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The New Game

Directions: Part the children into two groups. Each time you point the right group they should cry PING!

Each time you point the left group they should cry PONG! After you check it works as it should you begin the story:


In the great kingdom of China in the district of PONG in the city of PING there was a man and his name was PONG. (LOWDER children LOWDER PLEASE) And this man invented a new game and called it PING.

In the same time, in another district of great China, in the district of PING in the city of PONG there was a man and his name was PING, and he invented also a wonderful game and called it PONG.

And both of them PING from PONG and PONG from PING thought it would be very nice if he bring his new game to the great emperor of China.

So, one morning PONG from PING from district PONG took the game PING to the king. And on the same day PING from PONG from PING took His game, that is PONG, to show it to the king.

And the king liked very much the game PING that was brought by PONG and not less the game PONG that was brought by PING. And the more he checked them he discovered that, as a matter of fact, it is the same game. And now there was a great problem: should he call it PONG as PING proposed or call it PING as PONG proposed. And all night long he thought and thought :



And then, just before the sunrize he has an inspiration and he decided to name the new game... CHESS!