Elisheva Schoenfeld






Rabbi and Adulterer

R. to adulterer: "If you want to sin (on Succot) have your meals outside the succah." - 2998

R. to adulterer: "Do not covet thy neighbor's wife!" - 1811 (1758)

R. does not succeed in imposing penance on adulterer. - 1789

R. explains to married coachman in love with "neighbor's wife" that he is a lecher. - 2999

Adulterer before r. rebuked: "Because of your sin innocent children die!" - 1788

Adulterer "proves" to r. that he had been entitled to sleep with another's wife . - 3040

Shemerl "proves" to r. that he had not transgressed when sleeping with a married wife. - 1792

Rabbi as Adviser in Connubial Problems. (see also: "Husband(s)", "Wife(ves)")

R. advises wife complaining about cursing husband. - 3033

R. and couple appealing for divorce. Wife claims husband to be a fool. 1129, 1130

R. decides that the couple wishing to be divorced should have an equal number of children first. - 1646

R. demands fifty rubles from man appealing for divorce. - 1648

R. grants a divorce. - 1605

R. implored by man to dissolve daughter's marriage. - 1722

R. and man appealing for divorce from ugly wife. - 1527, 1528

R. as mediator between quarrelling couple. - 1572, 1573

R. refuses to mediate between glutting wife and drinking husband. - 1654

R. visited by old man appealing for a divorce after forty years of marriage. 1642

R. visited by woman appealing for a divorce. - 1647

R. visited by young man complaining the girl he had married had not been a virgin. - 1815.

Rabbi Appointed by the Russian Government

R. is a gambler. - 452

R. ignorant of Hebrew names. - 451

(Schwabacher) of Odessa dressed like a priest demands a carriage and horses. - 2384

R. suggests two kinds of treatment for "croaking" shofar. - 450

The new r. is stuttering. - 449

Rabbi and Coachman. (see also: "Coachman(men)")

R. and coachman exchange roles and robes. - 439

R. follows instructions of coachman. - 3129

R. leaves wagon when horses must go uphill. - 2273

R. has lost his sandals. - 389

R. wonders about the road being built up-hill as well as down-hill. - 388

Ten rabbis ask their coachman to act as cantor in inn. - 440

Rabbi in the Community. (see also: "Leader(s) of the Community", "Slaughterer(s)")

R. (Hayot) applied for the post of r. R. Orenstein recommended. - 428

(Yossi-Bar) believes that a new r. cannot be lesser than the one who has died. - 443

R. (Cook) called to High Commissioner. - 2677

R. is called to open letter marked "top secret". - 1728

R. - cantor - slaughterer is no prophet. - 448

R. not dismissed by the community is no r. A dismissed r. is no human being. - 418

R. elected as member of Sejm is in need of two medical certificates. - 2360

R. examines candidate for office of slaughterer. - 492, 493

R. has new father called to the Tora third in line. - 915

R. forbids women to visit stock exchange between noon and one. - 9

R. 1eaving town for another post is accompanied by 1eaders of community. - 377

R. Menashe complains about hassidim as well as mitnagdim. - 589

R. of Neutra calls some of his flock to "break the doors of Heaven." - 1340

R. of Neutra consoles leader of comm~nity who had forgotten to lock his door. - 1338

R. proposes new cantor. - 522

R. has proselyte examined by judges. - 392

R. proves to stranger that leaders of community are fraudulent and lying. 368

R. (Malbim) refuses to have an ill reputed man join the quorum of ten. - 2361

R. of thieves is asked whether a man may put his hand into another's pocket. (Pun) - 1343

R. "wins" at cards. - 2376

R.'s slip of the tongue in reading the Haggadah. - 1182

Lithuanian r. was expert in modifying the calendar. - 1212

New r. anxious to please prolongs his prayer. - 445

New r. is greater in stature but smaller in knowledge than predecessor. - 442

Newly appointed r. does not know the "weekly portion". - 3006

The post of a r. demands a very special equipment. - 414

Present sent to the r. on eve of holiday. - 413

Sick r. must drink goat's milk and walk. - 406 (387)

