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Group No. 112


G. Ogres

Group No.

G300 – G302

Group name

Other ogres


G300. Other ogres.
G301. Monsters. Usually not clearly defined. See this entire chapter on ogres. Irish myth: *Cross; Jewish: *Neuman.
G302. Demons. Malevolent creatures (not usually further defined). Irish: Plummer cliii, *Cross; Swiss: Jegerlehner Oberwallis 305 No. 36; Jewish: *Neuman; Babylonian: Spence 276f.; Hindu: Penzer I 205, Tawney II 232 n.; Chinese: Graham, Werner 432b s.v. ”Demons“; Eskimo (Mackenzie Area): Jenness 82; S. A. Indian (Chaco): Alexander Lat. Am. 323.
G302.1. Origin of demons and their companions. Jewish: *Neuman.
G302.1.1. Demons: soul of the giants who perished in the flood. (Cf. A1010.) Jewish: *Neuman.
G302.1.2. Evil spirits born of echo in chaos. Jewish: Neuman.
G302.2. Varieties of demons. Jewish: *Neuman.
G302.2.1. Kingdom of demons. (Cf. G303.) Jewish: *Neuman.
G302.2.2. Devil King. Chinese: Graham.
G302.3. Form of demon.
G302.3.0.1. Demon’s size changed at will. (Cf. D631.7.) Jewish: *Neuman.
G302.3.1. Demon as fiery pillar. Jewish: Neuman.
G302.3.2. Demon in animal form. Jewish: Neuman.
G302.3.3. Demon in form of old woman. (Cf. C745, D651, G1263.0.1.) India: *Thompson-Balys.
G302.4. Physical characteristics of demons.
G302.4.1. Six characteristics of demons: three like angels, three like men. Jewish: *Neuman.
G302.4.2. Invisibility of demons. Jewish: Neuman.
G302.4.3. Demons have only souls but no bodies. Jewish: *Neuman.
G302.4.4. Demons cast no shadow. (Cf. F1038, G369.3.) Jewish: *Neuman.
G302.4.5. Feet of demons. Jewish: Neuman.
G302.4.5.1. Demons have cock-feet. Jewish: Neuman.
G302.5. Haunts of demons.
G302.5.1. Desert the abode of demons. Jewish: Neuman.
G302.5.2. Egypt as abode of demons. Jewish: *Neuman.
G302.5.3. Demons present at discussion in academies. Jewish: Neuman.
G302.6. Circumstances of demons‘ appearance.
G302.6.1. Demons appear only at stated times. Jewish: *Neuman.
G302.7. Mortal experiences of demons.
G302.7.1. Sexual relation between man and demons. Jewish: Neuman.
G302.7.2. Demons marry among themselves. Jewish: *Neuman.
G302.8. Demon’s helpers. Jewish: Neuman.
G302.9. Deeds of demons.
G302.9.1. Demons attack men. Jewish: Neuman.
G302.9.2. Demons abduct men and torment them. Jewish: Neuman.
G302.9.3. Demons tempt men. Jewish: Neuman.
G302.9.4. Demons injure and strangle little children. Jewish: *Neuman.
G302.9.5. Demons help Satan. (Cf. G303.10.) Jewish: Neuman.
G302.9.6. Demons fool men in their dreams. (Cf. G303.11.1.) Jewish: Neuman.
G302.9.7. Enormous quantities of food eaten by demons. Jewish: Neuman.
G302.9.8. Demons teach men idolatry. Jewish: *Neuman.
G302.9.9. Demons goad man to treachery. Jewish: *Neuman.

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