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H. Tests

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H1000 – H1199

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Nature of tasks


H1010. H1010. Impossible tasks. *Type 428; *Child V 498 s.v. “tasks”; Burton Nights VI 204ff., S VI 4ff.; Hdwb. d. Märchens I s.v. “Aufgaben, schwierige”; Irish myth: *Cross; India: Thompson-Balys; Indonesia: De Vries’s list No. 168; Chinese: Graham.
H1020. H1020. Tasks contrary to laws of nature.
H1021. H1021. Task: construction from impossible kind of material.
H1021.1. H1021.1. Task: making a rope of sand. *Type 1174; *De Vries FFC LXXIII 154, 155 n. 1; BP III 16; *Fb “reb” III 25b; Hdwb. d. Märchens I 431b n. 45; Chauvin VI 40 No. 207 n. 2. – Icelandic: Boberg.
H1021.1.1. H1021.1.1. Task: making a rope of sand; countertask: first showing the pattern. (Cf. H951.) De Vries FFC LXXIII 154.
H1021.2. H1021.2. Task: making a rope of chaff. Breton: Sébillot Incidents s.v. “corde”; Japanese: Ikeda.
H1021.3. H1021.3. Task: making ship of stone. De Vries FFC LXXIII 150ff.; Indonesia: De Vries’s list No. 235.
H1021.4. H1021.4. Task: making a knot of spilled brandy. *Type 1173.
H1021.5. H1021.5. Task: making an invisible knot with an egg. Finnish: Kalevala rune 8.
H1021.6. H1021.6. Task: weaving a silk shirt from hair. (Cf. H1022.2.2.) De Vries FFC LXXIII 233.
H1021.6.1. H1021.6.1. Task: weaving a silk shirt from hair; countertask: making a loom from shavings. (Cf. H951.) De Vries FFC LXXIII 234.
H1021.7. H1021.7. Task: taking a stick from the body. (Fingernail.) Type 1181.
H1021.8. H1021.8. Task: spinning gold. Type 500; BP I 490ff., *495 n. 1.
H1021.9. H1021.9. Task: sewing a shirt of stone. Fb “sten” III 554a.
H1021.9.1. H1021.9.1. Task: sewing a shirt from flower petals. German: Grimm No. 49.
H1021.10. H1021.10. Task: brewing ale from sweet milk. Irish myth: Cross.
H1021.11. H1021.11. Task: making a peacock of silk. India: Thompson-Balys.
H1022. H1022. Task: construction from impossible amount of material.
H1022.1. H1022.1. Task: weaving cloth from two threads. Type 875; *BP II 349ff., 368; *De Vries FFC LXXIII 232.
H1022.2. H1022.2. Task: making many shirts (clothing an army) from one hank of flax (wool). Köhler-Bolte I 459, 566; *Hdwb. d. Märchens II 151a nn. 503 – 521.
H1022.2.1. H1022.2.1. Task: clothing an army from one hank of flax; countertask: making horseshoes for cavalry from one needle. (Cf. H951.) Köhler-Bolte I 459.
H1022.2.2. H1022.2.2. Task: weaving a shirt from a piece of thread; countertask: making a loom from a rod. Cheremis: Sebeok-Nyerges.
H1022.3. H1022.3. Task: making sails for ship from one bundle of linen; countertask: making spindle and loom from one stick of wood. (Cf. H951.) Köhler-Bolte I 459.
H1022.4. H1022.4. Task: making shirt from piece of linen three inches square. Oesterley Gesta Romanorum No. 64; Herbert Catalogue III 206.
H1022.4.1. H1022.4.1. Task: making shirt derived from a single flax-seed. Irish myth: Cross.
H1022.4.2. H1022.4.2. Task: weaving mantle from wool of a single sheep. Irish myth: *Cross.
H1022.4.3. H1022.4.3. Task: making shawl-cloth one hundred cubits in length out of one cocoon of silk. India: Thompson-Balys.
H1022.5. H1022.5. Task: feeding army from one measure of meal. Köhler-Bolte I 566.
H1022.5.1. H1022.5.1. Task: making broth for army. India: Thompson-Balys.
H1022.6. H1022.6. Task: making many kinds of food from one small bird. Fansler MAFLS XII 62.
H1022.6.1. H1022.6.1. Task: making ale derived from a single grain of corn. Irish myth: *Cross.
H1022.7. H1022.7. Task: making boat from splinters of a spindle and shuttle. Finnish: Kalevala rune 8.
H1022.8. H1022.8. Task: brewing impossible amount of ale from one grain of corn. Irish myth: Cross.
H1022.9. H1022.9. Task: bringing quantity of mosquito bones within month; countertask: furnishing scales with wind as beams and heat as pans. (Cf. H951.) India: Thompson-Balys.
H1023. H1023. Tasks contrary to the nature of objects.
H1023.1. H1023.1. Task: hatching boiled eggs. *Type 875; BP II 349ff.; *De Vries FFC LXXIII 241.
H1023.1.1. H1023.1.1. Task: hatching boiled eggs; countertask: sowing cooked seeds and harvesting the crop. (Cf. H951, H952.) *Types 821B, 875; *De Vries FFC LXXIII 242; *BP II 368 n. 1.
H1023.1.2. H1023.1.2. Task: hatching eggs immediately; countertask: sowing seeds and bringing in crop next morning. (Cf. H951, H952.) De Vries FFC LXXIII 242; Köhler-Bolte I 459.
H1023.2. H1023.2. Task: carrying water in a sieve. *Types 480, 1180, Roberts 138, 165; *BP I 5, 215, III 16, 477 n. 1; *Fb “såld” III 750a; Lithuanian: Balys Legends No. 354; India: Thompson-Balys; Japanese: Ikeda; S. A. Indian (Ackawoi): Alexander Lat. Am. 269.
H1023.2.0.1. H1023.2.0.1. Task: carrying water in sieve; sieve filled with moss. *BP I 5, 215, III 477 n. 1; England: Baughman; American Negro (Georgia): Harris Remus 107 No. 22.
H1023.2.0.2. H1023.2.0.2. Task: carrying water in sieve; pious child able to do so. BP III 477 n. 1.
H1023.2.1. H1023.2.1. Task: carrying water in leaky vessel. Breton: Sébillot Incidents s.v. “cruche”; India: *Thompson-Balys; Africa (Mpongwe): Nassau 32 No. 4; (Zulu): Callaway 16, (Basuto): Jacottet 15 No. 10, 202 No. 30, (Kaffir): Theal 15, (Angola): Chatelain 163, 171, 179 No. 21.
H1023.2.1.1. H1023.2.1.1. Task: carrying water in leaky vessel; vessel repaired with clay or gum. Africa (Mpongwe): Nassau 32 No. 4, (Basuto): Jacottet 15 No. 10.
H1023.2.1.2. H1023.2.1.2. Task: carrying water in leaky vessel; frog sits in hole. India: *Thompson-Balys.
H1023.2.2. H1023.2.2. Hero sets wife to task of filling water-bottle with spout turned downward. Hawaii: Beckwith Myth 417.
H1023.2.3. H1023.2.3. Impossible task: filling a grain-bin through the hole in the bottom. India: Thompson-Balys.
H1023.2.4. H1023.2.4. Task: filling a bottomless water tube. India: Thompson-Balys.
H1023.2.5. H1023.2.5. Task: filling pots having subterranean outlets. India: Thompson-Balys.
H1023.3. H1023.3. Task: bringing berries (fruit, roses) in winter. *Type 403B, 480, *Roberts 134; BP I 99ff., II 232; *Saintyves Perrault 20; De Vries FFC LXXIII 269 n. 2; Irish myth: *Cross; India: Thompson-Balys; Japanese: Ikeda; Eskimo (Greenland): Rink 159; N. A. Indian: *Thompson Tales 313 n. 126c.