Sick r. refuses to see elders of community. - 437

Unpopular r. is asked to leave his post. - 419

Where does the r. learn from that he should keep apart from the community? - 431

Where is it written that the r. must fear God? - 430

Great rabbis are not as successful as Hitler in making the Jews repent. -1989

Rabbi as Counsellor of his Flock (various Problems)

R. asked how to cut a tree trunk into three parts. - 2242

R. asked whether one may live in a place where no doctor resides. - 892

R. asked whether one may marry the sister of one's widow. - 386

R. asked what would happen to one forgetful of a certain prayer. - 1785

R. consulted by man on the use of a snake (his mother-in-law) for capparah. - 3039

R. keeps moving away from woman trying to tell her secrets close to his ear. - 964

R. listens to complaint of taxcol1ector on son-in-law. - 1239

R. and priest are asked 'to pray for the luck of a Jew in lottery. - 2029 (2030)

R. recommends that old, bachelor should get married. - 1011

R. visited by man complaining about his son-in-1aw. - 401

R. visited by sick man, blind man and old one on eve of Nintn of Av. - 1134

R. visited by woman complaining about husband who never uses philacteries. - 1781

Jewish beggar brought before r. is reprimanded for pretending to be Proselyte. - 2987

Merchant tells r. his misfortunes in business. - 11

Young man asks r. for advice regarding his possible mobilization to army. -2126

Rabbi and the Dying

R. is called to dying man's bed for writing will. - 1626

R. is called to dying man's bed for discussing the will with sons. - 1706

R. consoles old man on deathbed with all the beauty and goodness in Heaven. - 1870

Dying childless man trusts his money to r. to be spent on welfare. - 372


Dying ignoramus asks r. for instruction on the laws of death. - 1254

Jew dying of cholera calls for priest. Does not want r. to catch the disease. - 2066

The Rabbi and his Family

R. believes that prayer of thanksgiving should be said after death. - 1545

R. has betrothed his daughter to rich man's son. Cannot keep the marriage contract. - 1503

R. does not find husband for ugly daughter. - 2097

R. finds his wife sitting too close to French officer. - 3042

R. hastens out of the cemetery as soon as his wife is buried. - 1580

R. and son. Who has the right of boasting of whom? - 1712

R. is sure he will not be in hell after death thanks to his evil wife. - 1598

R. wants his son to be dispensed of military service. - 2714

R. and his wife, a mesalliance. (Parable) - 1561

R.'s daughter given in marriage to son of zaddik. - 1664

R.'s wife detects the hole at the bottom of the wine keg. - 379

R.'s wife is known for abusive speech. - 1599

R.'s wife must save money. - 378

R.'s wife is sinning. Instead of blessing after meal she is cursing. - 1560

R.'s wife is small, plump and cursing. - 1557

R.'s wife is sorry for not being born a boy, and so is the r. - 1558

R.'s wife unsatisfied with her husband living in a poor community. - 410

R.'s educated wife is hurt when listening to the morning prayer. - 1631

R.'s first wife was quarrelsome, and so is the second. - 1581

R.'s ugly wife thought to be serving maid by visitor. - 1525

Matchmaker sent away by r. for offering rich tailor's daughter as prospective bride for r.' s son. - 1462

Sephardic r.'s cursing wife has died. - 1582

Rabbi as Guide in dietary Matters. (see also: "Taxcollector(s)")

R. consulted on dietary laws. - 1849

R. consulted on meat into which boy's yarmulka had fallen. - 396

R. consulted on slaughter of turkey. - 395 (394)

R. declares slaughtered oxen with slight defect fit for consumption. - 399

Rabbi and Gentiles (Clergy and Officials)

R. and bishop invited by king. Bishop offers r. his food. R. retaliates. - 2023

R. and bishop invited by king. Both will eat the same food at the bishop's wedding. - 2024

R. and bishop talk about the "Christian God of Love" and the "Jewish God of Vengeance". - 2033

R. and cardinal discuss foreskins and. castration. - 2025

R. and parson discuss the difference between synagogue and church and between prayers. - 2021

R. and parson. Parson was told that Jews get up before r. and sit down before dog. - 1949

R. and parson. Parson wonders why the daughters of Israel are so young when married off. - 2022

R. replaced by smith in dispute with bishop in sign language. - 2028

Rabbi and Heretics. (see also: "Eating", "Heretic(s)")

