down over my eyes.” U.S.: *Baughman.
J2722. J2722. Telling their horses apart. One fool docks the tail of his horse; the horse of the second gets tail caught in gate, is docked too. One notches ear of his horse; the second horse notches its ear on the fence. Finally they measure heights of their horses. The black horse is two inches taller than the white. U.S.: *Baughman.
J2750 – J2799. Other aspects of wisdom or foolishness.
J2751. J2751. Trickster’s greed while hunting causes him to be deserted. Jamaica: Beckwith MAFLS XVII 237 No. 7.

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