H1023.3.1. H1023.3.1. Task: bringing berries in winter. Reductio ad absurdum: father is sick from snake-bite (impossible in winter). (Cf. H952.) De Vries FFC LXXIII 269 n. 2.
H1023.3.1.1. H1023.3.1.1. Task: procuring cuckoo to sing in winter. Irish myth: *Cross.
H1023.3.2. H1023.3.2. Task: making withered flowers green. Jewish: Moreno Esdras.
H1023.4. H1023.4. Task: straightening a curly hair. Type 1175; BP III 15; Lithuanian: Balys Legends No. 636; Swiss: Jegerlehner Oberwallis 314 No. 113, 329 No. 45; India: *Thompson-Balys.
H1023.4.1. H1023.4.1. Task: making a dog‘s tail straight. India: Thompson-Balys.
H1023.5. H1023.5. Task: pumping out a leaky ship. Type 1179; BP III 16.
H1023.6. H1023.6. Task: washing black wool (cloth, cattle) white. Type 480; *Roberts 165; *Fb “får” I 406b, “hvid” I 700b, “skjorte” III 268a, “sort” III 467b; Swiss: Jegerlehner Oberwallis 314 No. 113, 328 No. 10.
H1023.6.1. H1023.6.1. Task: washing large heavy quilt covered with ghi and oil without aid of soap or anything. India: Thompson-Balys.
H1023.7. H1023.7. Task: sewing together a broken mill-stone. De Vries FFC LXXIII 152; Jewish: *Neuman.
H1023.7.1. H1023.7.1. Task: sewing together a broken egg. German: Grimm No. 129.
H1023.7.2. H1023.7.2. Task: sewing together a broken ship. German: Grimm No. 129.
H1023.8. H1023.8. Task: fixing the two pieces of a broken sword together. Irish myth: *Cross; Welsh: MacCulloch Celtic 202.
H1023.9. H1023.9. Task: mending a broken jug. De Vries FFC LXXIII 249; Jewish: Neuman.
H1023.9.1. H1023.9.1. Task: mending a broken jug; countertask: turning it wrong side out as one does a shoe. (Cf. H951.) De Vries FFC LXXIII 249.
H1023.10. H1023.10. Task: skinning a stone. De Vries FFC LXXIII 145 ff.
H1023.10.1. H1023.10.1. Task: skinning a stone; countertask: first let the stone bleed. De Vries FFC LXXIII 145ff.
H1023.11. H1023.11. Task: putting a large squash whole into a narrow-necked jar. Filipino: Fansler MAFLS XII 62f.
H1023.12. H1023.12. Task: catching a noise. Type 1177*.
H1023.13. H1023.13. Task: catching a man’s broken wind. Type 1176; BP III 16.
H1023.14. H1023.14. Task: splitting a hair with a blunt knife. Finnish: Kalevala rune 8; India: Thompson-Balys.
H1023.15. H1023.15. Task: turning fruit into gold. Italian: Basile Pentamerone II No. 5.
H1023.16. H1023.16. Task: making sun and moon shine in the north. Irish myth: Cross.
H1023.17. H1023.17. Task: sowing rye and bringing crop next morning. (Cf. H1023.1.2.) Cheremis: Sebeok-Nyerges.
H1023.18. H1023.18. Task: putting peaches back on tree. Chinese: Graham.
H1023.19. H1023.19. Task: bringing bundle of faggots without rope to tie them. Helpful snake coils himself about them. India: *Thompson-Balys.
H1023.20. H1023.20. Task: fetching water from the well in a bucket without the use of rope to draw it with. India: Thompson-Balys.
H1023.21. H1023.21. Task: gathering a necklace of rubies from the sea. India: Thompson-Balys.
H1023.22. H1023.22. Task: catching a sunbeam. India: Thompson-Balys.
H1023.23. H1023.23. Task: tying the sun with a stone chain. India: Thompson-Balys.
H1023.24. H1023.24. Suitor asked to bathe in great cauldron of boiling water without making water lukewarm. India: Thompson-Balys.
H1023.25. H1023.25. Task: bringing a well (pond, lake) to king. Hero asks for another lake to tie to it and overawes king. Types 1045, 1650; Zachariae Kleine Schriften 93; India: Thompson-Balys.
H1023.25.1. H1023.25.1. Task: bringing well to king; countertask: sending his own well to accompany it. (Cf. H951.) India: Thompson-Balys.
H1024. H1024. Tasks contrary to the nature of animals.
H1024.1. H1024.1. Task: milking a bull. De Vries FFC LXXIII 43ff.; Fansler MAFLS XII 63; India: *Thompson-Balys.
H1024.1.1. H1024.1.1. Task: making a bull bear a calf. De Vries FFC LXXIII 43ff., 265.
H1024.1.1.1. H1024.1.1.1. Task: making a bull bear a calf. Reductio ad absurdum: have a man prepare for childbirth. (Cf. H952.) De Vries FFC LXXIII 265; India: *Thompson-Balys.
H1024.2. H1024.2. Task: placing frogs in a tree. *BP III 16.
H1024.3. H1024.3. Task: chasing a hare into every trap in a high tree. *Type 1171; BP III 16.
H1024.4. H1024.4. Task: teaching an ass to read. Anderson FFC XLII 357 n. 1; cf. Type 1675.
H1024.5. H1024.5. Task: sowing dragon‘s teeth. Greek: Frazer Apollodorus I 109 n. 4.
H1024.6. H1024.6. Task: procuring bird out of season. Irish myth: *Cross.
H1024.7. H1024.7. Task: teaching animal to speak.
H1024.7.1. H1024.7.1. Task: teaching horse to speak. India: Thompson-Balys.
H1024.8. H1024.8. Task: spinning wool still on goat’s back. Jewish: *Neuman.
H1025. H1025. Task: obtaining fat (bacon) from swine that never was farrowed. Irish myth: *Cross.
H1026. H1026. Task: changing the course of time.
H1026.1. H1026.1. Task: naming those things which have not yet happened. Jewish: Moreno Esdras (H1011).
H1026.2. H1026.2. Task: bringing past time to present. Jewish: Moreno Esdras (H1023.17).
H1030. H1030. Other impossible tasks.
H1033. H1033. Task: showing picture of a voice. Jewish: Moreno Esdras (H1013).
H1035. H1035. Task: eating the moon. Gascon: Bladé I 8 No. 1.
H1036. H1036. Task: building castle suspended between heaven and earth. *Chauvin VI 38 No. 207 n. 3.
H1038. H1038. Task: getting fruit from top of tall tree without cutting tree. (Cuts roots of tree.) Africa (Mpongwe): Nassau 32 No. 4.
H1041. H1041. Task: bringing a plantain leaf from the garden without tearing it. India: Thompson-Balys.
H1042. H1042. Task: recalling a dream someone else has had. India: Thompson-Balys.
H1045. H1045. Task: filling a sack full of lies (truths). *Type 570; *BP III 273; *Fb “sandhed”, “pose”; Russian: Andrejev No. 1630*.
H1045.1. H1045.1. Task: going to get nothing and bringing it back. India: Thompson-Balys.
H1046. H1046. Task: carrying woman across river without wetting feet. Hero fails. India: Thompson-Balys.
H1046.1. H1046.1. Task: dipping water without wetting dipper. India: Thompson-Balys.
H1046.2. H1046.2. Task: cutting and bringing leaves from thorn thicket without tearing them at all. India: Thompson-Balys.
