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The Center of Folktales and Folklore was founded through the initiative of people in the academic and educational world in order to spread knowledge, and to encourage public interest in this field.

The Center is directed by Dr. Yoel Perez, a lecturer in the Folklore Section of Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, an author and a storyteller


The aims of the center

1.   To collect and catalogue folk tales from Israel and from all over the world by storing them on computer disks, records and video cassettes.

2.   To arrange field research in folk tales and folklore.

3.   To publish collections of stories and essays, as well as a news letter from time to time.

4.   To develop "learning kits" for use in schools and to bring pupils to the center for "hands -on" activities and meetings with story-tellers in person.

5.   To arrange lectures, conferences, workshops and storytellers performances for the general public.


Nowadays we have a pool of stories representing the different Jewish communities of Israel, and also a wide selection of Bedouin folk tales. These stories have been recorded in Arabic from most of the tribes in the Galilee, translated into Hebrew, and are intended for computer storage.

In addition there is activity in the area of the traditional Turkish Shadow Theater "Karagoz".


The center published two Hebrew collections of Folk Tales for adults:

1.   Royal Banquet.

2.   Wedding Offering.

The center published also an Hebrew translation of Gilgamesh Epic and a magazine of folktales and folklore (Mizracha LaShemesh, Ma'arava LaYareach)

All books are available from the Center.


For more information, please contact:


34 Bikurim St.

Haifa 34577



Phone (Dr. Yoel Perez): (972) 4 - 8383510

E-Mail yoelprz@netvision.net.il