Elisheva Schoenfeld





Yeshiva, head of

Commentary to the legend of the man whom God provided with breasts to feed his infant. - 1871

Yeshiva student(s)

Y.s. after long absence "happens" to pass and visit rabbi. - 217

Y.s. accuses postmaster of yeshiva of being drunk. - 840

Y.s. boasts of all he had done with one quarter of butter plus wrapping. - 2854

Y.s. is given meals by supporters of y. Is asked for his "favours" on days of fast as well. - 2181

Y.s. seems to be prophet after taking away his dowry from bankrupt man his father-in-law had trusted. - 103

Y.s. steals silver spoons from host. - 1363

Y.s. has stolen from fellow s. Returns items to rabbi. - 1362

Y.s. wants to marry pianist. Matchmaker is reluctant to take care of the matter. - 1512

Y.s. wants to marry. Is told by matchmaker that he first must get rid of lice. - 1482

Y. students over photograph of person with silk hat and gloves. Wonder whether it depicts summer or winter. - 2214


Y. on visit to Tel-Aviv tries whether Hebrew speaking child yells in Hebrew when taken by surprise. - 2636


Y. man asks rabbi whether to wed a pretty girl without money or a homely one with money. - 1495 (1497)

Y. man from city woos provincial maiden. - 731

Y. man is determined to see the bride naked before the wedding. - 1520

Y. man of eighteen asks modern rabbi whether he already is bar-mitsva. - 1267

Y. man eligible for being husband of daughter is worth an adequate dowry. - 1499

Y. man "forgets" part of new moon blessing. - 1785

Y. man lives with his lady without being married until the wedding takes place. - 1806

Y. man and maiden. Dialog on kisses and pleasures. - 1674

Y. man pretends to be shortsighted so as to avoid being mobilized to the army. - 1123

Y. man refuses to marry deaf (lame) maiden suggested by matchmaker. - 1471, 1474

Y. man refuses to see matchmakers. Wants to marry the girl he loves. - 1705

Y. man related to Rabbi Loew of Prague. - 1461

Y. man submits his treatise to Meir Dik. Latter warns that he would have to be poor for forty years if he wanted to be a writer. - 584

Y. man and three girls in train. - 1803

Y. man wants to marry the younger of two daughters. Father reluctant to comply. - 1513

Y. man on his way to fair is requested to be one of a quorum for prayer. Refuses to comply. - 1783

Y. man's prayer: "God, you created a world with wagons without horses... zaddikim without heart and rich people without money... give me a dowry without a wife." - 3019

Y. people must refrain from sinning. Old men are too frail for resisting the Evil Impulse. - 1832