H1046.3. H1046.3. Task: drinking beer without touching pot. India: Thompson-Balys.
H1047. H1047. Task: bringing melon 12 cubits long with seed 13 cubits long. India: Thompson-Balys.
H1049. H1049. Other impossible tasks – miscellaneous.
H1049.1. H1049.1. Task: bringing the foam of the ocean in a large piece of cloth. India: Thompson-Balys.
H1049.2. H1049.2. Task: growing oil seed on stony ground. India: Thompson-Balys.
H1049.3. H1049.3. Task: setting back sun. (Cf. D2146.1.1.) Samoa: Beckwith Myth 439.
H1049.4. H1049.4. Task: stopping the rain. (Cf. D2141.1.) Samoa: Beckwith Myth 439.
H1050 – H1089.
H1050. H1050. Paradoxical tasks. *Type 875; *BP II 362; *Gruffydd Math vab Mathonwy (U. of Wales Press, 1928) 307ff.
H1051. H1051. Task: coming neither on nor off the road. (Comes in the rut or the ditch at side of the road.) *Type 875; BP II 349ff.; De Vries FFC LXXIII 195f.
H1052. H1052. Task: standing neither inside nor outside of gate. (Forefeet of horse inside, hind feet outside.) De Vries FFC LXXIII 198; BP II 362.
H1053. H1053. Task: coming neither on horse nor on foot (riding nor walking). *Type 875; *BP II 362; Köhler-Bolte I 446ff.; *De Vries FFC LXXIII 186ff.; Fb “kjöre”, “ridende”; Pauli (ed. Bolte) No. 423; Filipino: Fansler MAFLS XII 63.
H1053.1. H1053.1. Task: coming neither on horse nor on foot. (Comes on another animal.) De Vries FFC LXXIII 187; Irish myth: *Cross; Missouri French: Carrière.
H1053.2. H1053.2. Task: coming neither on horse nor on foot. (Comes sitting on animal but with feet reaching ground.) De Vries FFC LXXIII 188; Irish myth: Cross.
H1053.3. H1053.3. Task: coming neither on horse nor on foot. (Comes with one leg on animal’s back, one on ground.) De Vries FFC LXXIII 188.
H1053.4. H1053.4. Task: coming neither on horse nor on foot. (Coming drawn by an animal on net, trough, or sledge.) De Vries FFC LXXIII 189.
H1053.5. H1053.5. Task: coming neither on horse nor on foot. (Walks on a stick horse.) De Vries FFC LXXIII 190.
H1053.6. H1053.6. Task: coming neither on horse nor on foot. (Crawls on all fours.) De Vries FFC LXXIII 190.
H1054. H1054. Task: coming neither naked nor clad. *Type 875; *De Vries FFC LXXIII 181; BP II 349ff.; Fb “klæder”; Irish myth: Cross; Icelandic: *Boberg.
H1054.1. H1054.1. Task: coming neither naked nor clad. (Comes wrapped in net or the like.) De Vries FFC LXXIII 182; Missouri French: Carrière.
H1054.2. H1054.2. Task: coming neither naked nor clad. (Comes clothed in own hair.) De Vries FFC LXXIII 181.
H1054.3. H1054.3. Task: coming neither naked nor clad. (Comes with part of body clothed.) De Vries FFC LXXIII 181.
H1054.4. H1054.4. Task: coming “neither in softness nor in hardness.” (Comes clad in garments of mountain down.) Irish myth: *Cross.
H1055. H1055. Task: coming neither barefoot nor shod. (Comes with one shoe on, one off; or in soleless shoes.) Type 875; *BP II 362; De Vries FFC LXXIII 200.
H1056. H1056. Task: coming neither with nor without a present (game). (Lets bird fly as the reaches it toward king.) De Vries FFC LXXIII 205.
H1057. H1057. Task: coming neither by day nor by night. (Comes at twilight.) *De Vries FFC LXXIII 202; *BP II 362; Irish myth: Cross.
H1058. H1058. Task: standing between summer and winter. (Stands between wagon and sleigh.) De Vries FFC LXXIII 213.
H1061. H1061. Task: coming neither with nor without a companion. (Comes with an animal.) Irish myth: *Cross; Icelandic: Boberg; De Vries FFC LXXIII 212.
H1062. H1062. Task: coming neither washed nor unwashed. (Comes partly washed.) De Vries FFC LXXIII 211.
H1063. H1063. Task: coming neither hungry nor satiated. (Eats a thin soup, a leaf, a single grain, or the like.) De Vries FFC LXXIII 210; Icelandic: Boberg.
H1064. H1064. Task: coming laughing and crying at once. (Rubs eyes with a twig to simulate crying.) De Vries FFC LXXIII 212.
H1065. H1065. Task: bringing best friend, worst enemy, best servant, greatest pleasure-giver. (Brings dog, wife, ass, little son respectively.) Köhler-Bolte I 415, 455; Pauli (ed. Bolte) No. 423; Herbert III 201; Ward II 231; Oesterley No. 124; *Chauvin VIII 199 No. 244; *BP II 365; cf. Type 875; *De Vries FFC LXXIII 220ff.; *Anderson FFC XLII 357 and n. 2; *Wesselski Märchen 237 No. 48; Italian Novella: *Rotunda.
H1066. H1066. Task: sweep the floor and do not sweep it. *Köhler in Gonzenbach II 215.
H1067. H1067. Task: light fire but do not light it. *Köhler in Gonzenbach II 215.
H1068. H1068. Task: making bed but do not make it. *Köhler in Gonzenbach II 215.
H1071. H1071. Task: eat bread but bring it back whole. (Center of loaf eaten.) Köhler-Bolte I 437.
H1072. H1072. Task: give sheep good care but do not let it fatten. (Sheep fed but kept near wolf where it is afraid and does not fatten.) *Chauvin VIII 181 No. 213; India: *Thompson-Balys.
H1073. H1073. Task: filling glasses with water that has neither fallen from heaven nor sprung from the earth. (Uses horse‘s sweat.) Dh I 329.
H1074. H1074. Task: furnish beef which is neither male nor female. Countertask: send for it when it is neither night nor day. American Negro (Georgia): Harris Friends 118 No. 15.
H1075. H1075. Task: bringing something ever-increasing (ambition); something ever-decreasing (life); something which neither increases nor decreases (one’s fated lot); and something which both increases and decreases (universe). India: Thompson-Balys.
H1077. H1077. Task: building house neither on ground nor in sky. India: Thompson-Balys.
H1090. H1090. Tasks requiring miraculous speed. Missouri French: Carrière; India: Thompson-Balys.
H1091. H1091. Task: sorting a large amount of grain (beads, beans, peas) in one night. *Types 313, 554; *BP II 28, 517; *Köhler-Bolte I 397; *Fb “fugl”, “gryn”; Swiss: Jegerlehner Oberwallis 322 No. 87; Breton: Sébillot Incidents s.v. “pois”; Spanish: Boggs FFC XC 68 No. 513; India: *Thompson-Balys; Indonesia: Dixon 226; Chinese: Graham; N. A. Indian (Thompson River): Teit JE VIII 392 No. 100.
H1091.1. H1091.1. Task: sorting grains: performed by helpful ants. Clouston Tales I 238f.; Köhler-Bolte I 397; French Canadian: Sister Marie Ursule; Spanish: Espinosa Jr. No. 130; Italian: Basile Pentamerone V No. 4; India: *Thompson-Balys; Indonesia: Dixon 217; Japanese: Ikeda; Korean: Zong in-Sob 17.
H1091.2. H1091.2. Task: sorting grains; performed by helpful birds. *Fb “fugl”; Missouri French: Carrière; India: *Thompson-Balys; Japanese: Ikeda.