R. advises heretic to convert to Christianity. - 1876

R. examines Welfele who had left the Jewish way of life. - 1758

R. of heretics asks for worm eaten fig as penance before his death. - 1743

R. of heretics on deathbed calls for orthodox r. for confession. - 1869

R. imposes penance on transgressors. - 1606

R. rebukes Jew for eating on Ninth of Av. - 1756 (1755)

R. rebukes person for desecrating Sabbat in public. - 1770, 1771

R. rebukes taxcollector for eating on Ninth of Av. - 1755 (1756)

R. rebukes transgressor of dietary laws. - 1735

R. visits sick heretic (Shemerl) and reminds him of his duty to confess. - 1745

Man asks r. for penance. Has eaten porc with the result of a nightmare. -960

Old r. going to prayer in the morning annoyed with Jews playing cards that early. - 985

Rabbi Holding Degree of Doctor

R. called "ignoramus" by Lithuanian r. - 460

R. preaches against the institution of brothels. - 1814

R. preaches on Joseph and Suleika. - 453

R. rebuked by Polish Jew for being shaved. - 457

R. thought to be impartial in dispute between man and God. - 429

Rabbis compare R. Meir Leibush with Moses. - 456

R. discuss the corrections of the prayer book. - 1262

Ashkenazi r. are exempted from the army. - 461

"Since the number of r. has increased Judaism has become sick." - 459

Rabbi and Ignoramusses. (see also: "Ingnoramus(ses)", "Taxcollector(s)", "Rich")

R. claims that all seats on Eastern Wall are occupied by horses. - 376

Rabbi as Judge. (see also: "Bribe")

R. is bribed by a "toy" which buys food. - 3001

R. cannot be bribed. (Parable) - 420

R. as judge in dispute between fraudulent horsedealer and buyer. - 1314

R. as judge .in dispute between man and his son-in-law over the support of latter's family. 1716, 1717

R. as judge in dispute over property and money. - 1893

R. as judge in dispute between husband and stealing wife. - 385

R. as judge in the suit over skins of foxes. - 391

R. as judge in the suit over the skins of martens. - 390

R. as judge. "You are right," said to both litigants as well as to his wife. 382

R. listens to dispute over piece of land. - 1894

R. observes two men talking with each other. Offers his services as judge. -384

R. said to take bribe. - 426

R. is sure that two men accusing each other of owing money one to the other, both of them are liars. - 1344

R. has taken bribe from defendant and is reprimanded by plaintiff. (Pun) - 422

R. takes bribe. (Parable) - 421

R. takes ten shekel bribe. - 423

R. wants to see the ship in court for passing sentence. - 383

Rabbi as Preacher

R. accused of plagiarism. - 1216

R. preaches that a fool being aware of being a fool is not a fool. - 1148

R. preaches on the merit of charity. - 302

Rabbi in Private

R. accompanies visitor because he must go to the outhouse. - 217

R. in bath house jokingly struck on posterior. - 435 (3005, 3140)

R. in bath turns clean shirt inside out. - 380

R. Ephraim, sage and miser. - 350

R. flatters the rich people. - 416

R. gives his watch to bath attendant for safe keeping. - 649

R. "like God, Moses and Aristo." - 446

R. honours rich people. 211, 212, 836

R. intends to say Kaddish but on approaching shrine realizes that somebody has preceded him. - 2372

R. learns from bath attendant that one must flatter the rich. - 404

R. lends volume of Talmud to scholar. - 1244

R. of Neutra celebrates his ninetieth birthday. - 1324

R. is "pure animal". His blood may be in "meaty"' bowl. - 397

R. has put on galoshes because of the mire. - 2387

R. (A. Heller) regarded Hassidim in their white dress with disgust. - 680

R. retorts to insulting vendor of lottery tickets with Psalm 91, 7. - 3002

R. has sold his soul. - 423

R. suggests amok running slaughterer to jump from bottom to top. - 1167

R. visited by homecoming traveller who tells about wonders of technology. - 3003

R. wants traveller to Amsterdam inquire about marital status of Talmud printer there. - 984

R. wears his patched dress everywhere. - 433

R. and zaddik. R. wants to see godfearing Jew taking money for nothing. - 627 Foolish r. marvels at straw. - 387

Polish r. abuses Lithuanian r. - 2696

Posterior of r. struck by pupil in twilight. - 3005 (435, 3140)

