Elisheva Schoenfeld






K. asks Jewish soldier why he serves in the army. - 2745


K. returning from Karlsbad intends to open the Reichstag between the Days of Awe and Sukkot. - 2957

"Keep doing all day what you begin."

"Keep doing all day what you begin." (The wise and the foolish wish). - 2972


May one k. a flea on Sabbat? - 2204

Tiger running loose is to be k. but Jew imagines being k. instead. - 1946

"Two Jews have been k. outside!" cries frightened Jew pointing to himself and his (living) friend. - 2072


K. asks bishop (abbot) three questions. - 2032

K. asks rabbi which of the two religions is the true one. (Parable). -2038

K. is foretold by R. Yonatan by which gate he would return from hunt. -2264

"K.-of-Kinas". - 334

K. of Prussia (Friedrich II) calls Moses Mendelsohn "first idiot". Latter retaliates. - 2443

K. of Prussia (Friedrich Wilhelm) asks Mendelsohn the banker what he thinks about the return of Jews to Erets Israel. - 2599

K. and R. Yonatan. R. Yonatan enters into prison after having said to k. he did not know where he was going. - 2263

K. send his foolish son to university. - 1122

"K." singular and plural. - 476

K.'s guard. The soldiers are equal in stature as against the rabbis of Ashkenas. - 461

The foolish k. - 2780

Nikolai I, a k. hard on the Jews allows Jewish merchants to stay in Petersburg for a limited time. - 1923

Kings who are to be trusted: Zar Nikolai and Kaiser Wilhelm in World War I. - 2761

K.' contribution to World War I. - 2753

"I prefer to be the Jew of k. to being a king of Jews." - 2598

Three k. join hands for cooking one dish. - 2753


The stolen k, is good for cutting cheese and meat as well as bread and dumplings on Passover. - 1742


The old k. has .abandoned Jewish customs excepting one: the opulent Sabbat meal. - 820 (228)

Old k. only enjoys the sight of his cash-box. - 228