Elisheva Schoenfeld





Zaddik(im) (see also: "Hassid(im)", "Hassidic rabbi")

Z. advises merchant to burn his account book which had revealed bankruptcy. - 3017

Z. eats doughnuts with lots of salt. Mitnaged wonders how he takes his wife. - 616

Z. and heretic in Heaven. Z. looks for paradise but has killed a bug on Sabbat, the other for hell but has saved a life. -1820

Z. and mitnaged meet in third class department in train. - 640

Z. and mitnaged turn their eyes heavenwards. The one sees angels the other aces. - 639.

Z. mourns during the night of 9th of Av. Taxcollector believes he has just come from a town destroyed by fire. - 1245

Z. reprimands maskil for correcting his spelling mistake. - 635

Z. sees the many hassidim who come to him on eve of Rosh Hashanah and laughs. - 642

Z. suspected of having an affair with gentile woman. - 617

Z. is the greatest trader, trades with the Almighty. - 621

Z. visited by lumber merchant is paid for the prayer for snow so as to facilitate the transport of lumber. - 603

Z.'s grandson does not give a blessing. - 612

Z.'s son compared to Lot's daughters. - 634

Z.'s future reward: 310 worlds. "If he were granted one only he would empty his chamber pot in the world of his neighbor." - 1891

Z.'s future reward: 310 worlds. Ben Ze'ev cries and laughs as he knows what kind of worlds z. will get. - 2184

The zaddikim of the Apt school differ from the Chernobi1 one in their table manners. - 651

Z. in Heaven will be fed Leviatan (Wale) which has no need to be slaughtered like the Wild Ox. - 400

Z. of old and z. of the present in the eyes of Hersheli. - 647

Z. would not exist if there were no money in the world. - 624

"The later z. are greater than the earlier ones." Proof according to phrases from the Bible. - 618


Russian Z. and German Kaiser in World War I. Former is reliable: whatever he takes he immediately returns. Later takes but never returns. - 2761

Russian Z. intended to take revenge of Kaiser Wi1helm. - 2757

Russian Z. promised reward to anyone who would bring him Hindenburg's head. - 2758


Z. is too much affected by Herzl's personality, according to Wolffsohn. - 2600

Z. derided by orthodox Jews. (R. stern's parable on the shipwreck). - 2687

Z. discredited because of its three aims: Erets Israel, Hebrew and Jews. - 2593

Z. discredited by rich man, when he is asked for a contribution. - 2594


Z. Bentsi is very much upset when forbidden to put the blue collecting box in the synagogue on eve of Yom Kippur. - 2591

Z. congress in Prague was crowded. The incoming crowd was directed to the right, and the left-wing delegate was outraged. - 2605

Z. tourist in Haifa complains that the Carmel is on the wrong side. - 2655

"A Z. is a Jew who asks for a contribution from a second Jew for the settlement of a third Jew in Palestine." - 2595

Z. movement. Convention of the Z. movement said to be sleeping potion. - 2604

Z. student does not remember who was hanged: The Ten Tribes or the Ten Commandments. - 1268

Z. youth only know the name of the street in Tel-Aviv. - 2670

"Zionists become non-Zionists and non-Zionists become Zionists in Erets Israel." (Lilienblum) - 2665

Zoological gardens

Z.g. were emptied of lions, bears, wolves and stags at the time of the Nazis in Germany. (Jewish names. Also: 1601). - 1988

Fool in z.g. blesses the lions (pun). - 1172