Rabbi and Pupils

R. Barukh sent a young promising r. to a community with additional instructions. - 415

R. "boasts" of his pupils. - 441

R. and pupils carry out the first of the Three Pillars of Judaism: Tora. - 2971

The Rabbi's Salary

R. asked by rich man about his economic situation. - 403

R. asks for higher salary. - 408

R., beadle and cantor apply for a raise in salary. - 501

R. informs leaders of community on leaving the town for a better paid post. - 409

R. is not paid for his ignorance but for the little he knows. - 411

Luckily, r. fasts on Mondays and Thursdays. - 405

Hassidic Rabbi. (see also: "Hassid(im)", "Zaddik(im)")

R. advises hassid complaining about poverty. - 602

R. advises hassid complaining about too small a hut. - 192

R. asked question on dietary matter sends woman to r. of mitnagdim. - 444

R. changes Hebrew name plate for Russian one. - 1622

R. claims that the pastry sweetens the judgement on Sabbat and blowing the shofar on Rosh Hashana. - 631

R. does not die but "passes away". - 626

R. is good but not as business partner. - 654

R. does not join rabbis going to horse fair. - 643

R. makes grave spelling mistake. - 3014

R. of Moscow was great in formulating ideas. - 412

R. of Telna sings new tune. - 1116

R. had ten daughters and no scholar amongst them. - 633

R. travelling in clothes of merchant claims that he is dealing with oxen. - 644

The late r. used to drink from a tin. - 611

Rabbis are expected to work miracles in time of pogrom. - 3016

The r.'s strict observance of dietary laws in the eyes of their respective disciples. - 606

R. Aizel "proves" that r. know to work wonders but do not know letters. - 636




R. to Brodetzki's sugar factory constructed after bribing ministry. - 1956

In the compartment

Conductor asks for tickets in first-class c. - 2801

Dispute between Zionists and Bundists in c. - 2977

Group of three girls and one boy in c. - 1803

Jew and gentile in c. Retorts against antisemitic remarks. - 2755, 1966

Jew and gentile in non-smoking first-class c. - 749

Jew and officer in c. Latter orders Jew about. - 750

Jew and Russian officer in c. Retorts against antisemitic remarks. - 959, 1965, 1966, 1967, 1968

Jew sits in c. reserved for general. - 1933

Jew sits in c. reserved for pilots. - 3070

Man finds friend in c. The lie of travelling to Berdiczev. - 756

Sitting in c., sleepy Jew is disturbed by bully. - 1901

Two Jews in c. for non-smokers. - 2843

Woman faints in crowded and hot c. - 2984

Young smoking man and Trotzki in c. - 2810


Lithuanian Jew and German Jew., The story about the teacher and the enigma of the number of the stars. - 2702

Traveller poses riddle. Answer unknown to questioner. - 308

Traveller poses riddle with a number of pairs of shoes as answer. - 1140

Traveller poses riddle: What do I think of? - 96

In the Station

Jew and Polish noble in s. restaurant. The coffee spilled on the noble's trousers. - 2062

