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Group No. 152


J. The wise and the foolish

Group No.

J2600 – J2649

Group name

Cowardly fool


J2600. J2600. Cowardly fool. *BP II 555.
J2611. J2611. Person frightened into falling down a cliff. N. A. Indian: *Thompson Tales 303 n. 109f.; West Indies: Flowers 492.
J2612. J2612. The attack on the hare (crayfish). Seven men make strenuous plans for the attack on the fierce animal. One screams with fright and the animal runs away. (Cf. J1736.1.) *BP II 556, III 286; Christensen DF XLVII 220 No. 82; Swiss: Jegerlehner Oberwallis 307 No. 34.
J2613. J2613. Surrender to the rake. Fool steps on a rake and falls down crying, ”I surrender!“ *BP II 555.
J2614. J2614. Fools frightened by stirring of an animal. Christensen DF XLVII 175, 197 No. 24.
J2614.1. J2614.1. Fools are frightened at the humming of bees. Think it is a drum. *BP II 555; Christensen DF XLVII 194ff. No. 20.
J2614.2. J2614.2. Fools frightened at the flight of a quail. When they hear ”whirr!“ the army flees. Africa (Thonga): Junod 247.
J2614.3. J2614.3. Lions flee because of the crowing of white cock, elephants because of swine‘s grunting. Icelandic: FSS 69 – 71, Boberg.
J2615. J2615. Fright at the creaking of a wheelbarrow. Type 1321**.
J2615.1. J2615.1. Fright at noise of mill. North Carolina: Brown Collection I 697; India: Thompson-Balys.
J2616. J2616. The hawk frightened at the snipe’s bill. The snipe: ”It is a bill, but it is good for nothing (weak).“ The hawk is no longer afraid. Type 229*; Russian: Andrejev No. 229.
J2617. J2617. Afraid of his knees. A man awakes with his knees in the air. He thinks the knees are a lion and splits them with his axe. Africa (Ila, Rhodesia): Smith and Dale II 407 No. 5.
J2618. J2618. The sleeper answers for the dead man. A man falls asleep by a gallows. A company of wags come and invite the dead man on the gallows to accompany them. The sleeper awakes with a start and says, ”I‘ll come at once.“ The wags flee in terror. *Wesselski Bebel II 119 No. 59; Italian Novella: Rotunda.
J2621. J2621. The dead girl frightens father and lover. The girl dies. The lover, thinking that she is asleep, talks to her. When he hears the father speak of her as dead he is frightened that he has talked to the dead. The father hears the lover talk and thinks that it is the girl’s spirit. Both flee. Africa (Vai): Ellis 204 No. 21.
J2622. J2622. Fool frightened by stirring of the wind. Falls on a knife and kills himself. Africa (Ibo, Nigeria): Basden 277.
J2623. J2623. Tailor puts on thimble as protection from slug. Spanish: Boggs FFC XC 142 No. 1710.
J2624. J2624. Fright at animals‘ eyes in the dark. Africa (Angola): Chatelain 209 No. 21.
J2625. J2625. Coward is frightened when clothing catches on thistle. (Cf. N384.2.) Italian Novella: Rotunda.
J2626. J2626. Coward boasts of what he would have done after danger is over. India: Thompson-Balys.
J2626.1. J2626.1. Cornered paramour threatens the husband. Admits guilt. Husband: ”Had you denied it I would have killed you!“ Italian Novella: Rotunda.
J2627. J2627. Frightened by fireworks. Christensen DF XLVII No. 30.
J2631. J2631. Boastful coward frightened when he sees strong adversaries. Hides in trousers of plowman who fights the men. Lithuanian: Balys Index No. *650B; Estonian: Aarne FFC XXV No. 650B; Finnish: Aarne FFC V, XXXIII No. 650B; Chinese: Eberhard FFC CXX 261f. No. 129.
J2632. J2632. Fools try to frighten one another, but get scared themselves and both flee. Lithuanian: Balys Index No. 3444; Legends Nos. 867, 869f.
J2633. J2633. Tiger frightened of leak in house. Chinese: Graham.
J2634. J2634. Fearing the earthquake. Fool worries lest earthquake make him fall against an open knife. India: Thompson-Balys.

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