Elisheva Schoenfeld






L. and houseowner discuss repair of walls and payment. - 154

L. and manager discuss hands and salary. - 152

Gentile 1. pointed as example to Jewish one. - 3052

Laborers of excavation of siliceous clay call their employer by names varying with the seasons. - 1976

L. are the cause for either loss of money or loss of years of life. - 121


L. buys flea-powder from Hershele. - 43, 44

Landlord. (see also: "Taxcollector(s)")

L. airs his rage by whipping his Jew. - 1910

L. airs his anger by beating up Jew. - 1920

L. asks Jew on board of ship for remedy against boredom. - 308

L. in carriage observed by hassidim whose wagon has broken down. - 684

L. gives "his" Jew one hundred rubles which must be spent within one week. - 2094

L. and lady make love in carriage. - 2052

Evil 1. dies after zaddik had prayed for his death. - 3013

Taxcollector is satisfied with 1. - 992


L. improval suggested: Bald head to be called "Herzl Forest". - 2653

Latin 1. is called "dead" since it is used by doctors. - 918

Dispute about languages in literature. - 2956

Man boasts of his knowledge of. 1. - 953


Kaiser Wilhelm is 1. when informed of the war planned by Nikolas the Zar. ­2757

Man is l. for getting a box on his ears. It had been intended for someone else. - 1141

Man is 1. when his friend falls over a stone. - 2232

Modke is 1. about the destruction of bugs in his burning house. - ­2175

People are 1. about Hitler's moustache more than about Chaplin's. - 1987 (3062)


L. has converted to Christianity for marriage with gentile woman. - 1440

L. is obliged to procure several authorizations for shopkeeper owing money. - 3133


L. sleeps in tailor's workshop. - 3106

Leader(s) of the community. (see also: "Cantor(s)", "Rabbi in the Community")

L. advised to move from Wilna to Bultrimantch since a rich man never dies in latter town. - 229

L. compared to load of hay on wagon. - 375

L. knows secret of his housemaid's pregnancy. - 1798

L. and Modke, the man followed by bad luck. - 2173

L. and governor discuss the morals of the rabbi appointed by the government. - 452

L. reprimands rabbi. - 434

L. thought of as "bastard" is well honoured nevertheless. (Parable). - 367

L. of poor community cannot buy bridles for rabbi's horse. - 407

Despotic l. advised by Modke on "how to save his soul". - 2171

Despotic 1. declares: "If you need authority, address first God and then me." - 364

Despotic 1. insulted by Modke. - 365

Despotic 1. meets with resistance of the assembly. - 363

Despotic 1. refuses to accept decree advanced by others. - 366

Enlightened 1. reprimands preacher for frightening people with tales of hell and heavenly court. (Parable). - 481

New 1. asks for lists of societies and institutions. - 1261

Leaders of community ask Rabbi Orenstein for his opinion on their new rabbi, Rabbi Hirsch. - 428

L. discuss rabbi's poor performance. - 417

L. discuss rabbi's salary. - 1253

L. in Russia obliged to employ stuttering rabbi. - 449

L. and sick rabbi. - 406

L. try to persuade rabbi to stay in their town. - 1866

L. visit sick miser and make him perspire. - 320

L. wish to prohibit entrance of vagrant beggars into Wilna. - 369

Dishonest 1. deny having been witnesses to the visitor's deposit of money. - 368

After rabbi's sermon on charity, 1. ask for begging licence. - 302

Sessions of 1. - 369


The four 1. of King David's horse are to be painted on the ground. - 2684


L. of cantors: Cantor and animals readjust span of life. - 517

L. of chroniclers: Maximilian I receives presents from the Jews of Frankfurt. - 1911

L. of debtors and creditors. - 56

L. of Jerusalem: On the origin of the mire of Meah Shearim. - 2646

L. of Jesters: Pharao and Haman meet in Hell. - 2189

L. of matchmakers: Lion sends fox to look for bridegroom for daughter. - 1454

L. of mitnagdim: Esau's jealousy of Jacob apeased. - 646


L. attached to broom dropped by German airplane on Russian lines. - 2767

L. of General Hindenburg to Russian Zar: Don't retreat so fast, I cannot follow You. - 2756

L. to God; - 2088

L. to provincial customers accompanying left-over blouses. - 23

L. thought to become heavier with addition of stamps. - 1144

L. writer ignorant of customary phraseology. - 1258

L. from father to son in need of a new coat. - 1692

L. from father to son who earns his living by writing. - 580

L. from father to son praising son for taking a dumb girl as wife. - 1538

L. from father to son on the qualifications of woman as wife for son. -1500

L. from father to son living in a village. - 21

L. from husband to wife on the routine of a cure in Karlsbad. - 930

L. from merchant to brother complaining about artist son. - 1693

L. from provincial shopkeeper to wholesaler in city. - 26, 1000

L. from shopkeeper to friend on new business. - 22

L. from son to father. Converted son writes Hebrew letter of apology. -1440

L. from son to father. Converted son intends to return to Judaism. - 1422

L. from son to father asking for support. - 554

L. from son to father is read by slaughterer and cantor. - 1691

Letters of bridegroom and bride copied from volume of compiled letters serving as samples. - 3027

L. written by rabbi to his colleague are full of praises for the latter. - ­432

Son's 1. enjoyed by father. - 2950


L. Nahbi has proved the Psalms to be all lies. - 1306

L. reduces the size of his lie when son steps on toes to remind him of his lying habits. - 1297

A l. is worse than a thief or robber. - 1309


Important 1. of rabbi's evil and ugly wife makes her believe she has made a mesalliance since rabbi descends from a family of shoemakers. (Parable). - 1561

Man boasts of his 1. allegedly going back to Adam. - 2583

Whose 1. is more important? Dispute between R. Eliezer and R. Aharon. -2380


First 1. unloaded in Tel-Aviv Port was bag of cement. - 2644

Loan. (see also: "Money Lender(s)")

Kalman asks his friend for a l. of ten rubles. Receives five. - 60

Man refuses a 1. to friend who intends to pay debt to money lender. - 59

Man wonders why he cannot receive 1. from those who know him nor from those who do not know him. - 61

Rich man takes 1. and denies on oath in court having received one. - 120


A 1. only bothers a Jew in court when the other party gains. - 1893

Lottery ticket

L. has made a man rich. Poor relative asks for dowry of daughter. - 248

L. has won thanks to prayer of priest. - 2030

Luckless Person

Rich man leaves money for l.p. but latter closes eyes and fails to see it. - 184

"Lump of Gold."

"Lamp of Gold." - 347

Lying. (see also: "Exaggerations and Lies")

Contest in 1. - 1829

"Men do not refrain from 1." - 2364

Science of medicine is 1. - 933

Wife was lying about her age. - 1575