H1091.3. H1091.3. Suitor test: scattering mountain of mustard seed in one watch gathering it together in another, pressing its oil out in another. India: Thompson-Balys.
H1092. H1092. Task: spinning impossible amount in one night. (Cf. H1022.2.) *Types 500, 501, 708; BP I 109ff., 490ff.; *Fb “spinde” III 492a; Hoffmann-Krayer Zs. f. Vksk. XXV 120 nn. 7, 8; Köhler-Bolte ibid. VI 71; Italian: Basile Pentamerone IV No. 4; Japanese: Ikeda.
H1092.0.1. H1092.0.1. Task: spinning and weaving large amount by specified time. India: Thompson-Balys.
H1092.1. H1092.1. Helpful animal performs spinning task. (Cf. B571.) Köhler-Bolte Zs. f. Vksk. VI 71; Lithuanian: Balys Index Nos. 453*, 481*.
H1093. H1093. Task: embroidering blanket in one day. (Help from animals.) (Cf. B571.) N. A. Indian (Crow): Lowie PaAM XXV 121, Simms FM II 309, (Blackfoot): Wissler and Duvall PaAM II 130ff.
H1094. H1094. Task: unraveling in short time.
H1094.1. H1094.1. Task: unraveling a net in a short time. Type 1178*.
H1095. H1095. Task: felling a forest in one night. (Cf. H1115.) *Type 313; Fb “skov” III 300a; Irish myth: *Cross; Icelandic: Boberg (H322.5); Breton: Sébillot Incidents s.v. “forêt”; Italian: Basile Pentamerone II No. 7.
H1095.1. H1095.1. Task: collecting firewood quickly, sufficient to last remainder of one‘s life. India: Thompson-Balys.
H1095.2. H1095.2. Task: stacking wood from felled forest in one day. German: Grimm No. 113, 193.
H1096. H1096. Task: washing enormous number of clothes (and other articles) in short time. Sicilian: Gonzenbach I 97ff. No. 15.
H1097. H1097. Task: draining sea-covered land in one night. Irish myth: *Cross.
H1097.1. H1097.1. Task: drying up a lake in one night. Cheremis: Sebeok-Nyerges.
H1097.2. H1097.2. Task: cleaning enormous cistern in one day. Italian: Basile Pentamerone II No. 7; India: Thompson-Balys.
H1101. H1101. Task: removing mountain (mound) in one night. *Type 313; Breton: Sébillot Incidents “butte”; Missouri French: Carrière.
H1102. H1102. Task: cleaning Augean stable. Stable has not been cleaned in years. Must be done in one night. River turned through it. Type 313; Köhler-Bolte I 170; *Fb “stald” III 534a; Greek: Fox 82, Frazer Apollodorus I 195 n. 2; New Zealand: Dixon 71.
H1102.1. H1102.1. Task: cleaning cowshed. India: Thompson-Balys.
H1102.2. H1102.2. Task: emptying in one day a barn filled with manure. French Canadian: Sister Marie Ursule.
H1103. H1103. Task: setting out vineyard in one night. *Type 313.
H1103.1. H1103.1. Task: making garden quickly in unplanted forest. Kabyle: Frobenius Atlantis II 32 No. 4; Africa (Benga): Nassau 215 No. 33.
H1103.1.1. H1103.1.1. Task: making garden in three days. India: Thompson-Balys.
H1103.2. H1103.2. Task: plowing enormous amount of land in one day. Spanish: Espinosa Jr. No. 72, 73; Italian: Basile Pentamerone II No. 7; India: Thompson-Balys.
H1103.2.1. H1103.2.1. Task: preparing and sowing impossible amount of land overnight. India: *Thompson-Balys.
H1103.2.2. H1103.2.2. Task: planting and growing crop overnight. India: Thompson-Balys.
H1103.3. H1103.3. Task: covering mango tree grove with fruit in a single night. (Cf. H1023.17.) India: Thompson-Balys.
H1104. H1104. Task: building castle in one night. Type 313; Fb “slot” III 377a.
H1104.0.1. H1104.0.1. Task: building castle in three days. India: Thompson-Balys.
H1104.1. H1104.1. Task: building a lodge entirely of bird’s feathers in one night. S. A. Indian (Carib): Alexander Lat. Am. 264.
H1104.1.1. H1104.1.1. Task: in one day feathering a barn, each feather from different bird. French Canadian: Sister Marie Ursule.
H1104.1.2. H1104.1.2. Task: thatching roof with bird feathers; half blow away while other half are sought. (Cf. F171.6.6.) Irish myth: *Cross.
H1104.2. H1104.2. Task: building entire village in one night. Africa (Fang): Einstein 70ff. (= Trilles 190ff. No. 11.)
H1104.3. H1104.3. Task: building a house of iron in one night. Cheremis: Sebeok-Nyerges.
H1104.4. H1104.4. Task: erecting marriage hall in one night. India: *Thompson-Balys.
H1104.5. H1104.5. Task: building granary full of grain overnight. India: Thompson-Balys.
H1105. H1105. Task: digging a pond quickly. Breton: Sébillot Incidents s.v. “étang”; India: *Thompson-Balys.
H1106. H1106. Task: shearing flock of sheep in one day. N. A. Indian (Zuñi): Boas JAFL XXXV 77 No. 4.
H1107. H1107. Task: bringing documents from distant city in one day. Spanish: Boggs FFC XC 68 No. 513.
H1108. H1108. Task: paving great road in short time. India: Thompson-Balys.
H1109. H1109. Other tasks requiring miraculous speed.
H1109.1. H1109.1. Task: bringing water from distant fountain more quickly than a witch. Spanish: Boggs FFC XC 68 No. 513.
H1109.2. H1109.2. Task: hauling enormous number of things from one farm to another in one day. French Canadian: Sister Marie Ursule.
H1109.3. H1109.3. Task: killing enough birds in one day to cover the mountain, each bird to be of a different species. French Canadian: Sister Marie Ursule.
H1109.4. H1109.4. Task: exterminating mice infesting city in three days. India: *Thompson-Balys.
H1110. H1110. Tedious tasks.
H1111. H1111. Task: carrying hundreds of sheep across stream one at a time. *BP II 209; cf. Type 2300; Spanish Exempla: Keller.
H1112. H1112. Task: herding rabbits. *Type 570; BP III 267ff. (incident C); *Fb “hare”.
H1112.1. H1112.1. Task: keeping four dogs in herd. *Fb “hund” I 678a.
H1112.2. H1112.2. Task: pasturing a cow which continues to run all day. India: Thompson-Balys.
H1113. H1113. Task: bailing out a pond. Type 313; German: Grimm No. 113; Breton: Sébillot Incidents s.v. “étang”; N. A. Indian: Thompson CColl II 369, 377; Africa (Benga): Nassau 216 No. 33.
H1113.1. H1113.1. Bailing out pond with thimble. German: Grimm No. 193.
H1114. H1114. Task: climbing glass mountain. *Type 425; India: Thompson-Balys.
H1114.1. H1114.1. Task: securing three eggs from top of glass tower. French Canadian: Sister Marie Ursule.
H1114.2. H1114.2. Task: carrying ever-increasing burden up mountain. German: Grimm No. 179.
H1115. H1115. Task: chopping down large tree with blunt (fragile) implements. (Cf. H1095.) Type 313; Breton: Sébillot Incidents s.v. “arbres”; India: Thompson-Balys; Africa (Ekoi): Talbot 208; Jamaica: Beckwith MAFLS XVII 251 No. 29.
H1115.1. H1115.1. Task: cutting down huge tree which magically regrows. Type 577.
