Elisheva Schoenfeld






P. and builder. Mussolini on Hitler: "I am a builder and build my country. He is a p. and soiled his." - 1986 .

P. (Liebermann) advises young man to become a poet since he had seen his paintings. - 3104

Signature of p. on lower edge shows how picture should be hung. - 3105

Pale of Residence. (see also: "Police")

P. and the fertility of the Jews. - 1924


P. money in Bolshevic Russia printed in several languages. - 2800

Connection between p. and rags. - 2099

It is known that p. is made of rags, but R. Meshullam did not know that one may make rags out of p. - 2322

Manufacture of p. compared with election of leaders of community. - 374

Parable(s) (see also: "PARABLES")

R. Jacob obliged to tell p. to hassidim. - 677

Parables of R. Jacob praised. - 2271


The rich miser in Paradise. - 348

Bow of violin made of horse hair. - 3083

The bridge of iron and the bridge of paper. - 2171

The collision of the wagons. - 3127

The complaint of the beggar, the prayer "aleinu" and the bastard before God. - 367

The dog in horns and skin of ram. - 482

The dog and the pig. - 343

Do not be afraid of dogs! - 677

Dogs do not believe in the coming of the Messias. - 1837

The dogs of Egypt neither cry nor laugh. - 420

The dream of a preacher: sinners in Heavenly Court. - 3008

The duck and the eagle have no fear. - 2136

The farmer who never misses a target. - 2271

The old housemaid ignorant of the use of modern appliances. - 480

The journey to Heaven and Hell. - 484

Leviatan, the food of the zaddikim in Heaven. - 400

The luck of the gentiles and the luck of the Jews. - 2059

Marriages are made in Heaven. - 1561, 2438

Meat of an unclean animal as remedy. - 1429

The miser in Heaven. - 349

The missing month of Kislev (pun). - 463

Onions and garlic. - 235

The forgotten prayer shawl. - 485

The preacher greeted by ox, cow, goat and pig. - 481

The rabbis are no plagues and the plagues are no rabbis. - 421

The radish wants to marry honey. - 483

The regulation of the Tannaites concerning milk. - 331

The run-away soldier. - 354

Shipwreck in the sea. - 2687

The crooked shoot of the coachman. - 1519

Skinning the ox. - 1490

The rebellious son. - 472

The spoons with the long handles in Hell. - 1884

The precious stones. - 2038

Thief demands to be addressed by his name and not by his craft. - 526

The evil urge and poverty. - 1729

The woman whose hen was stolen. - 92

Paradise. (see also: "Heaven", "Heavenly")

P. and Hell. Old man with tart on his knees is p. for him and Hell for her. - 1819

In p., a Jewish soul is shown where to urinate. - 2697

Miser claims to be eligible for p. since he had once saved a soul. - 349

Hassidic rabbi (Naphtali of Ropshits) is afraid of p. as neighbor of a fool. - 1152

Wilson and Moses meet in p. Each blames the other with what had become of their respective principles. - 3169

Zaddik and heretic in p. - 1820

Parson. (see also "Baptism", "Jews and Christianity")

P. asks Jew whether he would use his crucifix for stirring tea. - 1951

P. buys glasses from Jewish peddler. - 1953

P. claims that face of Jew reflects swindler. - 1954

P. offers Jewish peddler his tooth ache "for sale". - 1952

P. and Rabbi discuss matters of religion. - 2021, 2022

P. to rabbi: "Jews are used to get up before rabbi and sit down before dog, but what if both appeared together?" - 1949

P. tries to persuade Jewish coachman to convert. - 2006

Old p., censor of Hebrew books claims that a Jewish "uneducated boy" is a greater gentile than himself. - 1408


Political p. in Erets Israel hate each other. - 2641

Partition of Palestine (see also "Commission")

P. blamed on Abraham who sent Hagar to the desert without paying alimentation. - 2686

P. leaves citizens of an Ashkenazi village unmoved: They remain Ashkenazi anyway. - 2685

P. will prevent the drawing of King David's horse on the ground. - 2684

P. will prevent a Jew from stepping the required 3 paces backwards in prayer without a passport. - 2684


P. in business refused because of "four animals" united in man suggesting partnership. - 1900

The Jew and his Christian p., each of them believes in one half of the Christian dogma. - 2031

One p. to the other: "I am fed up with business that starts with swindel and ends with fraud." - 3135