Man running along the train in s. slaps face of stranger. - 1141

The "paralytic" in the s. keeps measure of wife's foot. - 743

Visitor leaves suitcase in s. - 774, 1075

Woman asks stutterer for time for keeping child happy in s. - 3144

The Train

How does the t. move without horses? - 2118, 3130

Jew avoids travelling with controller of t. - 744

Jew and parson in t. restaurant. Retort to antisemitic remark. - 1951

Jolting t. excites woman and endangers eggs. - 758

Missing the t., Jew accuses it of misunderstanding. - 742

Missing the t., man sees it leaving' the station. - 741

Missing the t. by two minutes. - 740

Moving t. hides stripping girl in film. - 1818

Rising early to catch t. - 1098, 1139

Sleepy old man in t. pestered by young man. - 1143

Two military trains going in opposite directions and carrying troups. - 1020


T. desires to sleep. - 754

T. flatters elderly woman. - 752

T. prevents train from moving. - 761

T. spits on the floor in face of notice "Spitting prohibited". - 759, (1007).

T. tells himself jokes. - 3170

T. without ticket heads for Warsaw. - 745

T. without ticket faces conductor as if he had one. - 748

Foolish t. told he may die any minute. - 934

Jewish t. with ticket for slow train travels in express. - 751

Old Jewish t. goes to Moscow during Bolshevic Revolution. - 2799

Rich t. engages poor t. for waking him in the morning. - 757

Travellers heading for opposite directions. - 755

T. hesitate in starting conversation. - 753

T. without ticket hide under bench. - 746, 747, 2043


When taking an umbrella, one may be sure there would be no r. - 2143


R. days. - 250

Why should men go out in a r. night? - 538


R. sells great amount of wax for candles to ignorant community on the grounds that next day would be Yom Kippur. - 1213

Reader of Tora

R., a mourner, determined by priority. - 202


D'Acosta's r. for acting as court jester: poverty. - 2580

Hassid's r. for staying home during Days of Awe: poverty. - 619

Reasons for becoming a jester (Hershele): a wife and five sons. - 2137

Traveller has three r. for going to Sirotino: his wife and two sons. - 659

Reasoning, the ancient art of

Definition of "undecided". - 1874

The difference between a female and a male flea. - 2203

Discussion on long noodles and noodle flakes. - 834 (293)

Eliezer sent to Haran for the selection of a wife for Isaac. - 2221

Father teaches son about a good theory thought about before relevant question arises. - 2879

A flea may be killed on Sabbat. - 2204

The gain of R. Yehuda by creating symbols of the ten plagues. - 3 (2195)

The Gemara usually asking for the reason given by the first Tanna. - 2222

The growth of man. - 2201

Haman was evil not only because of the desire to kill. - 2209

Height of Og, King of Bashan measured by time. - 2213

Hernia, an ornament or a burden? - 2202

The "X" in Korah poses a problem. - 2208

The lesson Salomon learned from a tailor's thread. - 2206

Man is worthy of drinking brandy every day. - 2210

Mars is a desert. - 2216

Number of recitations of various prayers. - 2207

The origin of the sweetness of the tea. - 2217

The origin of the yarmulka. - 2211

Performers of a good deed do not come to grief. - 1638

The Purim rabbi solves problems. - 2215

The protection of Israel's First Born in Egypt. - 2842

The reason of the cock for closing his eyes when crowing. - 2212

The reason of the fleas for being black. - 2205

A scholar has lost his glasses. - 2196

A scholar has lost his yarmulka. - 2197

Shemaya hearing noises in the night reasons with himself. - 2087

Smoking for the satisfaction of the mind. - 2217

Solving the enigma of a name by reasoning. - 2199

Too much talk with a woman is dangerous. - 1801

Teacher asks his wife for sending slippers with the coachman. - 2198

Three persons are blackened by coal and laugh at each other. - 2200

Recruit(s). (see also: "Officer(s)", "Soldier(s)")

R. asked: "What is a canon?" - 2718

R. asked: "Why does a soldier need a rifle?" - 2717

R. asked: "Why must a soldier endanger his life?" - 2726

R. knows that Feldwebel is to count to "three". - 2719

R. learning to ride moves backwards while galloping. - 2723

R.'s missing a button. - 2727


R. are liars. - 1311, 1312

Relativity Theory

Relativity Theory. - 2117, 3065

Religion. (see also: "Baptism", "Name(s)")

How to explain "r." to a simple Jerusa1emite woman. - 2669

Remedy. (see also: "Doctor(s)", "Nurse(s)")