H1115.2. H1115.2. Task: sawing iron tree in two. India: Thompson-Balys.
H1115.3. H1115.3. Task: cutting down a giant tree. Marquesas: Beckwith Myth 470.
H1116. H1116. Task: breaking huge rock to pieces. Africa (Ekoi): Talbot 208.
H1116.1. H1116.1. Task: cutting firewood from rocks with brass axe (rock struck to splinters by lightning used). Africa (Ganda): Baskerville 8ff.
H1116.2. H1116.2. Task: breaking iron with wooden axe. India: Thompson-Balys.
H1116.3. H1116.3. Task: tearing down a huge wall. India: Thompson-Balys.
H1117. H1117. Task: bringing as many horses as there are days in the year. (Brings one for each week-day.) Anderson FFC XLII 227 n. 1.
H1118. H1118. Task: counting hairs in pig’s back (feathers in bird). *Fb “tælle” III 922b.
H1118.1. H1118.1. Task: counting the seeds in a package of mustard. India: Thompson-Balys.
H1118.2. H1118.2. Task: counting daily how many leaves fall off a tree. India: Thompson-Balys.
H1118.3. H1118.3. Task: counting palm trees within view of king‘s palace. India: Thompson-Balys.
H1121. H1121. Task: picking all nuts from tall tree. (Performed by grateful squirrel.) Indonesia: *Dixon 217 n. 22.
H1122. H1122. Task: preparing large quantity of grain. Breton: Sébillot Incidents s.v. “grain”; Spanish: Espinosa Jr. Nos. 71 – 74; India: *Thompson-Balys.
H1122.1. H1122.1. Task: supplying superhuman amount of grain. Irish myth: Cross.
H1123. H1123. Task: feeding ravenous beast to satiation. Breton: Sébillot Incidents s.v. “bête”.
H1124. H1124. Task: gathering all stones from brook or field. Type 1172.
H1125. H1125. Task: traveling till iron shoes are worn out. *Type 425; *BP II 272; Köhler-Bolte I 317, 512, 573; Missouri French: Carrière; Spanish: Espinosa Jr. No. 114.
H1125.1. H1125.1. Task: traveling till two skeins of thread are unwound. Spanish: Boggs FFC XC 57 No. 425.
H1127. H1127. Task: carrying off huge quantity of money. *Type 513.
H1128. H1128. Task: keeping up a certain work all night. Breton: Sébillot Incidents s.v. “ouvrage”.
H1129. H1129. Other tedious tasks.
H1129.1. H1129.1. Task: filling the yard with manure. Type 1183**.
H1129.1.1. H1129.1.1. Task: bringing twelve cartloads of mud without the use of buffaloes. India: Thompson-Balys.
H1129.2. H1129.2. Task: filling twelve bed-ticks with feathers. Done by helpful birds. German: Grimm No. 186; Italian: Basile Pentamerone V No. 4.
H1129.3. H1129.3. Task: carrying soil to cover stony ground. Irish myth: *Cross.
H1129.4. H1129.4. Task: filling pot with dew. Africa (Ganda): Baskerville 8ff.
H1129.5. H1129.5. Task: building a fire; whole tree burns up while man is bringing another. Irish myth: Cross.
H1129.5.1. H1129.5.1. Task: gathering firewood; bundle continually swept away from swimming man. Irish myth: Cross.
H1129.6. H1129.6. Task: building causeway, clearing land, etc. Irish myth: *Cross.
H1129.7. H1129.7. Task: gathering bed-tick full of harp strings. Irish myth: Cross.
H1129.8. H1129.8. Task: gathering vessel full of nail-scrapings. Irish myth: Cross.
H1129.9. H1129.9. Task: gathering crow’s house full of wren‘s eggs. Irish myth: Cross.
H1129.10. H1129.10. Task: gathering fist-full of fleas. Irish myth: Cross.
H1129.10.1. H1129.10.1. Impossible task: assembling huge quantity of many-colored fleas. Spanish Exempla: Keller.
H1129.11. H1129.11. Task: carrying fuel. Irish myth: *Cross.
H1130. H1130. Superhuman tasks.
H1131. H1131. Task: building enormous bridge. (Cf. H359.1.) Irish myth: Cross; Japanese: Ikeda.
H1131.1. H1131.1. Task: building bridge over land and sea. *Fb “guldæble” I 516a.
H1131.2. H1131.2. Devil as suitor assigned task to build bridge or dam. Lithuanian: Balys Index No. 3250, Legends Nos. 343f.
H1132. H1132. Task: recovering lost objects.
H1132.1. H1132.1. Task: recovering lost object from sea. Irish: Beal XXI 308, 316, O’Suilleabhain 26.
H1132.1.1. H1132.1.1. Task: recovering lost ring from sea. *Types 513, 554; *Saintyves Essais 381; BP I 134ff., II 19ff.; *Fb “guldring”; Irish myth: *Cross; Greek: Fox 101 (Theseus); Japanese: Ikeda; Cape Verde Islands: Parsons MAFLS XV (1) 280 No. 91.
H1132.1.1.1. H1132.1.1.1. Test: recovering ring from water. India: *Thompson-Balys.
H1132.1.2. H1132.1.2. Task: recovering lost key from sea. *Type 554; BP I 134ff., II 19ff.; Fb “guldnøgle” I 514; Irish: O’Suilleabhain 25, 35, Beal XXI 307, 312; Missouri French: Carrière; Japanese: Ikeda.
H1132.1.3. H1132.1.3. Task: recovering strap from sea. Type 434*; Japanese: Ikeda.
H1132.1.4. H1132.1.4. Task: recovering pen from sea. *Type 531; Japanese: Ikeda.
H1132.1.5. H1132.1.5. Task: recovering lost fish-hook. Done by Sea-king. Japanese: Anesaki 266, Ikeda.
H1132.1.6. H1132.1.6. Task: recovering cooking-spit from sea. Irish myth: *Cross.
H1132.1.7. H1132.1.7. Task: recovering crown from sea. German: Grimm No. 107.
H1132.2. H1132.2. Task: recovering object in large fire. India: Thompson-Balys.
H1132.3. H1132.3. Task: recovering object from python‘s hole. India: Thompson-Balys.
H1132.3.1. H1132.3.1. Task: getting ring from python’s hole (help from python goddess). India: Thompson-Balys.
H1133. H1133. Task: building castle (fort). Irish myth: *Cross; Missouri French: Carrière.
H1133.1. H1133.1. Task: building magic castle. *Type 554; BP II 19ff.
H1133.2. H1133.2. Task: building castle in air. Fb “slot” III 377a; Italian: Basile Pentamerone IV No. 5.
H1133.3. H1133.3. Task: building castle in sea. Fb “slot” III 377a; India: Thompson-Balys.
H1133.4. H1133.4. Task: building palace of gold (crystal). India: Thompson-Balys.
H1133.5. H1133.5. Task: building palace and city. India: Thompson-Balys.
H1133.6. H1133.6. Task: building exact replica of castle in wax. German: Grimm No. 107.
H1135. H1135. Task: annihilating (overcoming) army single-handed. Type 513; Irish myth: *Cross; Greek: Fox 112 (Jason).
H1136. H1136. Task: bringing winds from the whole world. Fb “vind” III 1059a.
H1136.1. H1136.1. Task: bringing back flour scattered by wind. Indonesia: De Vries‘s list No. 171.
H1136.2. H1136.2. Task: gathering wind in fists. Jewish: Neuman.
H1137. H1137. Task: binding waves of the sea. Indonesia: De Vries‘s list No. 236; Filipino: Fansler MAFLS XII 62.