Wife of one p. commits adultery with the other. - 1668

Partners in business divide profit and loss. - 1899

P. lose their money in bad business. - 16

One barrel of wine possessed by two p. for sale. They drink it themselves. - 861

Rich man and poor man as p. in business, the one has money, the other experience. - 1320

Two p. consult lawyer concerning dispute with third. - 1307

Woman and man as p. in business. - 1813

Passover (see also: "Taxcollector(s)")

A miracle on P.: Hillel combined matza and bitter herbs! - 1852

Correction of P.-Haggada suggested by reformers. - 1863

The reason for printing a new P.-Haggada every year. - 1881

The difference between the Seder of P. and the "Seder" of Eastern. - 1442


Gentile demanding a p. means that he wants three uubles. - 2068

Jew surprising his wife with her head-of-police lover is glad he has a p. - 2749

Patient(s). (see also "Doctor(s)")

P. comes to doctor with sore foot. Latter diagnoses eryspe1as. - 921

P. complains about aching body. - 909

P. complains about shaking hands and knees, dizziness, aching heart and throat. - 939

P. is coughing and doctor prescribes laxative. - 910

P. has his ear cleaned by doctor. - 931

P. has his healthy foot examined by doctor instead of the sore one. - 924

P. with sore foot consults professor demanding the feet to be washed. - 922

P. haggles over fee of professor. - 943, 944

P. has pains in breast while dressing. - 937

P. has pains in heart. He is ordered to stop smoking and drinking. - 945

P. must perspire. Talit on top of blankets does the trick. - 3054

P. recovers after doctor had predicted immediate death. - 916

P. recovers, a sign that he had not been treated well. - 914

P. is sure he has no shingles; the potter's charm had not helped. - 921

P. suspected of having diabetes must have his urine analyzed. - 946, 947

P. is told to lead a regular and healthy life. - 891

P. is troubled by her stomach since Ninth of Av. - 913

P. must undergo surgery. Under anaesthetization counts copecks. - 2980

P.'s foot is to be bathed ten times. P. is not sure he'll live that long. 923

P.'s sore foot examined by doctor who is satisfied with treatment. - 925

Old p. complains about being unable to urinate. - 911

Old p. is dangerously ill: has consumed eighty afikomens. - 912

Pawn Office

P. guard greeted by person who had pawned his watch and coat. - 3166

P. guard woken in the middle of the night by person who had pawned his watch. - 66

Peace. (see also: "Tip")

P. between Arabs and Jews could be obtained shortly after withdrawal of British troups. - 2679

P. conference made responsible for the weal and woe of Polish Jewry by Paderewski. - 1984

P. conference of Russia and Lithuania. Boundaries to be determined according to pronunciation of "sh". - 2959

Peddler. (see also: "Officer(s)", "parson")

P. accused of selling dress with fading colours. - 1317

P. and ass pay bridge toll. - 994

P. pesters customers in restaurant. - 41

P. on the road interrogated by landlord. - 1921

P. in wagon takes box on his shoulder to relieve horses of its burden. - 969


P. of ancient times were great scholars, very wise and very old. - 691

Little p. only were born in his town. - 1135


P. for carrying handkerchief and head of ass on Sabbat. - 1765

Permit of Residence. (see also: "Jews cinder Zarist and Bolshevic Rule", "police")

P. issued to first-degree merchants, doctors and renegades. - 1385

Adam surely was a Jew since he was deprived of p. - 1935

Jew without p. acts like dog. - 1927

Jew Struggles with police for p. in Moscow. - 1386

Jews without p. bribe police. - 1928

Jews without p. surprised by secret police in Petersburg. - 1928


P. found lying in the street and being beaten. (Quibbling answers). - 2953


P. asked to pour flea powder into customer's shirt. - 2866

P. and doctor must earn their living on Kaleb's headache. - 919

P. sells powder for extermination of bugs. - 2865

First Jewish p. in Vienna, Joseph Perl gets permit for carrying out his profession. - 1915


Foolish P. - 2111

Jewish p. converts and changes his name. - 1434

Renegade claims he had been p. when he converted. - 1405

Silent fool is thought to be p. by prospective in-laws. - 1124

Philosophical watchman

Philosophical watchman (coachman). - 991

Philosophy of Life. (see also: "Jesters - Aphorisms")

A good bill of exchange and an evil woman are never lost. - 3035

As long as the candle burns man must work and repair. - 2370

Everything is in God's hand: In the evening man goes to bed healthy and well. In the morning he gets up and dies. - 1110

