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Group No. 153


J. The wise and the foolish

Group No.

J2650 – J2699

Group name

Bungling fool


J2650. J2650. Bungling fool. Type 1690*; India: *Thompson-Balys.
J2661. J2661. Bungling fool has succession of accidents. Irish myth: Cross; India: *Thompson-Balys.
J2661.1. J2661.1. The fool accidentally kills his child and loses the body. Indonesia: DeVries’s list no. 266.
J2661.2. J2661.2. The fool seeks a midwife. Accidentally strikes the dog dead, drowns the midwife, and kills the child. *Type 1680.
J2661.3. J2661.3. One woman to catch squirrel; the other to get the cooking pot. One falls from the tree and kills herself; the other breaks the pot. *Type 1227.
J2661.4. J2661.4. The boy‘s disasters. Foolishly kills his horse and throws his axe into the lake to kill a duck. Undresses to recover axe. Clothes stolen. Goes into barrel of tar to hide. In tar and feathers. *Type 1681.
J2662. J2662. Sent back for the rest of the money. A fool finds a treasure and takes some of it to a judge so as to purchase influence. The judge sends him back for the rest. Pauli (ed. Bolte) No. 831.
J2665. J2665. The awkward servant.
J2665.1. J2665.1. The cup with two and three handles. When the servant girl presents the cup to the emperor she holds the handle herself. When there are two handles she holds one in each hand, and when there are three she holds the third one toward her. Type 1327*.
J2665.2. J2665.2. Servant injures master while shampooing him. Gives him a slap and breaks his skin. Penzer V 113.
J2666. J2666. The bungling speaker.
J2666.1. J2666.1. ”I am as good as you are.“ One woman says to another, ”You are an adulteress and a thief, and I know that I am just as good as you are.“ *Wesselski Bebel I 136 No. 38.
J2667. J2667. The fool testifies: ”I had been drinking and was lying on the bench asleep. I saw him hit him over the head with an axe but don’t know whether he hit him or not.“ *Pauli (ed. Bolte) No. 816.
J2668. J2668. The fool betrays his brothers. They escape but he is captured and stupidly betrays their hiding places. Pauli (ed. Bolte) No. 432.
J2671. J2671. The forgetful fool. India: Thompson-Balys.
J2671.1. J2671.1. A fox or a hare? A servant is sent by his master to find a girl for him. If he returns with one he is to say, ”I have a fox“; if without, ”I have a hare.“ When he returns he has forgotten the agreement. ”I don‘t know whether it is a fox or a hare, but the girl is down stairs. *Wesselski Bebel I 195 No. 69.
J2671.2. J2671.2. Fool keeps repeating his instructions so as to remember them. (He usually forgets them.) *Clouston Noodles 133.
J2671.2.1. J2671.2.1. Fool’s talking to himself thought to be inappropriate greetings. He keeps repeating a word to remember it but changes it so that it seems to refer unfavorably to people whom he meets. India: Thompson-Balys.
J2671.3. J2671.3. Bungling fool forgets what elephant is called. Says it is an “earth egg” (confused with name for potatoes). India: Thompson-Balys.
J2671.4. J2671.4. Foolish messenger muddles message. India: Thompson-Balys.
J2672. J2672. The stolen bedcover. A man hears a noise outside the house at night. He wraps a bed cover about him and goes to investigate. The robbers take the bed cover and flee. The wife asks what the debate was about. “About the bed cover. When they got it, the quarrel was over.” Wesselski Hodscha Nasreddin I 230 No. 77.
J2675. J2675. Bungling rescuer caught by crab. He tries to rescue woman caught by crab. Is caught himself and found in embarrassing position. Wesselski Hodscha Nasreddin I 178 No. 313; Indonesia: Coster-Wijsman 43 No. 44.
J2685. J2685. Buyer draws picture of grindstone on his order list. The grocer sends him a cheese. The buyer has forgotten to draw the hole. U.S.: *Baughman.

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