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The Chits Children story

(Just the main lines)

There was an old man. He had a very very little garden (perhaps 20cm X.20 cm). He decided to plant vegitables.

He worked there every day, cleaning and watering. He got marvelous vegitables (Here give a long long list of all the vegitables you know - ask the children help - What more? Mix some fruits, just for the fun of it - oranges, watermelon (40 cm X 40 cm), bananas.

He got such nice vegitables - Wou! every tomato - Cucumber! Every cucumber - Tomato!

"What shell I do with such wonderful vegitables? I have an idea! I'll bring it to the king!"

He brought the king a whole basket (Wou! every tomato - Cucumber! Every cucumber... - Tomato! let the children complete the words).

The king was dilighted. He tasted it (Wou! every tomato - Cucumber! Every cucumber... - Tomato !). "What would you like to get for your wonderful present? Gold? Money? Just ask!"

"Well" said the old man, "Give me a chit, a piece of paper"

"Piece of paper? And what you do you want me to write on it?"

"Give an order that every man in the city who has a bath-house should give me 2 boxes tax."

"O.K. here you are, but it not enough, ask for something with real value - gold, diamonds. You know I am a king!"

"O.K. so give me another chit."

"Another chit? And what do you want me to write on it?"

"That every one in the city who is bald should give me 2 boxes royal tax"

"O.K. you got it, but now ask for something good. Last chance!"

What do you think he asked? Yes...  Another chit

This time he asked that every one that his wife name is Fatma should pay him 2 $ tax. Then he get fourth chance - he askes for a chit where it is written that every one that his donkey brought a new donkey-foal to the world should pay him 2 $.

He goes outside. He finds a man with a bath-house. He tells him he owes him 2 $. The man gets angry - Why? How come?" "Well, I have a chit from the king!"  The man takes his hat off and the old man sees he has a bald.

"Oh, sorry sorry, you do don't owe me 2 $. I t is a mistake." "I KNEW it was a mistake"

"Well truth is that you owe me 4 $"


"Well, I have another chit..."

"Fatma!" he calls his wife, "Come and see what the king does to me - new taxes"

"Wait a moment - your wife name is Fatma?"

"And if so - what?"

"Then I did a mistake. You do not owe me 4 $!"

"I Knew it is a mistake!"

  "Well truth is that you do not owe me 2 $, you do not owe me 4 $ you owe me 6 boxes!"

"6 $ - my God! you just sais 4 $"

  "Well your wife name is Fatma and I have a chit... (Preper the chits at home and show it to the children). Now Fatma goes out and after her the donkey and after the big big donkey - a very little just born...

"Sorry, sorry, sorry you do not owe me 2. you do not owe me 4. (All the children together: YOU DO NOT OWE ME 6. YOU OWE ME 8 BOXES!"

Each time the man is more angry and more crazy (play the role) and the old man more calm and more polite.

End of story: He cursed and cursed and cried but the money, he DID pay!!