Many gentiles believe Jesus to have been an idea. They nevertheless accuse the Jews of his crucifixion. - 3058

Who is a hero? One whose hands are tied, and he talks nevertheless. - 2941

When a Jew reaches sixty years more years are added, and when his capital has reach one thousand twice as much are added. - 2969

A liar is worse than either thief or robber. - 1309

Man never knows where his feet will carry him. - 2263

All good men are in the cemetery while the evil ones are still extent. 3161

Melancholy defined: Man eats, drinks, produces children, dies and stinks. - 2850

A rabbi who has not been dismissed by the community is no rabbi. One who has been dismissed is not a man. - 418

Who is rich? One whose toilet is next to his table, so he can rid himself of his debts. - 112

If there were no thieves there would be no police. Without police, there would be only thieves. - 1370

Three most cherished things in the world: A cup of tea after Kol Nidrei, a pint of beer on Passover, a cigarette after the Sabbat meal. - 1776

After toil - rest; after high rank - the pit. (Pun) - 224

If you want to be a rabbi you must be provided with Rambam's commentary and bribe money. - 414

Whoever wants to enjoy either this world, the world to come or neither should live in Bessarabia, Erets Israel or Russia respectively. - 2703

As soon as a woman goes to the wedding canopy her life is lost. - 1592


P. Anton Rubinstein tests the performance of a young lady. - 2587

Pickpocket. (see also: "Thief(ves)")

P. asks rabbi whether he may put his hand into the pockets of others at the crowded fair. - 1343

P. (Meir Yozi) proves that the other's pocket is a rightful place for his hand. - 1329

P. (Meir Yozi) proves that on Passover one may pick the pockets of strangers. - 1336

Little p. follows two stockbrokers with an eye on handkerchief showing from pocket. - 7


P. of Sir Moses Montefiore failed its purpose. - 2967

Pig (see also: "Miser(s)", "Rich")

Mitnaged believed to be a p. by hassid but also a mitnaged. - 667

Person is not rich yet but has already become a p. - 206

Rich is pig as if he has half a million - 209


Potential p. is ready to plough the soil of Erets Israel with his nose. - 3103

Pioneers likened to builders of Holy of Holiest before celebration of High Priest on holidays. - 3111

P. thought to be a nation like French etc. by woman of Mea Sha'arim Quarter in Jerusalem. - 2650


"P. man watches his stomach in this world and his posterior in the next." - 1828

P. said to mortify his flesh by fasting from Sabbat to Sabbat. - 2193

P. man visiting Adam Hacohen wonders about volume of Midrash bound in red cover. - 1825

Platoon. (see also: "Soldier(s)")

P. of Jewish soldiers must cross forest before conquest of village. - 2729

P. of Jewish soldiers serves as commando. - 2728


P. by showing great temptation to crime. - 1349


P. on Sabbat: weeding outside of city. - 1831


P. and rope signify Sabbat boundary. - 1879

Towel fixed on high p. on roof tells weather. - 3112

Why is bier held by two poles and wedding canopy by four. - 1593

Police (see also: "Jews under Zarist and Bolshevic Rule", "Permit of Residence")

Frug, the poet is called to p. for an explanation of his presence in Petersburg. - 3109

Jew's telegram to wife thought to be secret message to enemy by head of p. - 2958

Secret p. surprises Russian, Pole and Jew in forbidden card game. - 1322


A slaps face of B and calls for p. - 1907

Distinguished citizen has old porter employed as p. - 3050

Driver speeding in the streets of Tel-Aviv stopped by p. - 2624

Legions of heavenly policemen watch over the hamets to be burned on Passover eve. - 2050

Poor. (see also: "Beggar(s)", "Rich")

