Elisheva Schoenfeld






N. of newborn child thought to be n. of river by ignorant rabbi. - 451

N. of customer in restaurant unknown to another. Latter therefore hesitates to warn former about his burning pants. - 3118

N. of father necessary for the blessing of gentile's messias to take effect. - 2026

N. of Haman torn out of books wherever it appears. - 1255

N. of painters written on low edge of pictures. - 3105

Change of n. following change of place and luck. - 734

Change of n. following conversion to Christianity. - 1401, (3067)

Change of n.: Ivan (Russians) changed Peterburg to Petrograd. - 2776, 2777

Change of n.-plate as magic means for death of wife. - 1622

Ennobled Yenteles considers conversion but no change of n. - 1395

The first Jew obliged to manage his business in the n. of a gentile. (Pun). - 2063

Nobleman of long n. offered two chairs by absent-minded Rothschild. - 2064

Names of Adam Hacohen and Shemuel Joseph Fein are discussed. - 1826

Seven n. of Yethro explained by his bankruptcy after marriage of each daughter. - 115


N.leaders (Schacht, Hitler) test the commercial capabilities of the Jews. (Buying the wind). - 1995

Nazis discuss Jewish question. Should they be expelled or their rights 1imited. - 1992


The n.'s umbrella and his stick. - 3167

Foolish n. in paradise unwanted by R. Naphtali. - 1152

Thoughts on n. of second floor while falling from third. - 1888

Woman makes eyes at gentile n. - 3041

Women gossip about their n. - 1669


N. to America sees negro for the first time in his life. - 3100

N. to New York viewing skyscrapers: "No wonder, Columbus found America." -767

Newcomers meet in New York. One sighs, the other responds: "Thank God!" - 3101


Hebrew n. uncomprehensible to Ashkenazi Jew since it is written in Sephardic pronunciation. - 2962

Newspapers of morning and evening combined on one sheet in U.S.S.R. - 2827 Jewish n. in Warsaw closed just before retreat of Russian army. - 2766

Nobleman(men). (see also: "Graf", "landlord(s)", "Taxcollector(s)")

N. has dismissed his Jew. (Chain involving contradictions). - 1922

Polish n. to crucifix after "it" (the beadle behind) had refused to grant money: "Shut-up Jew! You don't give money but don't touch my honor!" - 3057

Polish n. presented as security to his brother. - 1978

Polish n. torments his Jewish taxcollectors when in rage. - 1916

"Non-Existents" (Persons staying outside the pale without permit)

N.E. are not denounced by Jews. - 1373, 1448

Nose. (see also: "Renegade(s)")

His n. bears witness that he is a responsible Jew. - 2801

Man ashamed of his red n. asks zaddik for advice. - 863


N. of addresses and names of redheads. - 2170

N. of foolish deeds. - 172

N. of introspection. - 3074

Father's little n. - 77


"N. is too expensive for my health!" - 943

Nurse. (see also: "Doctor(s)", "patient(s)")

N. of baby uses napkin as sieve for milk. - 2857

Male n., believes man to be infected with scarlet fever. Red spots are paint. - 903

Male n., old and sick, believes the pulse to be an unreal invention. - 900

Male n. suggests enema for saving dying old man. - 904

Male n. treats fainted old rabbi by extracting his last tooth. - 986

Male n. tries everything to save old man's life. - 901