R. for constipation: Singing of psalms. - 531 (949)

R. for cough: A laxative. - 910

R. for diarrhoea and constipation: Reading psalms. - 949

R. for all diseases: Enema. - 896

R. for the dying: Enema. - 902

R. prescribed to woman who cannot give birth: Place a copper coin on her belly. - 2135

R. prescribed to woman who loses her children: Smelling Hershele's pants during pregnancy. - 2133 .

R. prescribed for sick beggar (thief). (Instructions followed literally.) - 289, 1334

R. against quarrelling. - 1600

R. for stomach trouble: Cheese. - 894

R. for tooth ache: Sitting on hot stove with mouth full of water. - 898

R. for tooth ache: Sitting on a cold stove with warm pants. - 897

Singing of psalms as r. for sick man. - 255, 256

Singing of psalms too effective a r. for difficult birth. - 1269

Two tested remedies against fever. - 895


Rabbi confirms: "He is r. things which have never happened!" - 1308

Renegade(s). (see also: "Baptism", "parson(s)", "priest(s)")

R. assures friend that he is still a Jew inside. - 1409

R. had himself baptized preferring office of professor in Peterburg to that of teacher in Shnippishuk. - 1428

R. bathing in the sea. - 1410

R. buried in Jewish cemetery. - 1421

R. censor Landa complains about old and young Jew finding fault with his prayer book. - 1438

R. in company of group of Nazis deciding on the expulsion of the Jews. -1992

R. crosses himself before draining a glass of brandy. - 1437

R. magistrate is not sure how to treat old Jew. - 1417

R. marries rich gentile woman for being able to study Tora. - 2693

R. poet and Hebrew writer visit each other. - 1442

R. prefers to write Hebrew and Aramic letters (read Hebrew literature). - 1439, 1441

R. professor of Hungarian academy praises the "pure Magyar spirit". - 1435

R. made for serving as Sabbat gentile. - 1426

R. is sure his dead father will rest in peace. - 1411

R. wants to return to Judaism. - 1422

"Christians have a merciful God," concludes old r. - 1400

The double r. Jew in search of an invisible God who does not see him. - 1420

Jewish banker marries daughter off to r. - 1413

Old r. boasts of having overcome all Jewish characteristics excepting one. 1407, 3069

Rich r. boasts of his new house. - 1445

Rich r. wishes to marry Jewish maiden. - 1415 .

Chwolson, the r., expects Jews to be grateful for his services. - 1427

Chwolson, the r., though being of service to the Jews is still a r. (Parable). - 1429

R. in Heaven. - 1425

Four r. tell the stories of their change of religion. - 1405

Two r. of different Christian denominations. - 3068

Two r., Heine and Boerne honorably mentioned in Austrian Parliament. Antisemitic remarks. - 1443

Why are r. rich and proselytes poor? - 1424


Jewish soldier demands reward for r. of lives. - 2738

Drowning Jew abusing Bolshevic Government rescued by Police. - 2816

Stalin r. from drowning by Jew. - 2815



(see also: "Inn", "Innkeeper(s)", "Waiter(s)")


The difference of Jewish r. and gentile r. - 2048, (3071)

Unexpected crowd in r. is served little meat and many bones. - 785

Customer; (see also: "Eating")

C. asks for chicken broiled in butter. - 1734

C. asks fish about news from river. - 780

C. asks for vinegar for cabbage. - 788

C. complains about the barley groats swimming on water. - 789

C. complains about 'false' soup. - 791

C. cries for the big ox paying with his life for a tiny bit of beaf. - 787

C. detests veal tongue. - 792

C. has eaten better fish somewhere else. - 783

C. finds rag in soup. - 795

C. is given dirty plate. - 793

C. cannot keep oysters in his stomach. - 2047

C. is ordered to leave because of inappropriate behavior. - 800

C. orders menu according to stains on table cloth. - 798

C. orders two servings of shalet. - 1265

C. pays bill for bad food. Silver spoon as compensation. - 803

C. refuses to eat two-weeks old (one-year old) fish. - 781, 782

C. sighs. Has found black hair in soup instead of the usual blonde one. - 796

C. wonders about bill for one bottle of sour wine. - 801

C. wonders about bill for an amount of wine he did not get drunk on. - 802

C. wonders about the high price of a cup of coffee. - 808

C.'s critique: If the soup had been as clear as the wine, the wine as old as the goose, the goose as fat as the waiter... - 790