P. guest overstays in rich relative's house. - 243

P. Jew converts to Christianity since he cannot buy Sabbat requirements. -1419

P. man awaiting rich relative's invitation to wedding meal eats little or nothing. - 196, 241, 2992

P. man closes eyes on crossing bridge and fails to see money left for him. ("Bad luck cannot be arrested.") - 184

P. man is neither cohen nor levi but a hungry israel. - 2993

P. and depressed man considers suicide. - 2985

P. and depressed man says: Man would have been comfortable if he were not born. - 1137

P. man disappointed when banker usually supporting him cannot afford the "fixed" sum. - 271

P. man engaged to read psalms for the recuperation of sick man. - 256

P. man forbidden to eat cream. Reason given. - 188

P. man forgotten by relatives until he becomes rich. ("Welcome to the money box.") - 216 (2500)

P. man has found husband for daughter, a surgeon who has taken the load from his back. - 1701

P. man invites beggar to a meal. - 296, 297

P. man would not like to live in a palace. He would not have the money for the mezuzot; - 194

P. man looking for last ruble is afraid to probe into the only pocket he has not searched yet. - 197

P. man and man with possessions each has his "package of troubles". - 2982

P. man at rich man's funeral bitterly cries since he is no relative of the deceased. - 257

P. man proud of having danced with wealthy one in synagogue. - 250

P. man reminds wealthy one of having been the teacher who had taught him the Tora. - 333

P. man seeks a job with rich relative. All he knows is giving advices. - 249

P. man should sell everything including last shirt for becoming rich. - 2970

P. man without shirt wished he had a house which would burn down and leave him with a shirt. - 2146

P. man from small town overstays visit with rich relatives. Discussion on the different standards of living. - 244

P. man must wait one of God's hours (i.e. 1000 years) until he would receive one dinar. - 198

P. man's complaint against God. - 201

P. man's phantasy. - 818

P. man's request of God. - 198

P. men must buy with ready money. They are not given credit. - 230

P. men have many children. Reason is given. - 189

P. men are forbidden all which is permitted to the rich. Reason is given. - 232

P. men hate the rich though they depend on them for their bread. Reason is given. - 180

The p. men who pretend to be rich and the rich pretending to be p. - 304

P. men, a quorum of ten invited to chant psalms for the recovery of sick man. - 255

P. Meir Amshel Rothschild with patched pants has become rich. - 1118

P. relatives invited to rich man's wedding are asked to change their shirts. They change the one with the other. - 989

"All the days of the p. are wretched." - 185

Both of p. man's dresses are patched all over. - 200

Dream of a p. yeshiva student. - 195

On eve of Passover, p. man has prepared one half of the requirements for the holiday. - 2174

People of Aniksiai are p. and proud. - 2995

The poorest of men is called "a healthy p." Reason is given. - 186

A rich man converts for the sake of the pleasures of this world. Why does p. man convert? - 1419

Port of Tel-Aviv

First sack of cement unloaded in p. exhibited in museum. 2644

Portions of the week

P. are not read but experienced in everyday life. - 15

Post office

P. in times of war: Paper (stamp) is bought for paper (money). - 2101

Profit of p.: Letter is always lighter than paid for by the stamp. - 2100

Postal clerk

P. of yeshiva claims salary. - 840

Posterior. (see also: "Landlord", "Merchant(s)")

P. of Jew serves creditors to collect their dyes. - 111

P. of Jew could tell about his landlord's mistreatment. - 1917

P. of rabbi stuck by man in vapour of public bath. Excuse of the latter: "I thought it was my son!" - 3140 (435, 3005)

The rabbi deceives his p. on Sabbat. - 2844

Pot (see also: "Rabbi as guide in dietary matters", "Taxcollector(s)")

P. borrowed and returned. - 2236

P. has a child and dies. - 251

Pound Sterling

After the devaluation of P. (1931) a subject for heated debate in Tel-Aviv "parliament". - 2628

Poverty. (see also: "Hassid(im)", "Poor", "Reason")

P. now lives in palaces and mansions, and the Evil Impulse is out of work. - 1729

Praise (see also: "Dead", "Hassid(im)")

P. of deceased engraved on tombstone. - 3162

P. of R. Shlomo Yehuda Rappaport. - 2326

Equivocal p. - 446

Rabbis p. each other in their letters. - 432


P. of German Jew regarding Hitler. - 3063

P. of Jews at the beginning of the Russian Revolution. - 2802

P. of the Jews for the defeat of the gentiles has never been effective. - 1941

The p. of the Jewish farmers and that of the gentiles. - 2045

P. of Kaddish said for father but not for mother. - 1689

P. of Kaddish said for his parents reminds man of his being a Jew. - 1688

P. for the king. - 477

P. of rabbi ineffective in winning lottery ticket. Priest's is effective. 2030

P. of thieves on Yom Kippur. - 1378

P. of woman measuring the cemetery. - 997

P. of young man for a dowry without a bride. - 3019

During p. of "Sacrifice of Mincha" old woman hold crucifix. - 976

Rabbi's p. regarding harvest said to be effective. - 2041

Reformgemeinde of Berlin cancels p. on Sabbat and holds it on Sunday. - 1786

Two men wish to join a p. of quorum of ten. illogical counting. - 2231

Prayers of prayer book spoilt by one letter. (Pun). - 2188

Daily p. ordained by Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. - 874

Hassidic rabbi does not say p. - 608, 637


Forefathers spent much time in p. but prayers nowadays are said with lightening speed. - 1685