H1138. H1138. Task: supplying water in land where it is lacking. *Fb “vand” III 1001b. – Icelandic: Boberg.
H1138.1. H1138.1. Task: “to turn low stream and fill the high stream.” India: Thompson-Balys.
H1141. H1141. Task: eating enormous amount. *Type 513; Missouri French: Carrière; India: Thompson-Balys; Africa: Werner African 153.
H1141.1. H1141.1. Task: eating mountain of bread. *Type 571; Fb “æde” III 1140a.
H1141.2. H1141.2. Task: eating three hundred fat oxen. Fb “æde” III 1140a.
H1141.3. H1141.3. Task: eating room-full of salt. (Trickster eats only a pinch. “He who has eaten with a friend as much salt as I have eaten and does not recognize the friendship will not do so though he eat ten rooms full of salt.”) *Bolte Reise der Söhne Giaffers 207.
H1141.4. H1141.4. Task: eating entire goat without leaving a scrap. India: Thompson-Balys.
H1142. H1142. Task: drinking enormous amount. *Type 513; Icelandic: Boberg; India: Thompson-Balys.
H1142.1. H1142.1. Task: drinking wine – cellar empty. *Type 571; Missouri French: Carrière.
H1142.2. H1142.2. Task: drinking the sea dry. *Anderson FFC XLII 139, 356; BP II 369; *Chauvin VIII 62 No. 26; Norse: MacCulloch Eddic 93 (Thor); Gascon: Bladé I 8 No. 1.
H1142.2.1. H1142.2.1. Task: drinking the sea dry (illusion produced by magic thread which makes hero think he is drinking from spring). India: Thompson-Balys.
H1142.3. H1142.3. Task: drinking the sea dry: countertask: stop all the rivers. (Cf. H951.) BP II 369.
H1143. H1143. Task: dipping out the sea with a spoon: countertask: stop all the rivers. (Cf. H1113., H1142.3.) De Vries FFC LXXIII 251. – French Canadian: Sister Marie Ursule (H1023.2.3.); Spanish Exempla: Keller.
H1143.1. H1143.1. Task: emptying the lake with a pail in one day. French Canadian: Sister Marie Ursule.
H1144. H1144. Task: measuring ocean. *Hdwb. d. Märchens s.v. “Meer austrinken, ausmessen”.
H1144.1. H1144.1. Task: to collect together all the drops of water. Jewish: Moreno Esdras.
H1144.2. H1144.2. Task: counting the waves. India: *Thompson-Balys.
H1145. H1145. Tasks: other difficult measurements.
H1145.1. H1145.1. Task: weighing fire. Jewish: Moreno Esdras (H1023.16).
H1145.2. H1145.2. Task: measuring a gust of wind. Jewish: Moreno Esdras (H1023.18).
H1146. H1146. Task: carrying mountain on head. India: Thompson-Balys.
H1147. H1147. Task: making ladder which whole army cannot set up. De Vries FFC LXXIII 323, 331.
H1149. H1149. Miscellaneous superhuman tasks.
H1149.1. H1149.1. Task: yoking together lion and wild boar. Greek: Fox 107 (Admetus), Grote I 108.
H1149.2. H1149.2. Task: lifting a certain cat. (Is serpent that embraces the earth.) Icelandic: Boberg (Thor and the Midgard serpent).
H1149.3. H1149.3. Task: defeating a certain old woman. (She is Old Age.) Hdwb. d. Märchens I 445b n. 432; Icelandic: Boberg.
H1149.4. H1149.4. Task: collecting enormous amount of material (number of rare objects, etc.) Irish myth: Cross.
H1149.5. H1149.5. Feat on spear point. Hero performs it as task set by otherworld amazon. Irish myth: Cross.
H1149.6. H1149.6. Task: breaking pigeon’s egg on parapet of castle. Pigeon in ferocious serpent. French Canadian: Sister Marie Ursule.
H1149.7. H1149.7. Task: drawing spear thrust through seven iron plates. India: Thompson-Balys.
H1149.8. H1149.8. Girl to bring cloth as long as river and raise pig as big as mountain. (Countertask: measure river and weigh mountain.) Chinese: Graham.
H1149.9. H1149.9. Task: lifting mountain. Countertask: placing it on my shoulders. India: Thompson-Balys.
H1149.10. H1149.10. Task: jumping across river in one bound. India: Thompson-Balys.
H1150. H1150. Tasks: stealing, capturing, or slaying. India: Thompson-Balys.
H1151. H1151. Theft as a task. *Type 1525; BP III 379ff.; Icelandic: MacCulloch Eddic 123; Missouri French: Carrière; India: *Thompson-Balys.
H1151.1. H1151.1. Task: stealing golden apples. *Fb “guldæble” I 516, “æble” III 1135b; Irish myth: *Cross; Icelandic: MacCulloch Eddic 179, *Boberg Greek: Fox 87, Frazer Apollodorus I 220 n. 1.
H1151.1.1. H1151.1.1. Task: stealing a golden lotus. India: Thompson-Balys.
H1151.2. H1151.2. Task: stealing twelve horses out of stall. (Cf. H1151.13.3.) *Type 1525; *Fb “hest”.
H1151.2.1. H1151.2.1. Task: stealing horse when owner has been forewarned. India: Thompson-Balys.
H1151.2.2. H1151.2.2. Task: stealing king’s horse as he rides on it. India: Thompson-Balys.
H1151.3. H1151.3. Task: stealing sheet from bed on which person is sleeping. *Type 1525; Missouri French: Carrière.
H1151.3.1. H1151.3.1. Task: stealing tray from king‘s bedside. India: Thompson-Balys.
H1151.4. H1151.4. Task: stealing ring from finger. *Type 1525.
H1151.5. H1151.5. Task: stealing belt from queen. Greek: Frazer Apollodorus I 203 n. 1 (Hercules).
H1151.5.1. H1151.5.1. Task: stealing girdle of goddess. Tuamotu: Stimson MS (z-G. 13/243).
H1151.6. H1151.6. Task: stealing elephant’s tail (tusks). Africa (Gold Coast): Barker and Sinclair 123 No. 22, (Ekoi): Talbot 208.
H1151.6.1. H1151.6.1. Task: stealing enormous diamond from elephant‘s forehead. India: Thompson-Balys.
H1151.7. H1151.7. Task: stealing the two horns of a savage bull. Icelandic: *Boberg.
H1151.7.1. H1151.7.1. Task: stealing gold-filled horn of wild three-horned ox. (Cf. H933.2.) Icelandic: *Boberg.
H1151.8. H1151.8. Task: stealing cattle which are guarded by a marvelous dog. Greek: Frazer Apollodorus I 87 n. 3 (Melampus).
H1151.9. H1151.9. Task: stealing troll’s golden horse. *Fb “guldhest”.
H1151.10. H1151.10. Task: bringing branch from tree guarded by ghosts. India: Thompson-Balys.
H1151.10.1. H1151.10.1. Task: stealing pears from ingeniously guarded garden. India: Thompson-Balys.
H1151.11. H1151.11. Task: bringing a baby lion‘s tail to use as broom. Africa (Hausa): Mischlich 80ff. No. 5.
H1151.12. H1151.12. Task: stealing eggs from under bird. Type 653; India: *Thompson-Balys; Africa: Weeks Jungle 43, (Madagascar): Renel II 118f. No. 91.
H1151.13. H1151.13. Task: stealing from a king. Irish myth: Cross.
H1151.13.1. H1151.13.1. Task: stealing pigskin from a king. Irish myth: *Cross.
H1151.13.2. H1151.13.2. Task: stealing spear from a king. Irish myth: *Cross.