C.'s teeth bear witness to the age of the chicken. - 784


O. asks customer not to pick the bone. - 786

O. has table cloth not washed every day. - 799


Eve counts Adam's r. after his return from trip. - 3036

Rich (see also: "Beggar(s)", "Matchmaker(s)", "poor", "Wealthy Man (men)")

R. beggar pretends to be poor. - 304

R. ignoramus employs philosopher. - 159

R. ignoramus regarded as scholar by people. - 1257

"R. like Korah" - 219

R. man advises goldsmith on how to become r. - 207

R. man angry with spendthrift son. - 1704

R. man betroths daughter to young merchant. - 1683

R. man boasts of never paying one in his services. - 208

R. man complains that his 'brothers' think him to be wealthy. - 222

R. man curious to know whether he would have a part of the Leviathan in the next world. - 236

R. man demands of servant he should "deduct one thing from the other." - 176

R. man gives his daughter in marriage to doctor ignorant in Jewish matters. - 1204

R. man gives Hershele money in expectation of a good story. - 334

R. man is Jew only as far as the edge of his pocket. - 322

R. man meets old teacher with rudeness. - 333

R. man of Odessa intends to return Tora scroll to Mount Sinai. - 1865

R. man offers to support poor relative with one hundred rubles annually. - 246

R. man pretends to quarrel with his wife for poor relative to leave. - 242

R. man promises alms to beggar on condition that latter would say a truth. Both are in a dilemma. - 305

R. man and Rabbi Jacob Krants. On the ransom of prisoners. (Parable). - 235

R. man reading medical books risks dying of a printing error. - 908

R. man receives Hershele while lying on bench in cellar. - 278

R. man recommends that poor relative should marry off daughter to man winning first prize in lottery. - 248

R. man refuses to give alms. - 332

R. man reprimands healthy beggar for not working. - 312

R. man rids himself of poor relative. - 245

R. man and teacher dig in the night. - 1625

R. man visiting teacher of small town tests teacher's knowledge. - 1021

R. man wants to serve as cantor in Days of Awe. - 520

R. men rather prefer to give alms to poor cripples than to poor scholars. - 215

R. men and scholars, who are the more envious of whom? - 214

All r. men are mad. - 218

Delinquent r. man dances with Tora Scroll on Simhat Tora. - 120

Hershele prefers circumcision feast at r. man's to r. man's funeral. - 254

Length of conversation with rabbi depends on time it takes r. man to tell how poor he is. - 220

Moved from small town to city, man becomes r. and changes his name. - 734

Rabbi Nachum gives his daughter in marriage to son of very r. man. - 1463

Rothschild thought to be not so r. by beggar. - 990

Who is really r.? One whose outhouse is near his table. - 112

Why do scholars knock on doors of r. men, but r. men never do so at doors of scholars? - 213

Riddle. (see also: "Railway and Travellers Entertainment")

R. pertaining to officials: Two are going on four and do nothing. - 2672


R. side of congress hall provided for left-wing parties. - 2605

Robber; (see also: "Liar(s)", Thief(ves)")

R. gives advice on diet to Jew unable to raise his arms. - 1382

R. and attacked come to terms with snuff of tobacco. - 2997

R. (Cossack) attacks pious Jew. Each speaks in his own language. - 2948

R. attacks two Jews and takes their money. - 64

R. had taken his money, claims husband returning without a penny. - 1651

R. has taken the wrong ('milky') knife. Cannot attack. - 1381

R. tricked into returning the money he had robbed. - 1380

R.'s last wish before being hanged. - 1384


End of r. thought to be cut off by man unable to draw pail out of well. - 1132

Russian Government

Anti-Jewish legislation of R. breeds rumours of stronger measures that would be taken against Jews. - 1890