Jew is p. for deliverance from ship in danger of sinking in storm. - 765

Jew is p. for 679 thousand dinars but would also be content with dying in Nissan. - 2166

Person p. devotedly without understanding the words: All those have one meaning: "Almighty God, I need a job!" - 2979 (32)


P. asks house owner for gift of money. Spices request with commentary on phrase of Bible. - 486

P. claims to be haberdasher offering hats of various sizes. - 2409

P. compares money to garbage. - 3011

P. fall sick because of being prevented from preaching. - 3007

P. first holds sermon, then begs his pay. - 462

P. is given pay according to length of name. - 464

P. holds funeral sermon at grave of distinguished citizen. - 488, 489

P. holds funeral sermon at grave of rich scholar. - 479

P. (R. Jacob) insulted by hassid. - 676

P. loses notebook in load of hay. - 478

P. praises Israel for accepting the Tora. - 1858

P. raises "problem" regarding the word "your king(s)" in the Bible. - 476

P. of Rajcze claims i.a. that rabbi, a doctor of philosophy permits everything that is prohibited by the Tora. - 455

P. of Rajcze observes that the rich man's hands on painting are folded on his breast. - 330

P. of Rajcze is refused payment by rich man. (Parable) - 331

P. of Rajcze and two western rabbis. P. claims that the western rabbis are stricter than R. Gershom. - 454

P. rebukes audience for desecrating Sabbat. - 3010

P. rebukes early risers who hurry for the blessing of the wine. - 874

P. refuses to hold funeral sermon at grave of rabbi. His wife has died. - 490

P. and rich scholar discuss redemption of prisoners in Bible and Talmud. -235

P. of Riga finds people of Dubeln praying without prayer shawls. (Parable) - 485

P. is told that leader of community is regarded as a bastard he is nevertheless honoured. (Parable). - 367

P. wants to be paid before sermon. - 466, 467

P. is warned that he should not make a fuss about the shaven Jews. (Parable) - 484

P.'s beard reminds man of dead goat's beard. - 468

P.'s sermon is boring. Audience leaves, and beadle gives key to preacher. - 470

P.'s sermon is boring. Receives in extra coin from man grateful for the time of sleep he was granted. - 469

P.'s sermon lulls audience to sleep. - 468

P.'s sermon makes man snore. - 3009

Although he rebukes audience, the p. of Dubno asks for the fee like God who never reproves without charge. - 465

Itinerant p. allotted too small a fee. (Parable). - 3008

Ignaz Goldziher on sermon of reform p.: "Meaningless, meaningless,... utterly meaningless. Everything is meaningless." - 487

Rabbi Zevi Hirsch, the p. is assured by maskilim that they do not intend to abandon the Tora. (Parable). - 483

Rabbi Zevi Hirsch, p. of Berlin was opposed to those intending to amend the prayers. (Parable). - 480

Rabbi Zevi Hirsch, p. of Berlin did not suffer shaven man to blow the shofar. (Parable). - 482

Pregnant. (see also: "Children - Child born too soon", "Maiden(s)")

P. girl claims rabbi to be child's father. - 963

P. girl speedily married off to fool. - 2098

Father of p. girl informs rabbi that she "had been struck by a tree." - 2224

Poor couple has many children and wife is p. again. - 191


P. thought to be poisoned. - 1652

President of Talmud-Tora School in America

P. celebrates bar-mitsva of grandson. - 3093

P. sleeping during lecture on prophets. - 3094

P. has never heard of Bialik the poet. - 3089

P. objects to unhealthy place of his tomb. - 3095

P. thinks highly of religious studies. - 3090

P. is proud of development of orphans' home. - 3092

P. is pleased with Bialik's praise of teaching methods of Hebrew. - 3091

Priest. (see also: "parson(s)", "Rabbi and Gentiles")

P. of the Court (Taler) claims that Jews believe in the son of a rich father. - 2003

P. inspecting schools promises coin for right answer. - 2040

P. introduces Jew to dogma of Trinity. - 2007

P. and Jewish insurance agent rival with their power of persuasion. - 175

P. tries to persuade dying Jewish soldier to convert. - 2009

P. tries to persuade Jew to convert. - 2005, 2008

How could Yethro be married and have daughters when he was a p.? - 540


P. has love affair with Jewish married woman whose husband has affair with Prince's wife. - 1922


P. of war boast of their respective monarchs. - 2772

Jewish p. provided with food and drink for seder night by community. - 1375


The easy p. made hard: "What do I hold in my hand? Something round with a hole" (ring). - 1122