H1151.13.3. H1151.13.3. Task: stealing horses (and chariot) from a king. (Cf. H1151.2.) Irish myth: *Cross.
H1151.13.4. H1151.13.4. Task: stealing hound from a king. Irish myth: *Cross.
H1151.13.5. H1151.13.5. Task: stealing three pearls from king‘s heavily guarded treasury. India: Thompson-Balys.
H1151.14. H1151.14. Task: stealing sword from giant. Icelandic: Boberg.
H1151.15. H1151.15. Task: stealing goddess Freya’s necklace. Icelandic: Boberg.
H1151.16. H1151.16. Task: stealing the mead of poetry. Icelandic: Boberg.
H1151.17. H1151.17. Task: stealing the bait of the demon Añan. S. A. Indian (Tupinamba): Métraux BBAE CXLIII (3) 132.
H1151.18. H1151.18. Task: liberating wife‘s sister, elephant’s captive, who lives in a box in his ear. India: Thompson-Balys.
H1151.19. H1151.19. Task: eating only what is stolen without sinning. Irish myth: Cross.
H1151.20. H1151.20. Task: stealing magic healing apples. (Cf. H1323.) French Canadian: Sister Marie Ursule.
H1151.21. H1151.21. Task: stealing magic healing water. (Cf. D1500.1.18.) French Canadian: Sister Marie Ursule.
H1151.22. H1151.22. Task: stealing laborer‘s pajamas. India: Thompson-Balys.
H1151.23. H1151.23. Task: stealing beautiful clothing of a witch. India: Thompson-Balys.
H1151.24. H1151.24. Task: stealing ogress’s drum. India: Thompson-Balys.
H1151.25. H1151.25. Task: stealing ogre‘s grain. India: Thompson-Balys.
H1151.26. H1151.26. Task: bringing ruby in head of devastating serpent. India: Thompson-Balys.
H1152. H1152. Task: selling an animal and keeping him.
H1152.1. H1152.1. Task: selling a sheep (goat) and bringing it back along with the money. (Shears and sells wool; brings animal back.) De Vries FFC LXXIII 43ff., 157; Irish: Cross, Baughman.
H1153. H1153. Task: selling three old women. (Devil finds that no one wants them.) *Type 1170; BP III 16.
H1154. H1154. Tasks: capturing animals. Irish myth: *Cross; Greek: Fox 80ff.
H1154.0.1. H1154.0.1. Task: bringing head(s) of animal(s). India: Thompson-Balys.
H1154.1. H1154.1. Task: capturing magic pig carrying scissors, comb, and razors between its ears. Irish myth: *Cross; Welsh: MacCulloch Celtic 187.
H1154.2. H1154.2. Task: capturing deer from herd watched by giant. English: Wells 115 (Sir Eglamour).
H1154.2.1. H1154.2.1. Task: capturing ninety pigs, ninety horses, and one hundred wild oxen. Icelandic: Boberg.
H1154.3. H1154.3. Task: bridling a wild animal.
H1154.3.1. H1154.3.1. Task: bridling a wild horse. Finnish: Kalevala rune 14; Italian Novella: Rotunda; Spanish: Espinosa Jr. No. 74.
H1154.3.2. H1154.3.2. Task: bridling ferocious bear. Finnish: Kalevala rune 19.
H1154.3.3. H1154.3.3. Task: capturing and binding ferocious boar. India: Thompson-Balys.
H1154.3.3.1. H1154.3.3.1. Task: measuring (killing) wild boar. Irish myth: *Cross.
H1154.3.4. H1154.3.4. Task: capturing wild elephant. Africa (Fang): Einstein 70ff. (= Trilles 190ff. No. 11).
H1154.3.5. H1154.3.5. Task: loading ferocious camels. Africa (Kordofan): Frobenius Atlantis IV 101ff. No. 11.
H1154.3.6. H1154.3.6. Task: yoking stags. Irish myth: Cross.
H1154.3.7. H1154.3.7. Task: bringing tigers.
H1154.3.7.1. H1154.3.7.1. Task: procuring four full-grown tigers to guard four gates of king’s palace. India: Thompson-Balys.
H1154.4. H1154.4. Task: catching huge fish without nets or tackle. Finnish: Kalevala rune 19.
H1154.5. H1154.5. Task: capturing elk. Finnish: Kalevala rune 13.
H1154.6. H1154.6. Task: capturing squirrel and rattlesnake. American Negro (Georgia): Harris Nights 203 No. 35.
H1154.7. H1154.7. Task: capturing bird. Irish myth: Cross.
H1154.7.1. H1154.7.1. Task: retrieving king‘s falcon. Italian Novella: Rotunda.
H1154.7.2. H1154.7.2. Task: capturing blackbird (yearly). Irish myth: Cross.
H1154.7.3. H1154.7.3. Task: procuring four full-grown peacocks to sit one on each of four golden pinnacles of palace room. India: Thompson-Balys.
H1154.8. H1154.8. Task: capturing magic horse. Type 313.
H1154.9. H1154.9. Task: capturing pair of every wild animal in the land. Irish myth: *Cross.
H1154.10. H1154.10. Task: capturing badgers. Irish myth: Cross.
H1154.11. H1154.11. Task: obtaining marrow of wild pig, lard of wild boar, water bird (coot?). Irish myth: *Cross.
H1154.12. H1154.12. Task: bringing in fierce lion alive. India: Thompson-Balys.
H1155. H1155. Task: taming wild animals. (Cf. H1154.3.)
H1155.1. H1155.1. Riding and taming a wild horse. India: *Thompson-Balys.
H1155.1.1. H1155.1.1. Task: grooming unruly mare. India: Thompson-Balys.
H1155.2. H1155.2. Task: milking unruly cow. India: *Thompson-Balys.
H1155.3. H1155.3. Task: feeding dangerous man-eating sow. India: Thompson-Balys.
H1155.4. H1155.4. Task: caring for mad elephant. India: Thompson-Balys.
H1155.5. H1155.5. Task: riding buffaloes. India: Thompson-Balys.
H1156. H1156. Task: incurring anger of ferocious animal.
H1156.1. H1156.1. Task: setting fire to brush wood near abode of sacred cobra. India: Thompson-Balys.
H1161. H1161. Task: killing ferocious beast. Irish: MacCulloch Celtic 126, *Cross; English: Wells 115 (Sir Eglamour of Artois); Icelandic: *Boberg; Finnish: Kalevala rune 14; Missouri French: Carrière; Greek: Frazer Apollodorus I 184 n. 2, 187 n. 3, 191 n. 3, 197 n. 3, 199 n. 2, 200 n. 1, 210 n. 1 (Hercules), II 59 n. 1 (Cychreus); Africa (Basuto): Jacottet 3 No. 1.
H1161.1. H1161.1. Task: killing murderous bird. India: Thompson-Balys.
H1161.2. H1161.2. Task: overcoming savage buffalo. India: Thompson-Balys.
H1161.2.1. H1161.2.1. Task: killing ox. Icelandic: Boberg.
H1161.2.2. H1161.2.2. Task: killing fierce bull. (Cf. H1151.7.) India: Thompson-Balys.
H1161.3. H1161.3. Task: overcoming elephant. Icelandic: *Boberg; India: Thompson-Balys.
H1161.3.1. H1161.3.1. Task: mouse to fight single-handed with king’s state elephant and destroy it. India: Thompson-Balys.
H1161.4. H1161.4. Task: killing golden pig. India: Thompson-Balys.
H1161.5. H1161.5. Task: killing devastating lion. India: Thompson-Balys.
H1161.6. H1161.6. Task: killing devastating tiger. India: *Thompson-Balys.
