Elisheva Schoenfeld





Officer(s). (see also; "Recruit(s)", "Soldier(s)")

O. enraged when slightly and unintentionally pushed by Jew in crowded foyer. - 1960

O. falls from horse. It could not happen to Jew who would not have ridden that horse. - 2725

O. imitates Jews talking with their hands in front of Moltke's monument. ­1972

O. to Jewish girl offering a glass of wine: Prosit Rachel! - 1957

O. orders Jewish waiter to bring coffee in container never used before by Jew. - 1958

O. prepares soldiers for coming battle: You will see the enemy ready to kill you! - 2730

O. reads antisemitic newspaper and uses impartial one for a certain purpose. - 1968

O. reprimands Jewish cavalrist for wearing spur on one foot only. - 2724

O. shows Jew the tricks of his dog "Moshke". - 1965

O. teaches recruits the art of riding. - 2723

O. threatens Jewish peddler with chasing his dogs against him. - 1964

O. in train orders Jew to close the window. - 750

O. vents antisemitic feelings in view of dead dog in market. - 1961

The o.'s bald head and the barren mountain top. - 1967

German o. interrogates Russian prisoners of war and frees the Jew amongst them. - 2733 .

German o. in Jewish shtetl pours water over himself in the morning. - 2051

Non-commissioned o. (NCO) asks to be woken on arrival of o. in charge. - 2721 Recruiting o. accepts men with all kinds of handicaps and diseases for military service. - 2779

Officers are disgusted when they find compartment of train full of Jews. - 1959

Two O., descendents of "the yellow beast" and the Jew in restaurant. - 1973

The two O.' present religion. - 3068


O. of the "New Economic Policy" in Bolshevic Russia buys postcard depicting Lenin in the mausoleum. - 2806

O. in Russia demands a big sum as bribe. - 3060


O. Jew informs Hitler about his own age and that of the Kanzler. - 1993

O. maid raped by drunken young tenant. He must marry her. - 3029

O. man is afraid rains might flood earth and return his three wives buried in the ground. - 1583

O. man angry with schoolboy walking on his hands. - 688

O. man cannot believe that train moves without horses. - 696 (716)

O. man complains to doctor about his deaf ear. - 932

O. man complains about the heat in Tel-Aviv. - 2643

O. man after death of fourth wife wants to marry again. - 703

O. man after death of third wife wants to marry again: "As long as God takes, I take." - 708

O. man after death of wife marries young woman. He needs someone to sew his buttons on. - 706

O. man after death of wife wants to marry again because "he loves himself." - 702

O. man "diminishes" his age by one year every birthday. - 694

O. man is dying. Asks his son-in-law to drink (the last cup). - 1723

O. man engaged to chant the appropriate psalms for recovery of rich man falls asleep. - 256

O. man falls sick with pneumonia and recuperates. - 697

O. man fed up with Bolshevic regime and promises runs toward river for drowning himself. - 2831

O. man hides in time of general mobilization. Is afraid he will be called up as general. - 2716

O. man intends to convert to Christianity before his death. - 1399

O. man looks with pleasure on his young second wife. - 3032

O. man has married young widow who desires to become a widow again. - 1597

O. man marries young girl who gives birth to son after nine months. - 707

O. man marries young girl. Equivocal blessing of relative. - 705

O. man is about to marry young girl. She disappears before the wedding ceremony. - 704

O. man has pains and consults doctor. Doctor assures him his life until seventy. - 933

O. man prays silently at home. God should not be reminded of him. - 700

O. man prefers the ancients who "were great in scholarship, wisdom and age." - 691

O. man is slowly prepared for message of heretic son's death. - 2010 (1596)

O. man of seventy converts to Christianity. - 1431

O. man, a stockbroker has fallen ill and writes his will. - 698

O. man has ten daughters, and none of them is offspring of scholar. - 633

O. man travels to Moscow (during revolution). He wants to die among his Jewish brethren. - 2799

O. man without teeth has tooth ache? - 713

O. woman who had buried three husbands cannot understand why the young are still getting married. - 710

O. woman contributes years of her life to sick zaddik. - 690 (1635)

O. woman kisses crucifix and "mincha sacrifice". Is not sure whether the former is not God after all. - 976

O. woman prepares still quivering fish. They "have become used to her treatment during the years." - 980

Maid has become o. because of her insisting on marrying a doctor. - 1511

Two o. men meet after they had not seen each other for many years. - 3047


Meyerbeer's o. "The Huguenots" is loved by Sapir. - 2065