P. and crisis explained to child of Tel-Aviv. - 2635

Provirtcial(s). (see also: "Shopkeeper(s)")

P. asks heretic of city to teach him the art of heresy. - 1877

P. in city eats in restaurant and must pay a fine for urinating in the street. - 721

P. in city explained by brother the functions of bank. - 1368

P. to city merchant: "How wonderful are the Jews of the city; today merchants and tomorrow beggars!" - 714

P. in city horrified for being served cheese after meat. - 1739

P. dangerously leaning over parapet in gallery of theatre. - 724

P. employed as rope walker appeals to audience's mercy. - 2751

P. uses flower pot instead of toilet. - 727

P. is glad to have fallen sick in city. - 720

P. goes to opera. The price of ticket is beyond his means. - 723

P. heretic comes to city heretic for advice. - 737

P. heretic had transgressed the laws of the Tora but was not happy. - 1824

P. invited by city brother to theatre on condition he changed his socks. -725

P. invited to pantomime where "people talk as usual without saying anything." - 2947

P. in Karlsbad does not know where the toilets are though he has been there for two weeks. - 929

P. loaded with parcels asks for the price of drive to destination. - 762

P. looks for a job in city without success. - 1651

P. in London asks fellow Jew for showing him his way. - 730

P. member of Comsomol comes to Moscow with tooth brush. - 2833

P. in Odessa arrested for urinating in the street. - 729

P. observes Jewish shops open on Sabbat. - 717

P. in Paris uses milk bottle as chamber pot. - 728

P. does not remember name of politician (wholesaler). Only remembers him to be a kind of animal. - 1000, 2955

P. reports about theatre performance he had seen in city. - 722

P. reports on Jewish shops in city being open on Sabbat. - 718

P. returns home without profit after two years in city. - 1004

P. having been seasick during cruise observes diver. - 766

P. sells his lice and those of his family to professor of entomology. - 726

P. shopkeeper with ugly wife visits prostitute in city. - 1523

P. is shown stock exchange in city. - 8

P. spits on seeing beautiful woman in city. - 1522

P. takes his seat in toilet of train. - 760

P. takes train and meets fellow Jew in compartment. - 715

P. taking a walk in city wonders where the horses are which draw the streetcar. - 716 (696)

P. young man meets city girl. Philosophy with noodles and relatives. ("What should I have done/said?") - 732, 733

P. in Zoo observes parrot voicing antisemitic slogans. - 3066

Polish p. in America encounters negro and believes "America blackens a man's face." (Metaphor literally interpreted.) - 3100

Report of p. after visit to city. Verandah thought to be a woman's name. -734

Report of p. after visit to city. The button calling the maid thought to be transferable. - 735

Two provincials share a room in hotel. None is willing to turn the light off at night. - 719

Psalms. (see also "Remedy(ies)")

Chanting p. as a means to hasten birth of child. - 1269

Reading p. as penance for eating pore. - 960


P. in hell: Chopping wood with blunt edge of axe, etc. - 484

Pupi1(s). (see also: "Rabbi and Pupi1s", "Teacher(s)")

P. answers question of arithmetic teacher with false (fraudulent) solution. - 2892

P. embarrasses teacher with questions on authority on Talmud problem. - 542

P. moves his head from side to side during lesson. - 2886

P. to question on why the fish are dumb: One cannot speak with one's head in water. - 2893

P. of rabbi has not learned his lesson. - 2876

P. of rabbi would prefer ice on river in summer heat. - 1872

P. reprimanded by rabbi and compared with the Evil Impulse. - 2875

Early p. finds golden coin in yard of synagogue. - 2872

Jewish p. replies to antisemitic remark of teacher. - 2784

Little p. of heder has no idea what the tractate "Betsah" (egg) is about. 2888

Pupils express their sympathy to teacher mourning for his wife. - 1110

P. in Poland ask K.K.L.-representative whether the gentiles in Palestine are also Jewish. - 2609

P. of Tel-Aviv school are told about the great hero Juda the Maccabean. - 2642

P. are tested on what they remember of their visit to the museum. - 2891

P. are warned that looking at bathing women would cause blindness. - 701