H1162. H1162. Task: killing certain man. (Cf. H335.3, H335.5, H335.6.) Icelandic: Boberg; India: Thompson-Balys.
H1162.1. H1162.1. Task: overcoming robbers. India: *Thompson-Balys.
H1162.2. H1162.2. Task: slaying king‘s son so that father will not die. India: Thompson-Balys.
H1163. H1163. Task: uprooting man-devouring tree. (Cf. H335.) Jewish: Neuman.
H1165. H1165. Task: bullfight (buffaloes). India: Thompson-Balys.
H1166. H1166. Task: duel. Icelandic: Boberg.
H1166.1. H1166.1. Task: wrestling etc. with giant warrior. Icelandic: *Boberg.
H1172. H1172. Task: bringing an ogre to court. Köhler-Bolte I 306.
H1173. H1173. Task: luring Thor into the power of giants. Icelandic: Boberg.
H1174. H1174. Suitor test: killing monster. India: Thompson-Balys.
H1174.1. H1174.1. Task: bringing back two heads of a giant. India: Thompson-Balys.
H1174.2. H1174.2. Task: overcoming dragon. Icelandic: Þiðriks saga I 175ff.
H1177. H1177. Bringing fairies to court.
H1177.1. H1177.1. Suitor task: to make fairies dance before princess. India: Thompson-Balys.
H1180. H1180. Miscellaneous tasks.
H1181. H1181. Task: raising a buried treasure. *Type 613; Christiansen FFC XXIV 92ff.
H1182. H1182. Task: letting king hear something that neither he nor his subjects have ever heard. (Reads a letter from a foreign king demanding a loan.) Chauvin VI 39 No. 207.
H1182.1. H1182.1. Task: recovering money owed by a foreign king. *Cosquin Contes indiens 474ff.
H1182.2. H1182.2. King asks favorite minister to show him a trick that he has never seen before. India: Thompson-Balys.
H1183. H1183. Task: carrying a wagon axle which has broken a wheel. *BP III 16.
H1184. H1184. Task: cutting down tree without scratching for stinging insects. (Scratches surreptitiously while gesticulating.) *Jamaica Beckwith MAFLS XVII 250f. No. 29.
H1185. H1185. Task: preparing the food “Oh my”. (Needle put in food which causes eater to say “Oh my!”) De Vries FFC LXXIII 250.
H1185.1. H1185.1. Task: buying a coin’s worth of eggs and another of “ay, ay.” Servant puts nettles in bag with eggs, and master cries “Ay, ay” when he touches the nettles. Spanish: Childers.
H1186. H1186. Task: making pigs dance. Breton: Sébillot Incidents s.v. “cochons”. Cf. Type 850.
H1187. H1187. Task left by departing husband for virgin wife to accomplish: have a son whose real mother she is and whose real father he is. She accomplishes this by disguising as a girl. Köhler-Bolte II 647ff. *Liungman Två Folkminnesundersökningar 25 n. 1; FSS 7ff. (H922); India: *Thompson-Balys; Icelandic: Boberg.
H1188. H1188. Task: plowing field of vipers. (Puts on iron boots.) Finnish: Kalevala rune 19.
H1191. H1191. Task: blinding a witch. Italian: Basile Pentamerone IV No. 4.
H1191.1. H1191.1. Task: beheading witch, and bringing head to king. French Canadian: Sister Marie Ursule.
H1191.2. H1191.2. Task: catching devastating witch who haunts king‘s best garden. India: Thompson-Balys.
H1192. H1192. Task: combing hair of fairies. Type 480; Roberts 168; Italian: Basile Pentamerone III No. 10.
H1193. H1193. Task: causing dry spring to flow again. *Type 613; *Hdwb. d. Märchens I 346a nn. 121 – 22.
H1194. H1194. Task: making person laugh. Irish myth: Cross; Icelandic: Boberg; India: *Thompson-Balys.
H1194.0.1. H1194.0.1. Task: causing silent person to speak. India: Thompson-Balys.
H1194.1. H1194.1. Man whose laughter brings rain will not laugh: brought to laughter when people who, unknown to each other, have gone to sleep in same dark room frighten each other. India: Thompson-Balys.
H1194.2. H1194.2. Task: making jackal laugh (weep). India: *Thompson-Balys.
H1195. H1195. Task: having a shirt made by a woman free from trouble and worry. Italian Novella: Rotunda.
H1196. H1196. Task: freeing king from clutches of magic doll. Will marry rescuer if a girl. Italian Novella: *Rotunda.
H1197. H1197. Task: crossing weed-filled stream. Hero spreads cloth on weeds and floats across. India: Thompson-Balys.
H1198. H1198. Task: picking ruby out of a tray filled with identical rubies. India: Thompson-Balys.
H1199. H1199. Other tasks.
H1199.1. H1199.1. Task: planting beautiful garden. India: Thompson-Balys.
H1199.2. H1199.2. Task: healing sick person. Types 551, 610 – 12; Africa (Tanga): Nassau JAFL XXVIII 30ff. No. 5.
H1199.2.1. H1199.2.1. Task: causing sickness to come to certain tribe. Irish myth: Cross.
H1199.2.2. H1199.2.2. Task: curing extraordinarily incurable ulcer. India: Thompson-Balys.
H1199.3. H1199.3. Task: shouting from forbidden place. Irish myth: *Cross.
H1199.4. H1199.4. Task: engraving shield with unique pattern. Irish myth: Cross.
H1199.5. H1199.5. Task: disenchantment. (Cf. D700.) Irish myth: Cross.
H1199.6. H1199.6. Task: swine to shake bole of certain tree. Irish myth: Cross.
H1199.7. H1199.7. Task: swine to eat fish of certain waters. Irish myth: Cross.
H1199.8. H1199.8. Task: defending oneself alone against fifteen ships, sixty men. (Cf. H915.1.) Icelandic: Boberg.
H1199.9. H1199.9. Task: ridding city of thieves. India: Thompson-Balys.
H1199.9.1. H1199.9.1. Task: discovering ring-thief. India: Thompson-Balys.
H1199.10. H1199.10. Task: jumping over fire. Icelandic: Boberg.
H1199.11. H1199.11. Task: going to bed with Odin, the underworld’s king. Icelandic: Boberg.
H1199.12. H1199.12. Task: unusual pasturing.
H1199.12.1. H1199.12.1. Task: shepherd in God‘s service tending sheep and following where they go. On the way, he sees many wonderful things. (Cf. F171.0.1.) Lithuanian: Balys Index No. 806*.
H1199.12.2. H1199.12.2. Task: pasturing witch’s cattle (really her daughters). Grateful animals give help (cf. B571.) Lithuanian: Balys Index No. 557*.
H1199.13. H1199.13. Task: squaring the lumber on a stone without blunting the axe. Woman is purposely sent to distract him. Lithuanian: Balys Legends No. 491f.
H1199.14. H1199.14. Task: climbing extraordinary (high, thin) cliff. Irish myth: Cross.
H1199.15. H1199.15. Task: securing dishes which have been locked up in vault. French Canadian: Sister Marie Ursule.
H1199.16. H1199.16. Task: producing seven pairs of chopsticks in seven plates. (A lacquered plate and pair of chopsticks – seven coats of lacquer.) Chinese: Graham.
H1199.17. H1199.17. Task: guarding.
H1199.17.1. H1199.17.1. Task: guarding palace at night that no one can enter or leave. India: Thompson-Balys.
H1199.17.2. H1199.17.2. Task: guarding six sisters-in-law so that they do not joke or talk to anyone. India: Thompson-Balys.
H1199.18. H1199.18. Task: knocking off single fruit from king‘s tree. India: Thompson-Balys.

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